Durga Defeats Aarti & Her Dad. My Daughter Durga 5 July 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 354


The Episode started with Durga thinking of Aarti’s words. She thinks of her family and her childhood moments. Everyone asked Durga to run and encouraged her. Durga was thinking and Yashpal shouted run Durga. Durga thinks of her defamation and started running. Everyone cheered for her and asked her to win. Aarti’s dad asked Yashpal to celebrate Durga’s win and then mourn for her death. Yashpal asked what do you mean. Aarti’s dad said look at the needle fixed in the ribbon, it has poison, that will take her life. Yashpal became angry and run to stop Durga. He asked Durga not to win. Everyone thinks what happened to Yashpal. Durga took the lead. He saw the needle. She finished first and won the race. Durga was announced as the winner and Yashpal shouted Durga…. everyone clapped for Durga, suddenly she fainted and they all became shocked. Yashpal shouted out and Aarti smiled. Everyone wondered what happened.

Durga opened her eyes and got up. Aarti and her dad became shocked. Durga got the needle and saw the locket which saved her. She thinks of Dadi’s words and thinks Mata Rani saved my life. She thanked Maa and Durga ran happily. Everyone clapped for her and Yashpal happily cried. The man said this girl made a new record, she did amazing. Durga saw little Durga running along and thinks I have run in happiness, sorrow, for my family and for myself, I have always run, today my running had made everyone happy, I have started running for this day. Little Durga smiled and wished her. The man said the national winner is Durga, while Aarti came fourth, second runner up is Palak, first runner up is Shivani. They got the medals and everyone clapped. Durga got her medal and trophy and everyone cheered for her.

The man asked Durga to say a few words. Durga said it’s said small town people shouldn’t see big dreams, even then they don’t get any medium to fulfill dreams, my win has proved it wrong, one needs courage and family’s support to fulfill dreams and everyone clapped. Durga said my dad… She then got Yashpal on stage. She said my dad left a son’s dream after I came in his life, he was sure a girl can also make a family proud and she made Yashpal wear the medal.

She said my family supported me, Durga is in your homes too, she needs your support, you can also encourage your daughters, a daughter isn’t a burden, not just sons need support, save daughters and educate them, daughters can make you proud. Yashpal said my daughter made me proud and also her village, my family got free of the old stain, I have a request, I want you to take Durga’s medical test once and they all became shocked. The man said now what’s the need. Yashpal said it wasn’t needed five years before also, but she was doubted to have drugs, this time I want all doubts to get cleared and Sanjay cried. Yashpal said Durga was innocent and she is innocent even this time.

Yashpal blessed Durga. Sanjay and Durga were dancing while Aarti’s dad hid and looked on…Read more

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