Durga’s Family’s Life In Danger. My Daughter Durga 1 July 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 350


The Episode started with some men troubling a girl. Durga saw this and became angry. She then went to beat them. Another girl joined Durga in the fight. The girls caught the men to beat them and they run away. Durga said come, we will teach them how to respect women. The man said see how girls are running and Durga caught them. She asked what did you say, we should not forget our place and they apologized. Durga asked the girl is she fine, take care. Another girl said I would have handled this, you both didn’t need to come in between. A girl Palak introduced herself and Durga left.

Sarpanch said it’s a big day for all of us, Durga will win the nationals and make our name shine and everyone clapped. Sarpanch said we will get a lot by her victory, Aarti’s dad has written this letter to me and they became shocked. Someone entered the house to some gas container. He was wearing a mask. Sarpanch said he has written that it’s of much pride that Durga will run in the championship, if she wins, I will not break any house to make the dam. They played dhol and clapped. Yashpal thinks what is Aarti’s dad planning. The man went ahead inside the house.

Durga recalled the past. She said when I remember that bad day, I feel bad, I led my life to clean this stain from my family, I want the people to apologize to my family. The man spread the smoke inside. Yashpal said what’s this smoke. They all cough and fainted down and the man left. Sanjay said I am proud of you and he hugged her. The man said I did my work. Aarti’s dad gave him money and asked Durga to get ready for her destruction.

It’s morning, Durga woke up and smiled. She said it’s time to fulfill dad’s dream, where is Sanjay. She got a bouquet and said so everyone wants to wish me in the ground. She got ready and went the ground. She looked for family and got another bouquet. She read the note….. Not now Durga, we will meet before our death and she became shocked. Aarti’s dad came smiling and she threw the bouquet. He said you can use these flowers for your family’s funeral, I will explain, we had much hide and seek, it’s time for the final decision, it will be about your family’s lives, you have to decide this, win their lives as prize.

Aarti’s dad said your Maayka and Sasural are caught up, their lives are in your hand and Aarti threatened Durga.

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