Maila Accepts Oliver’s Proposal. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 31 March 2022

Oliver and Maila looks at each other’s face and smiles as they have their date. Kiana is also with them. Oliver tells them he is going to get some drinks. Kiana teases Maila with Oliver. They have a chit chat and girls talk. Kiana asks what will be aunty Onay’s reaction atee hearing the news. Maila looks on. She remembers her mother’s words to her. Oliver comes back with drinks for them all. He asks, hey are you okay? Seeing the expression on Maila’s face. Maila tells him it’s nothing, he is just concerned about her mother. Nathalie with her friends. She said did you see her face? She looks cheap. 

Wendy says, you know what? You are absolutely right. She says Oliver is like a stick being pegged to a cheap girl like Maila. He should be pegged with a party friend like me. I am way better than her. Luis says, but still, that stick chose to be with the cheap and boring type. She says Oliver want Maila and eventually had her so you have to deal with it. 

Luis advises her to stop this all nonsense and cat fights. For once, Luis is speaking some sense into Nathalie. Nathalie says I know someone who can separate Oliver and Maila. Nathalie takes her phone and dial a number. Luis shook her head. Nathalie says, hi aunty Emelda, itse Nathalie, there is something important I want us to talk about. 

Maila and Kiana walking down the road. She worries and taks about her love life. A car stops by. Emelda gets down from the car, and Maila says aunty Emelda? She says oh you still know my name. That’s me. Nathalie and her friends also comes there. She says that means that you deliberately chose to defy me when I wanted you to stay away from my son.

 Or you were not that stup!d to understand that. Maila says please mom, what are you talking about? And there goes the slap. Emelda slaps Maila. 

Oliver and dad at the table. He congratulates him for finally opening up to Maila about his feelings. He says let’s celebrate. Oliver says thanks dad, but you know about mom, she isn’t willing to accept her. 

Lucas asks him not to worry about that and enjoy. Oliver syas thanks dad, you know, ever since you’ve always had my back. He says I have to convince mom myself. Lucas says am sure that later on, she will come to understand. Oliver says I have to talk to mommy after dinner. 

Emelda says don’t even argue with me because I don’t dare if you like each other. I won’t lwty son be with someone like you. Someone who is the daughter of a criminal. Yes, I know about your background, and you don’t stand a chance with our family. Not on my watch, she taunts and goes. Maila feels humiliated. Kiana says are you happy now Nathalie? 

Why did you tell her about Maila’s background? Nathalie says well, aunt Emelda has to know everything about this girl. Maila replies back and it result in their usual catfights. A girl comes home and I forms Nelia that Maila is fighting with someone. Nelia come sout with a stick and beat Nathalie. She run away with her friends and entered her car. 

Emelda comes and Lucas hugs her. Oliver goes to hug her but she didn’t allow him and says when did Maila become your girlfriend? She says, mom I proposed to Maila today. I was going to tell you after dinner. She says no, you will stop it this time. She said I had to do that to teach her a lesson the hard. Oliver asks, mom, what did you do to Maila? She says oh don’t worry. Oliver says mom, I can’t believe you. You are a lawyer, are you saying I don’t have the right to defend my girlfriend? Lucas tells Oliver to cool down. Lucas tells his wife hun, you can’t win this time. She’s just a kid who doesn’t know anything. She said fine, I got carried away. You should give a chance to Maila, you will get to know her. 

Emelda says you will get to know her, I already know her that she is the daughter of a r@pist. Lucas gets shocked. Oliver says, so what? She replies, Oliver we are a family of lawyers, what will people say if your girlfriend is the daughter of a criminal? She says Oliver as far as my profession is concerned, the ones I hate most are r@pists, they are the worst kind of men in this world, they play on the weak. 

They are the living monsters who think that women are not just bodies but objects for their own use. Lucas looks on. Lucas remembers the awful night with his victim. She says I think I need to shower and goes. Lucas consoles Oliver, and asks, about Maila and his father, have you met him? Oliver says no, actually she doesn’t know who she is. He didn’t pay for what he did to Maila’s mother. Maila will never be like her father.

He then asks him to give Maila’s address to him so that he apologize for what happened. He ask, really dad? He says yeah, Oliver says thank you, thank you very much. Onay on bed, she shouts after remembering what happened to her that awful night in the last. Nelia heard her scream and comes to her. Oliver calls Maila that night, she tells him it’s late, why is he calling? He says I just want to apologize for what mom did to you. 

Maila says oh, that’s nothing. Oliver asks are you okay now? Oliver calls her B-Co, the short name for Baby-Co or baby girl. Maila smiles and also gave Oliver the name Su-mam short form of Super man. Oliver says I love it. They had a love talk over the phone. Oliver tells him his father will be coming, rhey want to apologize to her in person. Maila says no need. Oliver says we just want to apologize to you guys. 

Oliver says goodnight Maila, I love you Bi-Co. She also says I love you too. Maila laughs. Oliver says hey dad. I talked to Maila last night and informed her that you are coming. Maybe I should go with you dad. He tells him to look after his mom. Maila calls Oliver. He says yes, he is on his way there now. Oliver calls his dad. Emelda brings the phone and says, son, your dad left his phone in he room, why are you calling him? Oliver looks on. 

Oliver says, and now Maila, I need to know, Oliver goes on his knees with flowers and asks, will you love me too? Nathalie opens her mouth in shock. Maila felt reluctant. Oliver says, Maila, please love me. Maila got him up. All students ask Maila to say yes. Maila takes the microphone and says, she remembers what Emelda says to her, that she should stay away and the words Onay told her. 

She remembers Oliver telling her to listen to whatever anyone says, not even his mother but should listen to her heart. Maila then accepts his love and all students gather around them and cheer loudly. Nathalie was about to step in when her friends stops her and says, don’t do this, you will look like the biggest loser ever. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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