My Daughter Durga 12 July 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 362



The Episode started with Durga getting emotional, while meeting Yashpal and Sanjay. They hugged her and wished her all the best and they left. She came to her room and thinks there is another athlete in her room. She fell down and then made the other girl Tanvi fall. They started arguing and challenged each other. Tanvi asked her to leave her room. Durga asked her to take her out of the room if she can.

Bhagat met all the athletes and Durga also came. He saw an athlete coming and asked why she was late. The lady told him about her child. He became angry with Tanvi. He then encouraged them by telling them about women athletes. He asked Tanvi to let go of her attitude. He said just two girls from you will be going into the finals, you all are equal here. Tanvi said I will see who is equal to me. He said fine then, Durga will compete with you.

Sheela and Shilpa became angry when they failed to sell the paint boxes. The kids took selfies and praised Durga. Sheela took money from them and became glad. Bhagat said 50 metres, Durga versus Tanvi. Durga and Tanvi had a race, Durga won and stopped but Tanvi kept running. Bhagat shouted stop it.

He scolded her and asked them to get back and run as he said. Tanvi asked Durga to win the race if she has courage and they raced again. He became angry and shot in the air to stop them. Tanvi and Durga started arguing. Tanvi showed tantrums. Bhagat asked them to blow the balloons. Durga and Tanvi blew the balloons. He said it’s just 15 secs left now, come on….

Bhagat was talking about the race and Tanvi became over confident…Read more