Made For Each Other 31 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Made for one another on starlife Wednesday 31st May 2023 update, Komolika yelling Anurag, he has done this purposefully. Prerna inquires about Shivani’s situation. Shivani is silent. Prerna says you generally upheld me, what happened today. She’s taken by Kuki. Moloy inquires into the situation.

Komolika requests that he read it, KBP ventures is changing over their incomplete land business, Anurag has demolished my arrangement, shut your mouth Nivedita. Mohini says he can never swindle the family, we will make the shopping center on the land. Komolika states, “I know, we can have buyers for the mall,” but Prerna would need Anurag’s assistance to convert the commercial land. Jokes about mole.

Mohini is asked to explain to Komolika why she is not arguing with Moloy because of his heart condition. He goes. He is asked by Mohini and Nivedita not to annoy Komolika. Moloy says why not, she embarrasses you both before me, I m getting payback and adjusting everything. He goes. Nivedita asks Mohini if this is true, and if so, did Anurag assist Prerna. Mohini says no because Bajaj has already accomplished this; he has power, money, and connections, so he can do anything. Veena is fortunate because her dream finally came true and she got a super-rich son-in-law; my luck was bad because I got a poor groom-in-law.

Nivedita says he isn’t your child in-regulation. Don’t say that, Mohini advises. Nivedita asks till when will they insult me for the misstep. Bajaj arrives. The manager tells us that if we keep the flats at such a low rate, it will be a total loss, so we can’t back off once we say this. Bajaj asks who is your chief, do as she tells.

Prerna inquires, “Would you like to know the reason?” Bajaj asserts that I have total faith in her judgment. Prerna claims that this launch will ruin Basu City’s future. He claims to support you. He goes. Prerna is called by Komolika. She is invited to the Bajaj city inauguration party by Prerna. She says I have brought down the selling rates, its a multi day offer, you likewise purchase. You are aware that I can hurt you, Komolika says, and you will regret it. Prerna says I know, we will talk when we meet in the party tomorrow.

Anurag drives while beaming. Please tell me, Kaushik says, “Wow, you have a real smile on your face.” I won’t say it today, Anurag says. Kaushik says you effectively irritated Komolika. Anurag says no, she accomplished something eight years back. Kaushik says your marriage doesn’t adore organized or love, none would compel you for marriage. Anurag is correct; from time to time, we have to follow our hearts and enter the college.

Kaushik asks what did you say, somebody was compressing you. According to Anurag, life is a teacher because it gives us experience and keeps us learning. Right now, you can get lost and learn in your classes. But Kaushik says, “I love you.” Anurag disperses. He believes that I married Komolika on my own accord, but I was powerless because I was unable to see Prerna in jail. Marriage can be forced, but love cannot.

According to Kuki, dad got home at night. Anushka inquires as to for what reason are you disturbed. Prerna comprehends me, and Kuki asserts that I am content; dad does not love me; everyone asserts that my life is perfect, but it is not. She weeps. Kaushik comes and says for what reason is she crying. He joins her.

Kuki states, “Leave us alone.” He claims that you make me feel bad. She apologizes, saying, “I don’t like talking to you, so I’ll keep my distance.” He adds, by the way, whether you like me or not, I…. He grins. Kuki asks what. He tells me to leave. She advises finishing it. He says sometime later. He goes. She asks is he distraught, misfit. Anushka says I surmise he loves you. Kuki says I think not. Anushka claims that everyone likes her. I’m Kuki, according to Kuki. I’m not like every girl. Kaushik states, “I need someone extraordinary, not this Kuki.” He goes on to say, “I will show that I like her and then give lift to Anushka.” Kuki will become envious of this. Kaushik departs.

Anurag arrives at the office to find Komolika seated in his cabin. He inquires about your journey. She shows the paper. He peruses it. He retorts, “What nonsense is this, and how could this occur?” She requests that he get back home soon and not become inebriated, they have show up for a party at Prerna’s place, she welcomed the whole family, we shouldn’t miss the party, so come soon, love you. She believes that Komolika doesn’t lose as easily. Tonight is a special night, and I’m coming to ruin your success.

He believes she is aware that Prerna cannot accomplish this without my assistance. Kuki actually takes a look at game plans. She calls Anushka and requests that she come soon. She falls over Kaushik after colliding with him. She inquires about your activities here. He claims that I am invited here. She says its my local party. He states, “You welcome the guest in this manner; we both know whose error it was,” but it’s all right. He goes grinning.

