Yashpal Makes Durga Happy Again. My Daughter Durga Friday, 11 February 2022: Episode 156-157


The Episode started r with Durga going to give the cards and someone kidnapped her and she became shocked. Brij said you did a mistake, it doesn’t not mean you punish yourself, Yashpal will not wish to marry a liar.

Amrita said the entire village knows about my marriage, Yashpal always supported me, I can’t give him sorrow, I am strong to manage this cheat, I can’t trouble him, I have to do this. Brij said I don’t know if am doing right or wrong by supporting you, I wish Lord gives you strength, stay happy.

Durga saw her friends and looked around. She asked what’s this madness, where have you brought me. Manohar said we got you to talk, we will help you with marriage work, promise us. She said no. They said you are made to run and she asked them to forget.

They asked her to think about the villagers, we can get a railway station. She said I don’t want to think. Madhav brought a necklace for Amrita. He asked her what happened, is everything fine, look at this, how do you like this, you can tell me. She left and he became shocked.

Sanjay stopped Durga and said we have seen you, you are best at running. She said I can’t be selfish, I have to help my dad. Durga left to help Yashpal with work. She found the bag in which he locked her books and she tried to open it. Yashpal saw her and gave her the keys. She thanked him. She looked at her trophy and medal. Amrita got her anger out on a painting. Madhav came and saw her crying.

He asked what happened. She called a tailor and asked about the dress. She said you broke my trust, I agreed because of you, it’s happening for what I was scared, you are cheating at the last time, I did a mistake and have to bear it now, I can’t blame you. She starred at Madhav, he became shocked and she left him there.

Madhav thinks I know I am cheating Amrita, but I am going to save you from cheat, I am scared to lose you, I love you a lot. Durga recalled her running in the race and cried. She thinks I wish I could make dad feel my happiness, it’s fine I will fulfill his dreams.

Annapurna saw her crying and thinks I can’t see her like this, I have to do something and she took food for Yashpal but he refused to have kadi. She said you don’t like this and not eating it, why are you hurting Durga then. He asked her to leave it.

She said you come with me and see what you did to Durga, They went and saw Durga crying. She said her tears won’t end this way, she smiles in front of everyone, don’t ignore this, her happiness is in running, we did not give birth to her make her cry. Yashpal cried. He reminded how she has given birth to Durga, they thought the baby will fill happiness in their lives.

He said Durga is not able to see her bright future, but we can see this and take her to the right path, her likes will change, she will forget running some day, life will not get a chance again. She asked what if Durga doesn’t change then. He said it can’t happen, just give me 24 hours, I will show you, then you see, Durga will forget everything.

Durga asked Yashpal has he forgiven her and she hugged him. Annapurna asked Amrita to take the ring size of Madhav. Yashpal then took Annapurna to Durga.


The Episode started with Amrita and Madhav’s haldi happening. Dadi said Madhav’s haldi will be done first. Dadi then applied haldi to Madhav. Madhav thinks why is Amrita looking annoyed with me. Durga also applied haldi to Madhav. Dadi applied haldi to Amrita and asked her to always stay happy and everyone danced.

Madhav went to Amrita to apply haldi, she stopped him and got angry. He became shocked. Durga sat there sad. Yashpal came to her and asked her about her friends. She said I will call them. He said we will go somewhere tomorrow morning, get ready and she agreed.

Yashpal thinks whatever I do in the next 24 hours will be for your own good. Madhav asked Amrita why are you running away from me and they saw Shilpa. Madhav then hid with Amrita. He said I am trying to talk to you, tell me if there is anything in your heart, very soon we are going to get married.

Amrita cried and said,this haldi is not used to make face glow, it’s applied on wound also. I also got a wound on my soul, I got to know what’s your truth and intentions to come here. She cried and said I trusted you and your fake love and Madhav became shocked.

He asked her to hear him for once. She said I don’t want to, my family went through a lot, I can’t see them breaking, I will marry even if I get death or hell, I loved you by heart and now I hate you and Madhav stopped her. He asked her to listen to him once, I agree I came with bad intention.

but now I changed, my intention and heart changed, our relation started with a lie, but today it changed into truth, I truly love you, I tried to tell you the truth, I was scared that I may lose you. She said I am not stupid to believe you again. She scolded him and left.

It’s morning, Yashpal saw Durga sleeping and recalled Annapurna’s words. He said very soon. Annapurna will understand, this running and all is not your passion, child’s heart is like kite, it flies by wind anywhere, your habit will go, you will forget running. He called her out and she woke up. She asked if he woke her, it means he has forgiven her.

He said yes, we will be going out, we have some work and she hugged him. He asked her to get ready. He went to Annapurna. Durga saw the kites and smiled. Yashpal said I want your help, will you help me, you have to make kites, will you make them. She agreed and sat to make the kites. Yashpal asked Annapurna to see, she is so happy. Durga taught him how to make kites. Annapurna then saw Durga laughing.

The man praised Durga and asked Yashpal to bless his daughter.

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