Tanvi & Durga Compete In The Race. My Daughter Durga 12 July 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 363



The Episode started with Bhagat making Durga and Tanvi blow the balloons. He became angry at them. A Senior told him that someone has come to make Tanvi sign the document, he is sponsoring Tanvi and he asked the others not to worry. Tanvi signed the documents. Durga thinks Tanvi is my real competitor, I have to defeat her. Bhagat said I
want all of you here in 10 mins.

The senior Ranjan introduced his niece Tanvi. Lakshmi thinks Tanvi can help him. Shilpa filled colors in bottles. Bhagat told everyone about the race. He explained to them about the race track. He said it’s not any ordinary race, the one on lane 4 will lead, the girl who makes the best time…. will get a chance to run in lane 4. He told them that they can get disqualified if they run in someone’s lane, lane 4 goes straight and secure, you don’t need to turn to see your opponent, this doesn’t even affect speed, the one who runs in lane 4 will have an advantage. Tanvi said lane 4 will be mine and she smiled.

Sheela asked Shilpa what is she doing. Shilpa said we can sell the paint this way. She applied the cream to her hand and said now see the good smell, I have applied perfume into it, this is fairness lotion made by me. Sheela said yes, ṁy hand looks good. Shilpa said I won’t sell anything less then 50rs. Sheela said we will earn much money for this and made more bottles of the paint. Everyone was taking food and Tanvi troubled Durga. Durga took the curd and poured it on her. Tanvi became angry and the girls stopped them.

Lakshmi asked Tanvi not to get angry and eat the food. Tanvi asked her not to treat her like her mum. Lakshmi said you have to run in the race, I have no interest in running, you win, I just want Ranjan’s recommendation. Shilpa and Sheela did more experiments and added water in the daal. Sanjay said I want to tell you something, you got us here, you have to allow us to pay the rent. Yashpal asked what are you saying, you are also family, rent is not taken by family.

Sanjay said I am not refusing to do this, don’t you want me to become responsible, this is testing time, would you like it if I fail. Yashpal said no, you can take care of your family. Gayatri said keep your words, else we will stay here with hesitance. Yashpal agreed to her and they smiled. Sheela asked Sanjay to have daal. She said I have added desi ghee in it. Palak asked Durga to have food and win the championship, you have to make a record to win the chance to run in lane 4, have food and understand the need of the hour. Durga smiled and ate the food. She said you are good hearted.

Durga took the food and went to have it. She got a call and left and Tanvi added something into Durga’s food….Read more