Durga & Sanjay Tricks Tanvi. My Daughter Durga 15 July 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 367



The Episode started with Bhagat asking Durga and Tanvi to be together, they should have team spirit and run in rhythm. Rohini tied Durga and Tanvi’s legs together. Aarti’s dad read the newspaper about Durga. He thinks Durga is dreaming to win the money and free her in-laws house, but I swear to crush this dream. Everyone was run in the race. Bhagat then asked Durga and Tanvi to run faster. Durga and Tanvi win and Tanvi taunted her. Durga said the race is over, not our enmity, it has just started.

The ladies came to confront Sheela for the bad fairness cream. Sheela said it’s mosquito bites and she tried to make excuses. Brij came and looked on. The ladies were angry. Bhagat asked the girls to rest, they will meet again and he left. Paras said I will meet my daughter and come. He scolded Palak for not running well. Palak then asked him, is her mum fine he didn’t answer and he angrily goes. Palak said dad doesn’t have time for me, he didn’t ask how am I and she cried. Brij asked about the matter.

The ladies told him about the bad cream which ruined their beauty. He asked Sheela what’s this, Durga won the nationals and she has ruined her name. He scolded Sheela and Shilpa. He asked them to pay the price and apologized to the women. The ladies were still complaining. Sheela said they won’t agree, what will we do now. Shilpa thinks of nail remover and said I have a solution, give me more money and the ladies became angry.

Durga asked Palak not to be upset and tried to cheer her up. She asked her to see what happens with Tanvi now. Ketchup poured over Tanvi and Durga laughed. She recalled adding some powder in the ketchup bottle. Durga told Tanvi that she was the one who did it, this is called a prank. The Ladies complained to Dadi about Sheela and Shilpa. Gayatri scolded Shilpa for using remover on the little girl’s face, she said it’s paint that got on their face. Dadi scolded Sheela and Shilpa for selling paint as fairness cream. Shilpa also scolded Gayatri. Yashpal came there and was angry at Shilpa for not respecting relations and Sheela started arguing.

Gayatri asked Yashpal to let it be and she left. Yashpal asked Sheela has she gone mad, they are one family. Sheela said I will not stay here now. Brij said I will send you from this house, come. He asked Yashpal not to say anything now. Brij became angry at Sheela and said I have given money to ill people, everyone is angry, I have apologized to them. Sheela thinks my plan failed, lord save me. She then started crying to seeks sympathy. Gayatri the came there…..

Palak told Bhagat that Tanvi has planned this incident against Durga…Read more