Prerna remembers Anurag when she sees the saree. She says, “What the heck was I thinking?” I just want to see your tears. She thinks I need to grab everything from you so you know the aggravation of losing, how might you respond today, I need to perceive how you take care of coming up short, I will see what you lost and as a result of him. She tells Anurag, “You will get many of these shocks, I don’t think you can handle them, you will really fall down on your face in front of the world, you have hurt me a lot, it’s your turn now, I should enjoy this moment of ruining you.” She believes that you will not be able to handle them.

Komolika is praised by Mohini and Nivedita. Komolika requests that they prepare for the party. Nivedita says I would rather not go. Mohini is asked to explain her daughter by Komolika. Mohini says OK, we will come assuming that you need. Komolika departs. According to Nivedita, Prerna called to insult us. Mohini declares that she is aware, and since Komolika has requested our presence and Prerna has contacted us, we must leave. I’m told I can’t do this by Nivedita.

Mohini instructs you to prepare and descend. Prerna advises everyone to remember this party, so make sure everything arrives on time. Veena promises to assist you. According to Prerna, I’ll handle everything, as you know. Baja comes and says she is your mum, its her right, let her have her bliss, kids ought to never think their folks went downhill and can’t help them. He gets on the phone. Veena says he is more reasonable than you. Prerna responds, “OK, help me.”

Komolika is accompanied by Mohini and Nivedita. They are greeted by Veena. Prerna responds with an inquiry from Komolika. Prerna says you have come as a visitor, I won’t answer anything. She requests that server take care of her unique visitors. She leaves. Veena asks, “May I assist you?” Bajaj claims that you are Prerna’s mother and will not serve the party. He goes. Veena, Mohini says, you used to say you were proud of your daughter because she married a wealthy man, right?

Veena says yes, but your son made the wrong choice, you could have gotten a better bahu than Komolika, and Nivedita’s husband could have been with her if you didn’t interfere with her relationship. Mohini claims that you misunderstood the other person. Veena reminds him that she is the wife of your employee and that this is the house of his daughter; he will respond. She leaves. Nivedita inquires about the event. Mohini utters no words.

Prerna figures the reason why didn’t Anurag come. Sid says you didn’t go in Prerna’s party, you are anxious about the possibility that that Komolika can foul up with her, you need to face the challenge. Anurag drinks and believes that I want Prerna to be happy. Prerna thinks that if you hadn’t killed me that time, you wouldn’t be happy with my success, so I put together this slideshow for you.

Veena requests that she come. I’ll be there, Prerna says. She gets Anurag and her pic. She thinks this Anurag was another person. Come, we might miss the flight, Sid says. Prerna believes that Anurag must arrive; I want the satisfaction of defeating him. Komolika comes and checks her out. She thinks they misunderstood me, and I don’t know if she still loves Anurag. Did he forget Prerna? Do they love each other? It’s impossible because she is married to Mr. Bajaj and is loyal to him. Maybe I’m thinking too much. She meets with Mohini.

Mohini claims that Veena entrapped Bajaj and that he would give Prerna a lot of money. I can’t stop Veena now because she has power and money. Komolika says, “I was looking for you,” so get me a drink and show everyone that you love me. Mohini leaves Nivedita is requested to remain with Komolika.

She says, “Calm down, it’s okay,” “Tell the truth and see,” and I swear, I won’t feel bad. She says you hate me a lot. Nivedita claims that I like you, so why would I dislike you? Smart, says Komolika, you know where the wind is going. Nivedita responds that we do everything by heart, so no. The drink goes to Mohini. Komolika says thanks to her and goes. Nivedita says I want to tell her that I disdain her the most. She weeps.

Kuki inquires where Anushka was. Kaushik is here, Anushka claims, because I was late and forgot my purse in the car. I know, Kuki claims. You didn’t tell me, Anushka says, but I look fine. Kaushik is happy. Kuki says something is going on. Anushka responds that he is wasting time on you, so why is he seeing you in this manner? Kaushik goes to Anushka and requests that she have something. She appreciates the beverage. He goes. He says he likes you, Anushka. Kuki says kindly, don’t say this, you look pretty, I get no opportunity. She leaves. Nivedita says I m burnt out on it.

Mohini asks, “Do you have any other option?” You could have married a king to live like a queen, but you wouldn’t have stayed this way. Nivedita says Prerna was superior to her, I couldn’t care less, cash is the issue, I wish I wedded a rich person, consider the possibility that I wed a rich person, then, at that point, we will make Komolika away from our life. Mohini says Bajaj… . Nivedita says OK, Mr. Bajaj… . Think carefully: Mr. Bajaj is the wealthiest person; if Prerna can get him, I’m Nivedita Basu; I’ll seduce him and he’ll start to care about me. Mohini inquires if he will leave Prerna.

Nivedita responds, “Come on, it’s not impossible; consider that if I get him, you will get a wealthy son-in-law, and I will distract him.”

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