Madhav Is Finally Exposed. My Daughter Durga 29 June 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 345


The Episode started with Durga running after Rashmi and taking Umang away. Madhav fell down the bus and Yashpal pulled him back and saved him. Madhav’s fake beard removed and they became shocked seeing Madhav. Some men entered Gayatri’s house. Sanjay asked who are you, who permitted you to come here. The man said sorry, let us do our work, give us the entire jewelry. Sanjay asked him to get out. The man said this house is not yours, we have to auction it. Gayatri said let them do what they want, we did what we had to, Durga’s race is important. She gave them the jewelry and Sanjay cried.

Amrita ran to Madhav and said you are fine, where did you go, I couldn’t live without you, Lord has sent you back, I am so happy, you are coming home with me. Durga said stop, you came back after many years, you didn’t tell the truth to anyone, who is this woman. Madhav said she is my wife Rashmi. Amrita left his hand and they all became shocked.

Madhav said five years ago, I had an accident, I lost my memory, this woman saved me and made me recover, then we got married, after marriage, when I regained my memory, I recalled you, I couldn’t do anything, I was helpless, I couldn’t do injustice with her. Amrita asked what about me, you came to take Umang now, you just deserve my hatred. She slapped him and asked why did you do this. Rashmi interrupted but Durga stopped her.

Amrita said you want to snatch my son, how can you fall so much. Madhav said you are right, I am a bad man, Umang is my son also, I agree my way is wrong, but my intention is right, I had no other way, Rashmi and I didn’t have a child, I wished to take Umang with me, I did wrong with you all, I am sorry.

Aarti’s dad said trust me, you will win. Aarti said you don’t care for me, you didn’t do anything for me, you don’t love me, I will die but not lose to Durga. He said no…. Yashpal asked why are we hearing this man’s nonsense and he went to beat Madhav but Rajveer stopped him. Durga said Amrita waited for you for 6 years, I have seen her in pain, you have come back to snatch her child, Lord does everything for good, at least she got to know you are so cheap, now she won’t wait for you, you have no place in her life now, don’t see us again. Rashmi asked Madhav to come. Amrita said Umang is my son, you have no right to snatch my son and she scolded Rashmi.

Rashmi said Madhav also has a right on Umang, we can give him love too, we will take him along and they pulled Umang. Madhav stopped Rashmi. He said leave Rashmi, no, I can’t do more bad with them, my mum and brother cheated them, Amrita trusted me, and today I was going to cheat Amrita, she has given her mum and dad’s love, I don’t have a right on him. She asked what are you saying. He said just Amrita has right on him, forgive me Amrita and he left.

Everyone came home and Amrita made Umang sleep. Durga then consoled Annapurna. Sheela thinks why are they creating a scene. Sanjay said Amrita needs you all, I will go and talk to her. They all worried and went to Amrita. Amrita said you here… don’t worry SP, I won’t do anything wrong. She asked Annapurna not to cry. Annapurna asked how shall I lessen your pain. Amrita said give me some time, I will be fine, I am lucky to get such a family, which lightened my sorrow, I got all answers, all false hopes ended, it’s good, the past takes all the sorrow with it, think of this as a bad dream and look ahead. Yashpal blessed and hugged her. Amrita said Umang is scared, he slept with difficulty. Sanjay said I have an idea to make him happy.

Aarti called Durga. Durga placed the call on speaker and Aarti threatened to commit suicide and screamed. Aarti’s car fell down a cliff. Durga, Sanjay and Gayatri became shocked.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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