My Daughter Durga Friday, 17 June 2022: Episode 329-330


The Episode started with Rajveer telling Annapurna about Sanjay while Yashpal prayed. Aarti looked at Durga and thinks Durga can’t reach the finishing line, I will win today. Durga got ready and thinks of Sanjay’s words. She thinks this race is for SP.

Sanjay was also getting treated by doctor and the race began. Rajveer and Annapurna looked on. Sanjay’s situation became critical. The Nurse said this was the last injection. The Doctor asked her to go and get an injection fast.

Sanjay’s family waited outside. Durga was ahead of everyone. Aarti’s dad smiled seeing the pit. The Nurse said injection is not available. The Doctor said we don’t have much time. Durga ran and fell inside the muddy pit and everyone became shocked. Aarti was now ahead.

Sanjay’s pulse became flat and he dropped his head. A Commentators said, where did Durga do, this happened for the first time as the track is wet by rain and faulty. Rajveer said how can this happen. Doctor checked Sanjay. Durga then came out of the pit and thinks of Sanjay’s words. She then saw Aarti running. The Doctor was also pumping Sanjay’s heart.

Neelkant and Gayatri prayed for Sanjay’s life. Durga started running again. Rajveer said you don’t have to lose Durga. Durga run with courage. Gayatri saw the diya flickering and worried. Doctor tried to revive Sanjay. She got close to Aarti and surpassed her and Aarti worried.

Doctor said we couldn’t save him, he is no more. Gayatri protected the diya flame. Durga shouted SP and crossed the finishing line before Aarti. Sanjay came back to life and shouted Durga. Everyone became glad with Durga’s victory. Aarti and her dad were shocked. The Doctor checked Sanjay and treated him again. A Nurse said it’s really a miracle. Aarti’s dad then pacified her.

Durga cleaned her face and clothes. Amrita said I am not able to arrange money, I think I can’t go to Canada. Umang asked her to listen, he is hungry and asked her to give him some food but then she scolded him. Sheela took Umang to give him icecream and Umang left. Sheela asked why are you angry with Umang and she smiled. She then filled her ears against Durga and tried to help Amrita. She asked Amrita not to leave the chance and use fake visa to go abroad.

Durga asked the doctor how is SP. Yashpal said he is fine now. Gayatri held Sanjay and he said Durga…. Durga waited to meet him. Amrita met someone for the fake visa. She drank the juice and fainted and the man smiled.


The Episode started with Durga cleaning herself from the mud. The commentators then praised Durga. Rajveer told the media that he is proud of Durga, she proved she is the real champion, she didn’t give up in front of any hurdle. Aarti and her dad looked on.

Rajveer then thanked the media. Shilpa and Sheela talked to the agent. He asked them to make the money ready. Sheela said don’t worry for money. The man asked Amrita to meet his boss and show him the documents, he then gave her address and Amrita agreed.

Doctor came out and said the patient is out of danger and Gayatri thanked Maa. The Doctor then said just one person can see him. Durga came there and asked how is SP. Yashpal said he is fine. She said I have won the race and smiled.

Yashpal hugged her and felt proud. She asked can I meet SP. Gayatri said no, I am going to meet him. Durga said just once, let me see him. Doctor said the patient can get an infection if you go in in this state.

Gayatri went to see Sanjay and Durga stood outside. Amrita went to meet the agent and she gave him her documents. A man served them juice. She drank the juice and became dizzy. The agent eyed her badly and fainted. The man locked the door and went to her. He laughed and kidnapped her.

Yashpal asked Durga to get freshen up. Sanjay said Durga… Gayatri moved away and angrily she hurt herself. Sanjay then opened his eyes. She said Durga isn’t here. He asked where is Durga and he saw her bleeding hand. She asked him not to worry. She cried and said there was auto and taxi strike, so I got you to the hospital by a cart, don’t worry. He recalled Durga and asked about her…..

She asked him to calm down, don’t wait for Durga. She said Durga doesn’t care for you, she wasn’t here at the time of your operation, she was busy in her race, I will take care of you, calm down, you need rest. She thinks she will not let Sanjay change towards Durga and she went out. She said he is resting, let him rest.

Yashpal asked the doctor to let Durga meet Sanjay for just 2mins. Doctor said fine, Durga can go in. Durga thanked the doctor and went in. She saw Sanjay and recalled their moments. She cried, held him and Sanjay looked at her.

She said I have won the race and he recalled Gayatri’s words. Doctor asked Durga to go out and get medicines and Durga left. She went to buy some medicines. She saw a ward boy taking someone and she collided with him. She got Amrita’s earring and became shocked. She saw the men taking Amrita. She shouted stop and run after them. She became shocked seeing Amrita.

Durga fought with the men and Amrita saw her. Sanjay asked where is Durga. Gayatri said she has gone to get your medicines, she didn’t come back, where did she go…Read more

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