My Daughter Durga Friday, 13 May 2022: Episode 280-281



The Episode started with Durga saying we came here early and Rajveer messaged Yashpal. Yashpal said Rajveer took Durga to academy, now I can tell Gayatri. He called Gayatri and said Sanjay met with an accident, he is here. She became shocked and told Neelkant and he became angry. The peon asked why did you come at night, you will have a tough life from tomorrow.

He asked Durga to be ready, Bhagat has much passion, he trains whenever he wants, practice started mid night, come. Bhagat trained the students. Peon said Bhagat has trained Tara and Tara became tired. Bhagat said whoever wants break can take permanent break. He saw Durga and taunted.

Rajveer asked is Bhagat preparing athletes or breaking them. Peon said Bhagat is unique, if anyone doesn’t agree to him, he makes them out of the academy. Neelkant and Gayatri came and asked for Sanjay. They became shocked seeing Sanjay unconscious. She asked who did this to my son. Neelkant shouted and pointed a gun at Yashpal asking how dare he touch Sanjay. They all became shocked.

Peon said this is your room, is it good. Rajveer said it’s good, thanks. Peon said Jassi used to stay here, she was a real champion, a cheetah, her feet were not seen when she ran, she made a world record. Rajveer said we don’t know. Peon said no one knows about her, but her stories spread.

Durga saw Jassi’s name made on the table. She thinks who was she. Rajveer asked Durga to work hard, Bhagat is strict. Durga said don’t worry, I will work hard, but SP… Rajveer said don’t worry, I will manage.

She thinks to get famous like Jassi. Yashpal took the gun and pointed it at Neelkant. He scolded Neelkant and asked him not to force him to do something.

He gave him the gun back and said we should have given Sanjay to the police, he was looking for Durga and fell down the stairs, we should have left him, but we understand pain. Gayatri said you are lying, you think I will believe any fake story. Yashpal taunted her and asked them to leave.

Peon came and saw Durga’s family pic. He asked for her husband’s pic, he would be good that he allowed her to run after marriage, many girls’ lives didn’t come out of the kitchen after marriage, take rest now, training will start tomorrow. She looked at her bangles and recalled Sanjay’s words. She then saw Sanjay. He said I won’t let your training begin. She asked how did you come here. He said I became your shadow.

She laughed and said you are the same since childhood, you regarded me wrong without knowing the truth, you are doing the same, if you truly loved me, did you not know me, you should have asked me, how can you think I will play a game with your parents, they played with my childhood and dreams, they ruined my life, you will know the truth one day.

He said I will settle scores. He threw a match stick and she shouted no. She then saw him gone. Gayatri cried for Sanjay and the Doctor came. Neelkant said we will take SP to the hospital. Doctor checked Sanjay but Sanjay was unable to move. Doctor said he got a back injury and Sanjay screamed.

Gayatri asked the doctor to do something. Doctor said I will give him painkiller injection, if he can’t move, then there is just one way. Sanjay screamed with pain. Doctor said he should stay in the same position. She said sorry, I can’t keep him here. Doctor said he can get paralysis and they became shocked.

Bhagat asked Durga to have non veg, she has to do this. Yashpal and Brij tried to lift Sanjay, he screamed and Gayatri asked them to stop.


The Episode started with the doctor saying it will be best if Sanjay rests here, he shouldn’t move else he will hurt his back more and he left. Yashpal said it’s because you all have hurt my daughter, Sanjay shouldn’t be here tomorrow morning, else the police will take you.

Durga came to the ground and saw everyone. The warm up session went on and a girl starres at her. Durga went to canteen. The man asked Durga to have eight eggs, two eggs are not enough and she said I am vegetarian.

He asked how will you eat chicken, she worried and recalled Dadi’s words. Bhagat came and said this is not your breakfast and shows her a chicken dish. She the became shocked. He placed the chicken in her plate and she said I don’t eat this.

He insisted her to have it, she has to eat food like a world class athlete eats, she has to do it. He said I will count till 10. She said give me extra training. He counted down and said no issues, take your time, decide and come here, I don’t train incomplete and don’t let anyone leave anything incomplete. He asked the guys to throw the girl out of the academy today and Durga worried.

The girls caught Durga to throw her out but Durga pushed the girls. She said I am not from those girls, who lose easily, you all want to throw me out, first prove you are better athletes, she run and they followed to catch her.

Gayatri asked Sanjay not to worry, what does he want. Sanjay said Durga, where is she. Yashpal said you tried to stop her, she is at the academy. Gayatri said how did her admission happen. Yashpal said the Lord helped her, it’s a miracle of the Lord, Sanjay is depending on us, and Durga would be talking to the wind there, tell me one thing, will you take Sanjay yourself or shall I make him leave.

Gayatri said he is not in that state that we can take him. He asked what shall I do and she offered him money. She said the doctor and nurse will come here, I won’t take Sanjay from here. He said don’t show us your money, take your son by making him lie on the money bed, I can’t tolerate him. He asked Brij to come out.

Bhagat saw Durga. She said you are a senior, strict, what’s this way to give training to athlete, you forgot humanity, how can you do this, I am a vegetarian, but I had eaten eggs, I can eat non veg too, I asked one day time, can’t a vegetarian become athlete, I came here to give my best, we come here to fulfill our dreams, it’s not right if you break our courage. Bhagat said your biggest problem is, you feel you know everything, you are very stubborn, you wanted to know how to break a human, I will tell you and showed her the academy board.

Yashpal and Brij tried to lift Sanjay. Sanjay screamed and Rajveer came there. Gayatri asked them to stop. She then begged Yashpal to let Sanjay stay here for the sake of humanity. He said you broke in one night, you can’t see child’s pain, did you see how we have seen our daughter going through this pain, your son has ruined her.

Bhagat said I will see your work now, lets go. The girls said Bhagat will not leave her, right happened with her. Bhagat asked Durga did she get scared, she can get out and Durga prayed. She went ahead to the Jassi track.

Yashpal reminded Annapurna what Sanjay and Gayatri did to Durga. She said Durga values the vows taken in mandap, that house matters to her, I can see her future and they argued. He said I will not forgive them, I can’t trust them. Rajveer agreed with him and Annapurna stopped Yashpal.

Sanjay said I will take revenge from Durga and Yashpal went to beat him. Durga thinks to ask Chetan about Jassi…Read more

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