Will Durga Run In Nationals? My Daughter Durga 28 June 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 343


The Episode started with Rajveer asking Yashpal what’s the reason why Durga refused to run in the nationals. Yashpal asked what shall I tell you now. Gayatri and everyone met Durga’s family while Sanjay took Durga home. Annapurna asked her is she fine. Yashpal asked is everything fine, Gayatri said you won’t run in the nationals. Durga said yes, I am tired, I want to live with my family in peace. Sanjay said lie, I will tell them, Aarti’s dad trapped Durga, he is blackmailing her, if she withdraws her name, he will give us our house and business, which is mortgaged to him, Durga will not agree to him, I won’t let her make this sacrifice, she will run in the race. Durga said the family’s respect is at stake. He said respect can be earned again, she will waste one year, please explain to her. Yashpal said this is your dream, but you are doing right, you have done a daughter’s duty, it’s time she does a good bahu’s duty, it’s her duty.

Sanjay said you explain her. Annapurna said we are proud of her, she has respected my upbringing, she thought for her in-laws’ betterment. Aarti’s dad came and greeted them. He said I didn’t expect you all will be here and he asked Durga to sign the form to withdraw her name. He asked her not to waste time. Sanjay went to slap him but Gayatri stopped Sanjay and asked him to behave with manners. She took the form and asked Durga to sign. Sanjay said you won’t sign Durga. He asked Gayatri how can she do this, she knows this championship is Durga’s dream. Annapurna and Yashpal asked Durga to sign. Durga signed and gave the papers to Gayatri.

Gayatri said you have done a lot for my house and business, it’s is a big favor and Aarti’s dad smiled. She said but this doesn’t mean you will play with Durga’s self respect, she is my bahu, Yashpal’s daughter, Sanjay’s wife, she will run in the nationals, she will win and show you. Aarti’s dad asked what….. Gayatri tore the papers and they all became shocked. Gayatri said Durga will run in the race, no one will stop her. Durga said I can’t run… Gayatri said you will do what I say, don’t forget I am your Saas, in your mum’s place in this house, a mum commands her daughter, that she will run in the nationals and make us proud and they all smiled. Gayatri asked her not to be scared of any cheap man, when they are with her, what’s there to be afraid of, when she is with her, then why should they be afraid and she scolded Aarti’s dad.

She said Durga is my bahu, no one can harm her and Durga happily cried. Gayatri said Durga will run in nationals, you thought you will fool us with the property xerox copy, I have also played such games, get out of here. Aarti’s dad laughed and threatened her. He said I will ruin you all, your respect and everything and Sanjay kicked him out. Gayatri apologized to Durga and cried. She said you are this house’s bahu and a daughter too, I am sorry, forgive me. Durga said no, don’t say so, forget everything and she hugged Gayatri.

Gayatri asked Sanjay to wait, she has to talk to him. He asked her did she get money to blind her while then Madhav kidnapped Umang. Durga saw Umang and ran after Rashmi.

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