My Daughter Durga Friday, 1 April 2022: Episode 223-224


The Episode started with Gayatri shouting Sanjay to come out of the fire and she woke up from the dream. Her elder son asked what happened, did you get any bad dreams? and went to get water. She said Durga can’t snatch my prince, I have to keep Durga away and he gave her the water.

He asked her if she is fine. Yashpal took Durga to meet Rajveer. Durga was shocked seeing him alive. She asked Rajveer to get up. Yashpal said he is not in his senses. He said someone tried to kill Rana and did this and she became shocked.

He said someone planted bomb to kill Rana, he was called there. Flashback showed Rajveer getting a call and going. His friend came there and asked where is Rana. Rajveer went out of the parking lot, and heard people telling about killing Durga and him.

He thinks who were they and called Yashpal. He asked about Durga. He asked where is Durga, her life is in danger. Yashpal said I can’t hear you. Rajveer saw Sanjay stopping Durga and the bomb exploding. He fell down and got hurt. Yashpal found him and Rajveer told him his life is in danger.

Yashpal called a doctor and got him treated. He said I got his treatment so that he gets better. Rana told me he had received a threat from someone, sarpanch was unlucky to come there. She asked who was that declared dead.

He said he was Rana’s friend, Lord gives peace to him, I have said Rana died so that people who are trying to kill Rana will go away, we can get time to know about the culprit, Rana would have gotten electrocuted in Bantu’s roka. He said we have to find out who is after his life and hide the truth that he is alive and Durga cried.

Durga thinks I did good to make Stella lose in the challenge, Rana will get fine and train me. She got threatening notes from the villagers. Sanjay called her. He became angry. Gayatri came to him and said my love for you didn’t change, I am ready to accept Durga for your happiness. He said wow, seriously, I love you. She said but I have a condition. Durga called everyone. The villagers protested against them and they became shocked.

Gayatri said I want to test Durga’s capabilities so that I can accept her, like Durga takes training for her race, I want her to take training from me to win you, I want to know will she learn our ways. The villagers boycotted Durga. The family looked on worried. Gayatri said I want her to learn all the qualities that makes her suitable for our house, then it will be decided. She asked what happened, won’t she do this to win her life’s race.

He said fine, I agree, I am sure she will win your heart in 7 days and he left. Gayatri thinks I will make Durga out of Sanjay’s life. The villagers asked Durga and her family to die hungry or leave the village, they won’t let them stay here. Yashpal stopped them and asked them to talk. The man scolded Yashpal for making Durga run and risking the village’s respect.

Gayatri said I also feel Durga will win. Sanjay told what’s happening in Durga’s house. The man said Durga should swear she will not take part in any race.


The Episode started with Shilpa asking why shall we get punished because of Durga. Brij asked her to be quiet. The man taunted them. Dadi begged them to leave them free. The man said we are not your enemies, we can forgive you, but on one condition, if Durga swears she won’t take part in any game from today. Durga and everyone became shocked.

Sanjay said Durga is not answering me, I had doubted her before, I will not do this mistake again. Gayatri said I am sure she will win the bet. He said you know what she is going through at this time. She said courage has to be drawn, your love should be her aim, else what’s the use to make her your life partner.

Yashpal said Durga has saved this village’s respect, one day she will get everything for this village, she will run in the race and win also. Everyone held Durga’s hand. Brij said I am also with Durga. Dadi said I am also with my Durga and Durga cried. Brij asked her not to worry and just focus on her racing.

The villagers got back looking at them and left. Aarti greeted Sanjay and signed Gayatri and Sanjay left. Gayatri asked her to keep practicing her racing, she will fail Durga in the race and break Sanjay’s love and Aarti nodded. Durga got ready. Her friend asked her to get the tiffin but Durga refuses.

Yashpal came and said you won’t go anywhere. He said there is no need to go to the veg stall, I can manage the house expenses. She asked him not to worry about her practice, you will go running. He said you have grown up, if you go from here, you will see me dead, I have said my decision.

She asked him to listen. She asked her friend to go. She went after Yashpal and saw him removing the cloth from something. He showed her a wheel having fish stickers on it. He told her to just see the target and aim at it. He encouraged her by telling her about Arjun. He asked her not to move her sight from her aim. He asked her to aim and shoot the arrow.

Durga worried. He asked her to try, she should just look at the fish’s eye. Durga shot the arrow by thinking of Rajveer’s words. He said you have shot the fish’s eyes, you are my Arjun, I told you can do this. She said thanks, I have understood, but I want a promise from you, you will never talk of death, you know what you mean to me. He said I know. She asked about Rajveer. He said he is fine. She said I will get district championship form. He asked her to go to the college.

Durga practiced at college. She slipped and Sanjay held her. He said I wanted to be with you after what happened with Rana. She said Rana is alive and fine. He asked what. She said someone tried to kill him, I will win the championship and give him a surprise.

I am worried by whatever happened with us, villagers are very angry, don’t know why my family has to pay for my dreams. He said you can tell me anything you want. She said no need, your love and support is enough, I have to win and support my family. He told her about Gayatri’s challenge.

She asked what. He said mum has no problem with our relation, she gave a challenge to you, she asked you to learn things. She said I have to do training, there is much going on, Yashpal has made many enemies, how can I get diverted, I can’t do this. Aarti looked on and smiled, thinking Durga has hit her leg. Sanjay thinks what will I tell mum.

Everyone got worried for Dadi and looked for water. Gayatri said I know you will come alone. Durga came there and Sanjay was surprised.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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