Tanvi Conspires Against Durga & Sanjay. My Daughter Durga 15 July 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 366


The Episode started with Durga giving the good news of her victory to Sanjay. He said I know, Kaka told me, but your focus should be just on the race. She said don’t worry, now this will become my strength, go now. Lakshmi looked on and smiled and Durga left. Sheela said didn’t you see our costly clothes, we have ordered pizza, give this money and pay tip also. Yashpal asked Neelkant to have food. Lakshmi came to meet Tanvi. She said I got best ways for you, I have seen Durga loving a handsome watchman.

Tanvi asked what, Durga is married, are you sure she was Durga. Lakshmi said I swear she was Durga, I am upset, why didn’t you get me in your room, I am your best friend. Tanvi said you will stay out and keep an eye around, you got big news for me today, just do your work, see how I make Durga out of this academy. They saw Shivani and feared that she heard them. Shivani removed her ear plugs and went to sleep.

It’s morning, Sanjay said I have to go now. Kaka asked him to do a day shift too, the other watchman didn’t come. Sanjay thinks I can see Durga. Lakshmi came and asked him to get her parcel when it comes and she gave him a note. He read Durga is hurt and he run to meet her. The Guard called out Durga. But then she went to meet the coach. Tanvi said now it will be fun. Sanjay looked for Durga and she came there. He asked are you fine. She said I am not hurt, what are you doing here and he showed the note to her.

She said someone is trapping me, go from here quickly and there the door got locked. Lakshmi said we will tell the coach. Tanvi said no, let him come on his time and see Durga with this ordinary watchman, else he will think we have trapped Durga. Bhagat came there and became shocked seeing Durga. She said someone locked me. He then asked her to go for practice and she left. He checked the equipments and asked Rohini to get everything fixed and he left. Tanvi asked what did Bhagat tell Durga.

Rohini said I told you he will come on time, Durga was alone there. Tanvi said impossible, the watchman was there and they went back to check. Sanjay came out and said I got saved, but where to go now and he ran through the window. Rohini said so they got saved this way. Durga came clapping and asked Tanvi to stop these things, be careful of her, as she is going to get the biggest lesson of her life and she left.

Bhagat was training all the girls and Sanjay was also looking at Durga. Palak saw him and said wow, see he is so hot, why did he become a watchman, I will run away with him and become his heroine and Durga smiled. Tanvi said you guys deserve each other, see your standard, you like a watchman and Sanjay left. Bhagat welcomed his Sir and hugged him. He then introduced Paras to everyone and everyone clapped. Palak said he is my dad.

Paras said Durga, this year’s national champion right. Durga said yes and asked Palak’s timing. Bhagat said Palak is not in the top 3. Paras asked her not to make excuses and learn from Durga and Palak felt bad,

Aarti’s dad read news and saw Aarti. He thinks Durga is responsible for this, Durga will never win this race and prize money…Read more

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