My Daughter Durga Friday, 14 January 2022: Episode 116-117

my daughter



The Episode started with Durga trying to find some way to go out. Rajveer looked for Durga and worried. He met the english teacher and she was scared seeing him in the hood. He said it’s me, I got removed from school and you are not even identifying my voice, I need to talk to you. She smiled and said you should not come here. He said I can’t come as a coach, but I can come as an audience, I need a favor from you. She said of course I will help you. He said Durga is a sensible girl, her focus is divided, Seeing her talent, I want her to win, if you spend some time with her and motivate her, she will get much help. She said aw, that’s so cute, I promise you I will take care of you.

Subhadra saw her pic with garlands. She was shocked and asked Amma what happened to her, did she go blind, I am alive. Amma scolded her for doing bad with Durga. She asked why did she not apologize to Yashpal, till her family forgives her, she is dead for this family. Subhadra asked her to listen. Amma said I don’t want to listen, if you want to get saved from my curse, go and apologize to your family. Subhadra thinks what to do now.

Sheela saw a boy winning kabaddi championship and winning 50000rs. Sheela thinks Bantu will get 1 lakh rs for sure. She imagined Bantu winning. She said Bantu will win the money, Brij did not spend on Bantu’s kabbaddi, I have to raise the matter, I will talk to Brij and she smiled. Bantu came for kabaddi championship. The man asked Bantu to change his clothes. Bantu asked why. The man asked him not to play kabaddi today and become a helper. Bantu said my dad will scold me if he knows. The man said you will get 200rs price and refreshment for free. Bantu thinks they won’t let me play kabaddi, I will do this. Sheela came home and talked to Brij about Bantu, he will make our name shine, if you can spend on Durga’s education, why can’t you spend for Bantu. Yashpal heard her and said thank the Lord I did not take money from Brij for Durga’s education, but you spend on Bantu, just think of his future, sports won’t help in life, education can make life better, I kept Durga away from sports, she is studying well.

Amrita called Madhav. He saw her and attended to the call. She said I can’t take such costly gift. He said if idol was so costly, pic will be costly as well, did you like it. She said I liked it, but I can’t take it. He said the offer is good, I think you should keep it. She said fine, I will try. He was glad and said fine, I will meet the client tonight and thank him personally for the big deal and they smiled. She said I will see. He said we will have a meeting at dinner time, I will wait. He told everyone that it was an important client and she smiled.

Durga prayed. Bantu went to the training room to change. Sanjay came there to know about Durga. Sanjay did not let Bantu enter the room and Bantu argued. Sanjay allowed him. Durga heard someone coming and hid. Durga saw Bantu and became tensed. Bantu went to change. She said I will go out of here and the win race.

Aarti thinks Durga can’t come in this race today and smiled. Names were announced. Shri and Rajveer looked for Durga. Rajveer said where is she. Durga saw a gada.


The man said we can’t wait for Durga, so Aarti will be selected and Aarti smiled. Durga wore a teddy costume and run into the race. Subhadra did a drama but Yashpal stopped her.


The Episode started with Durga’s name getting announced. Bantu went to change. Durga was called to the ground and Aarti smiled. Shri looked for Durga. Durga saw a gada. The teacher asked the students for Durga. Aarti said she did not see and smiled. Durga fell down and saw something.

Madhav saw Amrita and recalled the call. He helped her and passed the colors. She turned and the colors fall on them and they started laughing. She said we stay here together all day, we work here, why do we need to go out. He said we work here professionally, I want to know Amrita as a friend, so can we go out for coffee. She said I would have come, but you know it’s a village, if anyone sees me and tell dad, he will be upset. He said it’s fine, I can understand. He said so we have problem with going out, not with having coffee, you can have tea with me on the terrace and she smiled. He said I will wait for you on the terrace at night.

Dadi coughed. Subhadra came home and held Dadi. Dadi asked her to go back to her palace. Subhadra started her drama that she was burning in repentance fire. She apologized. Brij confronted her. She thinks Yashpal is not saying anything. She held his legs and asked him to forgive her. She thinks to do some new drama. The man announced Aarti is selected as Durga did not turn up for the race. Aarti was glad and she went for the race.

Subhadra said I don’t deserve to be here, I will go and die. She locked the door and took a kerosene bottle. Brij asked her to open the door. Dadi and everyone worried. Yashpal sat eating food. They asked Yashpal to stop Subhadra. She sat calm and acted saying Yashpal forgive me. She waited for him to stop her and she poured the kerosene on her.

Aarti thinks Durga can’t snatch my rights, I can go to any extent to win this championship. Durga wore a teddy costume and fooled Sanjay. Dadi stopped Subhadra, she came out and said now I will light myself, none can stop me and they all became shocked. Yashpal lights the matchstick and held it close to Subhadra. He said it’s not kerosene, it’s water. Subhadra recalled swapping the kerosene with water.

Yashpal said Subhadra have done wrong, I can’t forgive her, she has given much wounds. Durga run out of the room. Bantu dressed as a cheer leader and left. Sanjay said was that bear Durga and run after her. Rajveer looked for Durga. He saw Sanjay running after a bear. Durga run to the ground. Everyone looked on. Sanjay run after her, he caught Durga and stopped her.

Durga removed the teddy costume and they were all shocked. She started running.