Sanjay Asks Durga For Forgiveness. My Daughter Durga Friday, 11 March 2022: Episode 193-194



The Episode started with Sanjay apologizing, Durga cried and left. Sanjay looked at Aarti and he also left. Durga and Sanjay cried and think of their friendship. Sanjay hits the punching bag and cried, thinking of Durga and the past. She saw the poster and recalled Sanjay. She threw the poster and cried and Sanjay picked it up.

Teacher said this assembly has witnessed unfortunate thing, Sanjay took his name back, so Samrat/Sam has become the college president this year and everyone clapped and Aarti left. She was looking for Sanjay and when she saw him,she stopped him. She asked why did you save Durga. He said not now, just leave.

She asked don’t you trust me. He asked what trust are you talking about, you lied and made Neena lie. She asked what. He said this was not expected from you. She asked him to listen to her but he said you lied or not, I can’t bear the truth. She said you are hurting me, leave my hand.

He said it’s an external pain, you can’t bear it, what about me, you cheated me, I trusted you as a good friend, you broke my trust. She said I didn’t lie to you, I can explain, fine I made Neena lie, I used the fake blame on Durga, as she is a cheater, she will always be a cheater, she took drugs, reports were real, I did not wish Durga to be around.

He said she is not a cheater, she had less amount of drugs in her body, she had won the race by honesty and hardwork, don’t call her a cheater. She thinks Sanjay checked the reports. He said Durga was given drugs.

He removed the posters and said you remember this, you know what should be here, I will tell you and wrote Aarti is a cheater. He said you are a cheater and she became shocked. He then tore the poster and left.

Sheela said Rajveer had gone out, don’t know what will he do. Rajveer recalled Durga and he screamed. Sheela and Shilpa run to him. Sanjay gave flowers to Durga and she recalled thier childhood moment. Aarti looked on and threw her phone angrily. Durga took the flowers and threw it away. Sanjay then held his ears and apologized.

Durga said thanks for whatever you did today, but what you did with me and my friendship, I will never forget it. He held her hand and took her. He ignited a lighter and burnt his own picture model and Durga left. Sam came and kicked the model. He said this is your punishment, Durga will never forgive you.

Sanjay said you have become president, stay happy, why do you come between us, is your mind fine. Sam said how long will you sit on the sky, come down, you did not get the presidency, Durga too left you, your hands will be empty.

Sanjay said you don’t know to what extent I can go for Durga’s friendship, get lost. Sam said I am scared and laughed and he left. Sanjay thinks I will convince Durga. Aarti threw things and asked Neelkant to understand. She told him everything and Neelkant became shocked. She said Rana Sir is missing, if SP knows his truth, he will never talk to me.

Sanjay asked Neelkant to help him, he wants to know who is it who cheated and gave drug to Durga, I will not leave that person.


The Episode started with Durga thinking of Sanjay. Yashpal said I told the truth to Sanjay, it was important, I will fight with the world for you, I can’t bear anyone pointing finger on you and she hugged him. They heard Rajveer shouting Durga. Aarti said I can’t allow that, Sanjay will never trust me.

Neelkant said relax, trust me, we will find Rana, don’t tell him anything. Rajveer shouted Durga, where is she, I see this face again and again, call her and Durga looked on. Yashpal said you are unwell, take rest. Rajveer asked who are you and pushed Yashpal. Rajveer became angry. He saw Durga’s pic, recalled the past and shouted.

He burnt the medal by a diya. He asked them to call Durga and Durga cried. Rajveer asked her is she Durga. She said there is no Durga here, I am not Durga and they all became shocked. Sanjay saw Durga and his pic and was sad thinking about the past.

He met Neelkant and said nothing is fine, I have come here as I need your help with Durga’s case, I want to know who was it who gave drugs to Durga to cheat. Neelkant asked are you talking about her failure, she took drugs. Sanjay said no, it’s all a lie, once I get the culprit, Durga will prove herself innocent and Aarti looked on. Sanjay said she is innocent, being her best friend, I did not trust her.

Neelkant said she was safe under Rajveer and Yashpal’s supervision, how could she become target of someone’s planning, are you getting emotional and thinking of this. Sanjay said I flowed in emotions and did not see I did wrong with her, I felt she cheated me, but she got cheated, I feel someone known to us has done this, Durga did not had anything from anyone, when I get such person, I will not leave him. Neelkant said no, I wish you don’t reach that person.

He thinks you won’t know who added drugs to the jalebis. Sanjay said I am going to make things fine and he left. Aarti signalled now what. Rajveer asked how did Durga’s things come here, her pics and medals. Durga asked him to sit and she acted like Durga doesn’t stay here now. Yashpal said we will throw her things out, why do you hate that girl. Rajveer said I don’t remember, she did bad with me, I have to go. Durga said you are hurt, take rest and Brij took him.

Durga said whatever you did for me, I will bear your hatred, it’s Guru dakshina for me. Yashpal said Rana should not know this is Durga’s house and we know her, we have no other way. Sheela thinks I won’t listen to you. Dadi thinks to do something to stop Sheela. Dadi showed a gold kamarbandh to Sheela and asked her to keep it and Sheela liked it. Durga and Annapurna looked on. Dadi asked Sheela to remember, Rana should not know this is Durga’s house and Sheela agreed.

Durga hugged and thanked Dadi. She said I will lose my identity to get me and Rana’s lost respect. Durga slept and recalled Rajveer’s words. Durga then heard a sound and saw a flying helicopter. She followed it, went out and saw Sanjay.

Sanjay apologized to Durga in his unique way and smiled…Read more