Durga Quits Running In Nationals. My Daughter Durga 27 June 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 342


The Episode started with Sanjay reading Aarti’s dad’s letter for Durga. He thinks why is he returning our property, what game is he playing with Durga, there is some trick. He saw the xerox signed and said it means he wants to make Durga do something, he will give the real papers in return.

Gayatri said tell me, what is it, maybe I can help you. Sanjay said we lost everything because of you, Aarti’s dad wants to free us from the loans, but he wants to make Durga do something.

She asked what and he tried to call Durga. He hoped she is fine. She said maybe I can help you. He said I don’t want the help of liars, the biggest difference between you and Durga is greed, you tried to ruin some athlete’s life in your academy.

but Durga always thinks of others, don’t know what promise she is making to Aarti’s dad, I wish she doesn’t pay for our happiness with her happiness and he left. She thinks of his words. She thinks it means Sanjay doesn’t know my bad past, Durga has hidden my past truth from everyone.

Madhav was on the way and turned to see got in a procession. Durga recalled Aarti’s dad’s words and thinks I will save my Sasural, I won’t run in the nationals. Why am I thinking so much today, if it was my parents instead of my in-laws.

I would have not thought of fulfilling my dreams, I have to take my name back, without letting Sanjay know, there is just one way and she saw a roller coming. Madhav came to some house and met a woman and she hugged him.

He said everything is not so easy, I don’t want to do any mistake, our house is close to Yashpal’s house, we are taking a big risk. She asked him to show him Umang and he showed Umang’s photo to her and she smiled. Rajveer looked on and thinks why is he showing Umang’s pic to her, who is he, what’s his motive. Madhav saw someone at the window but Rajveer hid.

Sanjay came to Aarti’s house and met her dad. Her dad asked did papers reach your home and Sanjay asked about the deal. Aarti’s dad asked him to come and sit. Sanjay said I know you made a plan to trap Durga, I want to know what you asked her.

Aarti’s dad said you and your wife are sensible, she agreed to save her Sasural and it’s respect, she is making a big sacrifice, she got ready to take her name out of the nationals. Sanjay became angry at him.

But Aarti’s dad calmed him. Sanjay said Durga will run in the nationals and win too. Aarti’s dad said fine, go and stop her if you can, if she moves back from her promise, I will ruin your family and business. He said Durga is much sensible and he thinks why didn’t Durga tell me, it means she decided to take her name back.

He saw Gayatri and thinks to meet Durga first and he left. Sanjay tried to call her,but then she was standing infront of a roller. He said what’s going on in her mind and he left. The driver asked Durga to move away.

Sanjay prayed and came to pull Durga away. He asked have you gone mad, were you going to break your leg, how can you do this. He hugged her and cried. He said you don’t need to give up in front of Aarti’s dad, you don’t need to compromise your dreams, you will run in nationals, that’s final.

Madhav said I felt someone was listening to us. Rajveer said who is this man, what does he want from Yashpal, who is this woman, I have to know his motive. He got a call from Yashpal and he said, it’s good you called, listen to me.

Yashpal said come to Durga’s house quickly, Durga is refusing to run in the nationals. Rajveer said what, fine I will come, I was following Param…. and the call ended. Madhav said Rashmi, you remember my vow at the time of marriage, I will keep you happy, Umang will be with us forever and he hugged her.

Aarti’s dad asked Durga to sign on the papers but Sanjay stopped her. Durga signed the papers but Gayatri tore the papers. Madhav was also planning to kidnap Umang.

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