Durga Restores Her Family’s Honor. My Daughter Durga 7 July 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 358



The Episode started with Gayatri not answering Sanjay’s call. Durga was awarded and everyone clapped for her. She told Rajveer that he deserves all the credit and asked him to accept this prize as Guru dakshina and everyone clapped. Rajveer said Dronacharya taught the skills to Arjun, but the credit of winning the war goes to Arjun, you have won by your hard work, this just has your right and he returned it to her.

Yashpal said the gardener is important to raise a plant and make it flourish, we can never pay for your favor, Durga has this right to give Guru dakshina to her teacher, don’t refuse it and Rajveer accepted.

He said you have kept me in your family for long years, that’s the Guru dakshina for me. He told Sarpanch that all the girls deserve this prize money, who wants to touch the sky like Durga, accept this and honor me and Sarpanch accepted the envelop. Rajveer said Durga this victory is not just for you, but for all those girls who want to dream like you, now girls can become anything, you gave them wings, my blessings will always be with you. Sarpanch said Durga will run for the entire country, she will make the country proud. Meanwhile the auction was also going on. Purushottam bought the house.

He came there smiling and got the house keys while Gayatri cried. Purushottam threatened to make her beg on the road. Everyone danced and celebrates. Yashpal asked why did the dhol stop and he revealed Durga’s statue. They all became surprised, smiled and everyone clapped. Sarpanch said we will never forget your favor, we will clean this black stain on your wall and Durga recalled the past.

Gayatri and Neelkant saw the house taken away. Sarpanch cleaned the stain from the wall while Yashpal paints over the wall to clean the bad remark. Sarpanch said we should praise Durga’s talents and wrote about Durga being a national champion. Yashpal then thanked sarpanch. He said I have no complains about anything. Rajveer said you proved, no problem can stop yourself from winning, you have erased all the stains, you have become the country’s honor, remember one thing, always talk on truth and hard work’s path and Durga nodded.

He said you all kept me as a family member, you never let me feel I am not from this family, I have to go, but my blessings will always be with you and Durga touched his feet. He asked her to take care and Durga cried. Rajveer then left and Durga hugged Yashpal and he consoled her. Durga and Sanjay were on the way and Sanjay smiled. She asked what are you looking at like this. He said I feel proud of yourself, you are my wife, no, I am Durga’s husband and they smiled.

Sanjay and Durga came home and they became shocked seeing the house sold. Durga asked Gayatri what’s all this…Read more