Gayatri To Pay A Price To Have SP Back. My Daughter Durga 27 June 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 341

The Episode started with Gayatri coming to Sanjay and thinking he is very annoyed. She said I got halwa for you and he placed it aside. She thinks Durga has snatched my son from me. He stopped her and said nothing can be fine between us, but I know you were a good athlete.

If you want to repent, you have to train Durga and help her win, tell me, will you do it?. Durga recalled Aarti’s dad’s words and cried. She then got a call from Sanjay. He said go home, I will come in some time. She said okay and left.

Yashpal played a game with Umang. Sanjay and Durga came home. Yashpal turned away seeing Sanjay and everyone went to meet Durga. Sanjay held Yashpal and Annapurna’s hands, and said Durga married me by faith, she chose a worst son in law for you and husband for herself.

I did many mistakes, even then you were with me. He apologized to Rajveer. He said I was wrong to believe my parents, please forgive me if possible. Durga asked Yashpal to forgive Sanjay.

Annapurna said you promised to keep Durga happy, just fulfill your promise and Sanjay nodded. Yashpal stopped Annapurna. Sanjay said I deserve this for breaking your trust, I am truly apologizing, I promise to keep Durga happy and Yashpal left.

Durga cried and was about to leave with Sanjay, Yashpal asked them to stop. He said it’s a big day for Durga, I had two daughters and got a son today, my family is completed and they all smiled.

Durga saw the remark on the wall and recalled Aarti’s dad’s words. Yashpal said I have seen much patience in you, you are great, you have won your husband on the basis of honesty and truth and he blessed Durga. He said you will have to win your in-laws, you have to think of Sanjay before us, they are your world now.

Sanjay said Durga has given best in in-laws, now she will fulfill your dream, she will clean this stain on your family, she will win the national race, everything will be fine. Yashpal said I completely trust Durga. Durga thinks what’s this dilemma, shall I save Sasural or Maayka.

Sanjay and Durga came back home. Durga recalled the model blast. Sanjay said welcome home and she looked at the house. He asked what happened. He said I am very hungry come. Sanjay asked Kaka to get food for him and Durga was just looking at everyone. She thinks I will save my in-laws. She went and called Aarti’s dad. She said I accept your condition, I will not run in the nationals.

Yashpal made Umang sleep. Rajveer came and said everything is going on fine, I don’t want to trouble you, but I feel something is wrong with Param. Yashpal said tell me, I also feel the same. Rajveer said I checked his bag and wallet.

I didn’t get his ID, even checked the mobile, as if he did everything purposely. Yashpal said we have treated him enough, it’s time to send him from this house. It’s morning, a parcel came for Durga. Sanjay took it from Gayatri and became shocked seeing the letter.

Madhav met a woman and showed her Umang’s pic and Rajveer looked on. Durga thinks what do i do so that Sanjay doesn’t stop me and she stood in front of a roller…Read more

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