Aarti & Dad Falls Into Their Own Trap.My Daughter Durga 30 July 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 347


The Episode started with Durga saying Aarti said she will commit suicide. Aarti’s dad then asked the inspector to arrest Durga. Sanjay asked what’s the proof. Aarti’s dad said I have proof that Aarti called Durga, they took revenge from me, Aarti is my weakness, this is Durga’s crime. Sanjay said stop blaming her. The Inspector said we can’t arrest her without any proof, we will investigate well and come later and the Police left. Aarti’s dad said you will never stay happy, this is my curse. He left and Durga worried. Sanjay said even if Aarti did anything wrong, you are not responsible for it. She hugged him and said I know this, but I should have stopped Aarti and Yashpal came home. He said your doubt is right, this poster is just around Durga’s training ground, not anywhere else. Gayatri said it means it’s was done to distract Durga. Yashpal said yes, there is one more thing. Durga heard Aarti’s voice and became shocked. The Servant said I don’t hear anything. She checked and asked him to go. She thinks what’s happening to me.

Yashpal said I followed Aarti’s dad, he went for a meeting. He was laughing, I don’t know why. Gayatri said it means this is Aarti and her dad’s plan, I won’t let them distract Durga. Durga screamed and Sanjay went there. The Servant said Durga was hearing some voices. Sanjay asked what voice. Servant said Aarti…. she said such. Durga said I was hearing Aarti’s voice. Gayatri said you are sensible, don’t think about this. Durga said I am trying but I am not able to. Sanjay said I have an idea. He sang “Give me some sunshine” and Durga laughed.

Yashpal said we all are with you. Durga asked shall we do training tomorrow. Gayatri said it’s fine, take rest now, we will start training with fresh mind and they went out. Gayatri said how will Durga win the nationals, we have to join her with the race again. Sanjay said just one man can help us and he called Rana sir. Rajveer came and said this is Durga’s chest number. Sanjay asked about Aarti’s. Rajveer said someone took it and they became shocked. Aarti’s dad gave the number to Aarti and they laughed. Durga heard Aarti’s voice again and she prayed. Sanjay said it means Aarti and her dad planned this. Aarti said Durga can’t win the race. Servant saw Durga and called Aarti. He said I did as you said, Durga is much worried, Durga can’t go to the stadium. She said good, you will get your money, Durga can’t live with this blame. Sanjay said Aarti knew Durga will win, so she has done this. Yashpal said I will tell everything to Durga. Sanjay said no, maybe she will not believe us, we have one way, that’s to end her worry, I will find Aarti and bring her in front of Durga.

Aarti’s dad asked her to stay in the farmhouse. Sanjay said Durga shouldn’t know this, call the sports authority. They reached the hospital and called the sports authority official there. Aarti and her dad became shocked seeing Aarti’s suicide news. Aarti’s dad said SP has done this, but don’t worry, he can’t prove anything. Sanjay cried and said I was looking for Aarti, I will inform her dad. He called Aarti’s dad and said just come to the hospital fast, I got Aarti’s body. Aarti worried seeing the media spreading the news. Sanjay called Durga and said Aarti is alive, I haven’t found her yet, I promise she will be in front of you.

Durga and Gayatri came to the hospital. Sanjay said trust me, Aarti is alive. Doctor then declared Aarti dead.

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