Mayura & Omkar Díés And Are Reborn Again Into Different Families.

Adding to the ongoing drama in Cage Of Beauty, the show will be taking a 20-year-leap where both Mayura and Omkar will be reborn into different families.

While Mayura is a rich and beautiful pampered princess, Omkar will be reborn as a middle-class boy who is focused and street smart as he works hard to make ends meet.

In the current track of the show, Omkar and Mayura try to escape from Raghav (played by Karan Vohra) and Vishaka (Shruti Panwar). Later, Mayura and Omkar get married and say their own vows of never separating in this or in any lifetime.

As Vishaka gets to know that Raghav is unsuccessful in killing Omkar, she kills Raghav. Later, she chases the couple and attacks them with a sword and the two lovers are killed.

However, as they breathe their last, Omkar promises that Mayura and Omkar they will never be separated.

With Omkar and Mayura passing away tragically in each other’s arms, a new chapter will soon open for them.

A chapter filled with drama, romance and a whole lot of entertainment. It’s a very promising point in the show and I am sure our viewers will love to witness these two characters yet again but in different avatars.”

With this leap, things are set to turn even more dramatic and the viewers will see a very different version of Mayura and Omkar.

While fate has placed them at the opposite ends of the spectrum, it is going to be amazing to see whether the two will connect with each other and rediscover themselves. The viewers are in for a treat for sure this time around!”

The show has garnered a lot of love based on the strength of its powerful storyline and the unique love story between the leading characters Mayura and Omkar.

Their relationship has aced many tests and the two now stand strong. It remains to be seen if the two lovers can reunite.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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