Durga Learns Aarti’s Truth. My Daughter Durga 30 July 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 348


The Episode started with Durga thinking of Sanjay’s words. She asked Gayatri to take her to Sanjay, where is he. Gayatri said you can’t go there but Durga insisted. Aarti’s dad thinks what’s SP’s plan. He asked whose dead body is this. The Inspector said we got this at the site, Aarti has committed suicide. Aarti’s dad became angry at Yashpal and asked him to stop his cheap drama. The Inspector said you have filed missing complaint, how can you be sure that this is not Aarti’s dead body. Sanjay thinks now he got trapped in his own plan. He asked did you know about Aarti, is she alive.

Aarti’s dad said yes…. Sanjay thinks now he spoke the truth. Aarti’s dad said I mean my daughter is not a coward to commit suicide. The Inspector stopped him from seeing the body. Durga and Gayatri came and became shocked. Gayatri said Durga didn’t listen to me. Sanjay asked Durga to trust him, Aarti is alive, she will be in front of her before evening. Sanjay challenged Aarti’s dad and smiled. Aarti’s dad thinks how can SP be so confident, what’s his plan.

The body was sent for Dna test. Aarti said now SP’s game has ended. Doctor saw Shilpa instead of the dead body. He asked who are you. Shilpa scared the doctor and nurse. She asked the doctor to do as she said. The Doctor came out and said the test report has come, it’s Aarti’s dead body. Aarti and her dad became shocked. Aarti’s dad then understood Sanjay’s game. Sanjay thinks I will make him speak the truth.

Reporters asked will Aarti’s name get removed from the nationals list and Aarti became angry. Aarti’s dad said never, how can this happen. Sanjay said what will we do when Aarti is no more. Aarti’s dad got angry. The Inspector asked him to accept that Aarti is dead. Sanjay said I will help you and Aarti came there. Durga said Aarti is alive… The Inspector asked if Aarti is alive, what’s happening here. Durga said I will say, Aarti did this, she faked this to put me in guilt, so that I don’t run in the race. Gayatri said she tried to make Durga mad. Gagan got the servant there. The servant said Aarti paid me money and asked me to play Aarti’s recording to make Durga mad.

Aarti and her dad admitted their crime. Sanjay said I did this fake drama to expose their truth, Shilpa made the fake report by the doctor, sorry inspector, I had to do this to save Durga from them. The Inspector arrested Aarti. Aarti’s dad took the blame instead. Sanjay said I wish Aarti worked hard and lost with respect, now Durga will badly defeat her and the sports official warned Aarti. Aarti’s dad was arrested and Aarti became angry seeing Durga. Aarti’s dad thinks I will not let Durga live with peace. Durga went to Sanjay and said I didn’t trust you. He said because you cared for Aarti, I like this about you,I love you so much. She thanked him and they smiled.

Gayatri trained Durga. Dadi made Durga wear a protective locket. Someone then attacked Durga’s family.

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