My Daughter Durga Friday, 12 November 2021: Episode 28-29

my daughter durga


My Daughter Durga Friday, 12 November 2021 Episode started with Durga hearing some men talking about Amrita getting fooled by some guy. The man said, our brother and his mum planned a game and will leave Amrita after marriage. Durga thinks, they may be talking about someone else. Rishi is a nice guy. She heard a man getting hiccups. She recalled Rishi ending the call and got a doubt. Dulaari welcomed everyone home and introduced her sister. Subhadra said Baby is Amrita’s Maasi. Rishi and Amrita smiled looking at each other. Sheela and Dulaari also smiled. Sheela thinks Yashpal will be ruined.

Durga asked who is cheating whom, tell me. The guys asked who are you, were you hearing our talk. Rajbeer thinks Durga is gone, I can know her address on her registration paper. He took her paper and Durga run. The men run after her. Durga thinks how did I hear Amrita, Rishi is the wrong guy, I have to reach there and stop all this.

Subhadra asked Dulaari to sit. Dulaari said I have some work and signalled Sheela. Sheela liked old things. Dulaari asked her to keep what she likes. Sheela said you made old memories fresh, did you tell everyone not to tell about our friendship. Dulaari said my mum’s sight is not good, I didn’t call any relatives, we will get shock to Yashpal and everyone on the marriage day. Sheela said I will have fun seeing Yashpal losing respect in front of the village and they laughed. Dulaari said if you did not meet me, what would have happened with Rishi.

Flashback showed Dulaari telling Sheela about Rishi’s kundli dosh, his first marriage will break in mandap and then second marriage will be fine. Sheela said my frustration will also end doing this. She thinks, how she fooled Brij. Durga run on the road. She caught a bus and looked behind. The men followed her and was tired. Shilpa teased Amrita. Subhadra talked to Dulaari’s mum. Brij welcomed some guests. Dulaari asked Yashpal shall we start the aarti. Yashpal said wait, I will call and ask for Durga. Rajbeer said school her name is not written, I will call on number. He called Bansi’s father. Yashpal called the neighbor lady. She said I have gotten home. She saw the kids but did not see Durga. She asked her son about Durga. Bansi said she went in front of you. She said I did not see you. He said she just left, you were on a call. Yashpal thinks Durga left and she will take some time to leave, we should start the puja.

Rajbeer said I want to stay here and find Durga, she has talent, I don’t want to lose her, I will make her reach her destination. Amrita and Rishi did the aarti. Durga run to Rishi’s house asking people for address. She run and was late. She saw Amrita and Rishi doing the rasam. She thinks of the men’s words. She wished what she was thinking is wrong, but it’s about Amrita’s life, I will tell Yashpal what I heard and she went to Yashpal.

He said you came, thank the Lord. She said I have to tell you something important. The girl gave him sweets. Yashpal said this is Durga. The girl Pooja fed her laddoo and said I am Rishi’s friend. Shri asked Durga to come. Rishi and Amrita smiled. Rishi showed his room. Shri took Durga there. Rishi asked Durga to come. He asked why did you not come, you made us wait. He asked her to see Amrita’s room. Durga thinks Rishi is so good, were those men talking about Rishi, they can’t be Rishi’s friends.

Durga was shocked seeing Rishi and his friends pic. Pooja told her about the rasam.


The Episode started with everyone having sweets and enjoying in the function. Rishi’s grandmum did not get any laddoo. Dadi apologized to her. Rishi’s Nani could not hear anything well. Dadi shouted on her ear. Nani said I am not deaf, I can hear everything. Dadi said no, I felt you couldn’t. Subhadra said leave it. Annapurna gave laddoo chura to Nani and she ate it. She said you cared for me, even my daughter doesn’t care for me so much, laddoo is great. Annapurna asked where is Dulaari. Nani said she is in that room.

Dulaari said Rishi is working at the police station, Yashpal did not doubt him. Sheela said yes, Amrita fell for him. Dulaari said Rishi went to impress her. Sheela laughed and said Yashpal and Amrita became shocked seeing you in the hospital. Dulaari said it’s the beginning, see everyone’s sleep will be gone. Annapurna came
and asked what. Sheela was tensed and said mine, I mean we all will lose sleep, marriage date is close and there is much work. Annapurna smiled.

Rishi told Shri about him and Pooja, she is his childhood friend, Amrita’s pic got on the special wall of my heart and they smiled. Durga thinks of the guy’s words. Rishi and everyone went out. Durga said why am I feeling restless.

Yashpal said Dulaari did much arrangements. Dulaari asked Yashpal and Annapurna to come and have food. Yashpal said no, after the children eat, we will eat. Dulaari said eat, the children will also eat, the food will not fall short, come and Baby looked on.

Dulaari went out and asked a man to come later. The man said no, I want money, we have the right on nek before pandit. Yashpal said I will give money, I am the bride’s father. Dulaari sent the man. Durga looked on. Dulaari said groom’s family gives nek, I will send money to him, come. Durga thinks how to ask Rishi, he may feel bad.

She went to Rishi and asked about his best friends. Rishi said I have many friends. She asked names. Nani asked for food dish and Rishi left. Dulaari showed the engagement ring to everyone. Durga thinks,the engagement preparations are beginning, how do I ask Rishi about his friend who got hiccups. Durga got hiccups. Dulaari praised the ring she specially made for Amrita. Yashpal said but… Dulaari said I know engagement doesn’t happen at your side, but Rishi wanted to do the engagement, we will do it on tilak day, why spend more money. Yashpal said as you say, thanks, we will leave now, Durga has maths exam.

Durga thinks if Amrita fails in life test, she won’t get a second chance. Dulaari told them about a rasam and asked Yashpal to wait for some time and he agreed. Durga thanked Hanuman for giving her some time. Pooja told everyone about the rasam. She showed the malpua, and said Rishi will pull this from one side and in-law member will pull it, if Rishi got a bigger share, in-law have to fulfill his demand, if groom loses, then he will fulfill in-laws demand. Rishi and Yashpal played the ritual. Rishi got the malpua in his hand. Dulaari said my son has won. Rishi said food for relatives should be great in tilak and marriage. Yashpal agreed. Durga thinks if I win game, Rishi has to agree to me.

Subhadra went to do the ritual. Sheela distracted Subhadra and Rishi won. Amrita smiled. Rishi said mummy will ask. Dulaar said my demand is, when we all meet for tilak, everyone will dance and they smiled. Durga went to do the ritual with Rishi. Rishi lost. Pooja asked Durga to ask anything, Rishi’s heart is very big. They all asked Durga to ask anything and not leave this chance. She recalled the guy’s words. She asked Rishi to just answer, whether Dulaari and he are lying about this marriage. Rishi, Dulaari and everyone became shocked.

Yashpal scolded Durga for misbehaving. Durga told Bansi something on the phone. Bansi asked why do you want to do this. Durga and her friends went somewhere. Yashpal met Dulaari.


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