Durga Begins Training In College. My Daughter Durga 8 July 2022 Friday Pt2: Episode 360


The Episode started with Anjana asking Gayatri to love in her Maayka. She said I am not like Durga to bring my family on the road. Gagan said Anjana is right, we won’t have any problem there. Anjana said everyone can come, except one person. Bhagat met the senior and told him that the athletes need good diet and good training. The senior said they will get medal for country and he laughed on the joke.

Bhagat gave him examples of the famous and successful woman. The man said there is one Kalpana Chalwa in millions, don’t have the hope that women will win medal and he made fun of the women. Bhagat said your watch is beautiful. The senior said it’s gold plated. Bhagat showed his timer watch and said this watch can get a gold medal to athletes, please it’s a request.

Anjana said Durga didn’t think of us, else we would have not been thrown out like this and Gayatri taunted Anjana. She said Durga is a diamond, you will never understand this, if there is no place for Durga there, we won’t come there. Anjana said I can’t see my family on the roads. Gayatri said our family is incomplete without Durga, we won’t come without Durga. Durga said don’t worry about me. Gayatri said I have already taken my decision. Anjana said fine, don’t come, but I will not stay here. She asked Gagan is he coming along. Gagan said no, I am not coming. Anjana warned Gayatri and asked her to get rid of Durga soon.

Gayatri said you can go if you want. Sheela and Shilpa sat upset while Dadi and Amrita looked on. Dadi asked why did you leave the food, tell me. Sheela said I don’t like living here. Dadi joked and asked her to tell her the matter. She said Shilpa has become sensible. Sheela said you don’t know the matter, Durga shouldn’t have given money to coach, we also had share in it, we supported Durga, this house runs on Brij’s money, we want share of the land also.

Brij asked what are you saying, we will see when we get the land. Sheela said no, decision will happen first. Dadi said it will be decided later and they all left. Bhagat said I want all the athletes here, I want their diet plan details. A man delivered the paint to Yashpal. He said Yashpal has won a lottery. Sheela and Shilpa became glad. Sanjay found no money in his wallet. Gayatri tried to take help.

Durga said you want to eat pizza right. He said yes, but money…. She recalled sarpanch giving money to her. She got the money given to her by the villagers, and said we can arrange food for the day. Sanjay said we will have some food. Durga went to the food stall and payed money and he asked her to make food.

She quickly prepared the food at the stall and Sanjay said what’s Durga doing. Durga made a dough platter and veg pizza. She gave the food to Sanjay. He smiled and said not bad. He then ate the pizza and liked it. He asked Gayatri to have it. Durga said no, she eats less spice and Gayatri cried happily. Durga got pizza for them and they all ate. Gayatri asked Durga to have food with them. Durga said I will have it later and smiled. The officers talked about Bhagat taking much interest in Durga and Bhagat smiled.

Goons starred at Gayatri’s jewelry. Durga asked her to keep the jewelry in bag. The Goons got the bag and run away with the jewelry. Durga and Sanjay ran to catch the thieves…Read more

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