Durga Receives A Big Reward. My Daughter Durga 7 July 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 357



The Episode started with Gayatri worrying seeing time and she shouted Durga. Anjana came and asked for her jewelry, Gayatri gave it to her and she left. Gayatri asked Durga to hurry up. Durga asked why do you want to send me. Anjana thinks Gayatri doesn’t want Durga to get hurt. Durga asked Gayatri to keep the gold medal in safe.

Gayatri said the villagers will like to see this, this is part of your life, don’t make this away. Durga said I feel restless, I don’t know what Aarti’s dad will do. Gayatri said we have to face any good or bad time, don’t worry, everything will be the same.

Gayatri saw time and thinks to send her away quickly. Aarti’s dad then sent men. Gayatri asked Durga to involve the villagers and family in her happiness. Sanjay said you have fulfilled your dad’s dream. Gayatri saw an auction notice and hid it in time. They then saw a car coming and Gayatri worried. Sanjay said it was Yashpal’s dream to see Durga getting down from a gov’t official car. Durga recalled Yashpal and she smiled.

Sanjay and Durga then left. Neelkant said you have sent them, do you realize the coming storm. Gayatri said our work is to pass through the storm. He said we can just regret and wait for the house auction. She became sad and cried. Everyone waited for Durga and she finally came. Yashpal saw her, recalled his dream and saluted her. Durga cried and hugged him. Yashpal said you have fulfilled my dream.

Durga then recalled the old times. Sarpanch and the entire village welcomed Durga and she smiled. Gayatri cried seeing her house vacated. Everyone clapped for Durga. Sarpanch and the minister made Durga wear the medal and garlands and she sat down. Sanjay and everyone looked on. Sarpanch then apologized for all the tortures. He asked Yashpal and Rajveer to forgive him.

He removed pagdi and gave it to Durga. Durga said no, this pagdi is not to keep at someone’s feet, it’s to wear on your hear, I love the villagers as they love me and she made him wear the pagdi. Back there, the auction started. Neelkant and Gayatrti looked on. Sarpanch said Durga will get the prize money and Durga received the cheque. Sarpanch said the government decided to give two acres of land to Durga and everyone clapped. Sanjay said I should give this good news to mum and he called Gayatri.

Durga cried seeing the stain removed. Purushottam bought the house…Read more