My Daughter Durga 14 July 2022 Thursday Pt2: Episode 365



The Episode started with Durga asking Bhagat what changed, why is he supporting her this time. He said I like these lines since childhood, it doesn’t end ever, just take lines in hand, you just run and win, it’s my right to ask questions, I didn’t know your talent before, now I know it the most, just you can win the medal, so I want you to come to me after winning the medal, it’s my dream too, got it. She said yes and smiled.

Sheela and Shilpa sold the fairness creams. Shivani packed her bags and Palak asked her to support Durga. Shivani said I have come to win race, not to get into politics. Durga came there and settled in the room and Shivani left. Durga thanked Palak for her support. Durga thinks I have to win this race for my in-laws. She saw some shadow and asked who is there.

Yashpal asked Neelkant and Brij to have food. He asked where is Sanjay, call him. Neelkant said SP got a job at a call centre. Yashpal said it’s a good thing. Neelkant said he is my son, he is working in a call centre. Yashpal said I know, but we have to encourage him. Brij commented on raw veg dish. Durga looked around and became shocked. Sanjay said it’s me Durga.

She asked how did you come here, what are you doing here, come with me and the guard came there. Sanjay said I was talking to this girl, she was roaming out, what shall I tell her. The Guard saw Durga and said she is Durga, the national champion, talk with manners, else you will lose your job, your duty is at the gate, what are you doing here.

Sanjay said I am doing my work. The Guard said my duty is here, you go out and Sanjay left. The Guard apologized and asked Durga to sleep. Yashpal said the dish is good, it’s fine. Gayatri said sorry, I haven’t cooked for years so I didn’t know. Brij said you made this, it’s fine, the food is really tasty, it’s a big thing that you made it by your hands, we got free from Sheela’s handmade food, where are Sheela and Shilpa.

Sheela and Shilpa came in cool avatars. They became shocked seeing their shopping bags. Durga went to Sanjay and asked why didn’t you go. He said to meet you. She said why did you take a watchman’s job here. He said talk slow, I was missing you and couldn’t stay away, so I took this job. She said but why, anyone can scold you. He said people bear even stone pelting in love, it’s fine, the guard doesn’t know about a mad husband coming to meet his beautiful wife, it’s my duty to protect my wife and she smiled.

Bhagat said the girls can fight and miss this medal, keep an eye on them. Brij asked what are you upto, why didn’t you make the food. Sheela taunted Gayatri for being free and jobless. They boasted of their smartness and told them the huge profits. Brij said I don’t know what at all they sold. He asked them to say what they did. Sheela said you are giving us Gyaan, we will turn rich soon and Brij stopped Sheela. Sanjay said this work is my lottery, my motive is big, that’s to be with you.

Durga said my dad was a peon in my school, he is my hero. He asked then who am I. She said you are my superhero and they smiled. Lakshmi came there and heard Durga and Sanjay’s talking. Bhagat asked what are you doing here Lakshmi. She signalled towards Durga but he didn’t see anyone. She said sorry and left. He said these girls will drive me mad.

Tanvi said just see what I do, Durga will be thrown out of this academy. They then gave a letter to Sanjay…Read more