Mind Blowing Review Of The New Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 could be a peek at the future of Android smartwatches.

From a user experience after Wearing the Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 for two days. Here’s what was deducted from the smartwatch’s notable WearOS features, including body analysis, snore tracking, Bixby and rotating bezels.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy watch has a lot of nice faces. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 was unveiled not long ago from the Samsung’s August Unpacked event. As the first smartwatch with Google’s newest version of Wear OS, the Galaxy Watch 4 may offer a glimpse at where Android watches are heading. 

It’s early though,but yet still when it comes to seeing where the Galaxy Watch 4 and Google’s Wear OS platform are heading, and the watch doesn’t even become available until Aug. (The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, unveiled alongside Samsung’s new smartwatch, also arrived the same month, but you can preorder them now and score a $50 Best Buy gift card.) which is very amazing. 

But here are few some things I am already figuring out from a couple of days with both models. Bare in mind that there thoughts here may possibly change as new software or app updates roll in, and as these health features spend a longer period of time collecting data on my wrist.

Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are basically the same, except for that physical bezel

The two watch models feel pretty interchangeable, which indicates that you can probably get the model you like the looks of most and both of them come at the best and affordable price rate and does have a stainless-steel body instead of aluminum, making it last longer no matter the amount of heat generated under it, you still get that your shiny and fresh looks. 

Why you need the Samsung Galaxy Watch:

Mainly, swapping between quick views of information mini apps, called Tiles. On the Watch 4 they are mainly health metrics, and a few extras like calendar and messages. More are likely to arrive as Wear OS 3 continues to evolve, but the point that is not every app has a tile. You could also just swipe with your finger instead, making the bezel effectively cosmetic.

The Classic, with it’s satisfying clicking bezel, has a display that’s inset. There is a big bezel advantage, I discovered: When swimming, that physical dial is easier to control when wet than the touch display.

The watch faces(display screen) are beautiful mostly and I love Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 watch faces. Many of them animated and adorable. There are a couple of weird ones: AR Emoji and Bitmoji watch faces which tries to put cute avatars of me on the watch, but I found them amazing. There are a good number of customizations on most of them. Some are fitness-focused, and some have cool optional complication layouts (like clock face widgets for apps).

The AR Emoji watch face is also not as wild it very cool, it’s kind of fun. Google’s Wear OS faces make an appearance, too. These seem like the best watch faces I have ever seen on an Android watch, and it’s still a great sign for what Google and Samsung’s new platform can do. I would like a few more complication add-on options, though.

Samsung’s voice assistant returns, and it’s assigned to one of the Watch 4 buttons by default (the top one, a long press summons it).

Plans may change; right now, Bixby is the only assistant. Again, the watch doesn’t arrive until the end of the month. It’s built on Wear OS, and Google’s apps can be downloaded onto the Watch 4. 

The funny thing was that I was totally embarrassed by my body analysis readings via electrical impedance on the Samsung’s newest sensor, but in a way,it very cool and amazing.

Samsung’s new body analysis sensor is easy to use, 

I felt somewhat hit over the head with my numbers. Mine were all bad. I know my weight is high, and I know my BMI. Samsung requires Android owners to install the Samsung Health app on Android phones to use these features, though.

Snore tracking: Keep your phone by your bedside

Samsung’s sleep tracking on the watch uses a phone microphone to check for snoring as an add-on extra, which I tried to do the first night… and failed. I use a CPAP anyway, which means I shouldn’t snore. But I also use a fan near my bed for white noise. I tried to sleep for a while without the CPAP, and still didn’t get any snore readings. Then I realized I needed to keep the phone connected to a charger at night for the readings to collect. Night 2, I slept for a while without the CPAP and got a snore reading at last.

But it’s weird: First, it only showed one instance of snoring, It’s presented as an audio recording on the Samsung Health app, which means yes, your phone is listening to you and sometimes recording you at night.

Second, what does snore awareness even do for me? Snoring is pretty common, and snoring is not always an indicator of sleep apnea, which is what I need a CPAP machine for.

The watch has a Blood oxygen measurements (wow),the list you can get from most Android watches.

Blood oxygen measurements are recorded overnight if you toggle this in Samsung Health settings (snore detection is also a toggled setting). 

Blood pressure doesn’t yet work in the US, plus it needs Samsung phone (so does EKG) Samsung has a way to check blood pressure on it’s watches using the optical heart-rate sensor, but it requires calibration against a blood pressure cuff. It’s cleared for use in a number of countries along with the EKG. On my review model, I was able to check my stress level… which is basically the non-FDA-cleared version of the blood pressure functions, meaning the time am going to spend going to the hospital is reduced.

Battery life? Expect two days or less

The Galaxy Watch 4, in its 44mm size, lasted me about a day and a half on my first full charge and use. I started using it at 2 p.m. on my first day and it lasted until late at night on the next day. I didn’t have the display always on, but I did have continuous heart rate turned on. If I used the always-on display. I have been sleeping with the Galaxy Watch 4 on, and am wearing it all the time. I won’t have real thoughts on battery life for a week or so, but so far it doesn’t seem like it would ever go off any moment from now, meaning longer battery life is assured. 

Aside the grand look and style of the Samsung watch,it also offers the best user experience which is worth using,grab one today and you won’t be disappointed.

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