Durga’s Race Day Is Here. My Daughter Durga 1 July 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 349



The Episode started with Gayatri and Yashpal asking Durga to focus on her training, her race and future. Yashpal said tomorrow, your fate will be decided and he blessed her. Rajveer said you should just focus on your goals, all the best. Gayatri said I will wait for you, this practice will be last one for your nationals.

Rajveer asked Durga to just run and Durga smiled. Shilpa said I bought a jacket for Durga’s race. Dadi and everyone smiled. Sheela was arguing with Amrita and Dadi asked them to stop it. Some men bring some goods. Yashpal said this is for Durga. Annapurna asked what is it. He said everyone will know it in front of Durga.

She said he loves Durga a lot. Dadi said yes, she has gone through a lot for us. Yashpal asked them to make sure, no one touches the box. Gayatri encouraged Durga to win the nationals and erase the stain on her name. She asked her to forget everything and focus.

Durga then recalled her life’s journey. She thinks of Aarti and her dad. She practiced and run a lot. She finished the training and came home. Sanjay Pampered her and took care of her diet. He gifted her a timer watch and wished her all the best and fed her fruits.

Yashpal bought some paint boxes. He said I want strong a color, which can erase old stains. He thinks after Durga’s win in the nationals, I will erase the stains from the wall. Then my Durga will end the stain on our name forever and he payed money.

He thinks maybe this lottery makes our fate good along without Durga’s win and he left. Gayatri wished Durga all the best. Durga’s Dadi and Amrita came to meet her. Gayatri welcomed them and asked them to sit.

Gayatri said Durga has gotten energized seeing you, family gives big courage. Dadi took Gayatri’s permission and made Durga wear a protective pendant and she blessed her to win. Sanjay said Umang got something for you and Durga liked the gift. She saw the cute greeting. Umang said you will win in the race. She thanked him and gifted him chocolate.

Dadi and Amrita came home. Dadi said I made Durga wear the protective thread, Lord will make everything fine. Sarpanch and others came and Dadi welcomed them. Sarpanch said it’s a big day for all of us, Durga will win the nationals and make our name shine and everyone clapped. Sarpanch said we will get a lot by her victory, Aarti’s dad has wrote this letter to me and they became shocked.

Durga run and taught a lesson to some goons. Her family was then attacked.