Sanjay D!es & Comes Back To Life. My Daughter Durga Friday, 18 March 2022: Episode 203-204


The Episode started with Sam saying SP is no more and Durga became shocked. She cried and asked SP to get up and pumped his heart. She apologized and asked him to get up while everyone was worried. Durga hugged Sanjay and cried. Sanjay woke up and looked at her. Gayatri scolded Neelkant and locked him in a dark room. Sanjay then stopped Durga.

She became angry and went to slap him and Sam looked on. Sanjay asked her to get her anger out, then he can get a place in her heart. She said this is wrong. He said I know, I did wrong, I want to rectify this mistake, please give me one chance, forgive me for our friendship’s sake. She said fine, but you have to agree with me, never believe anyone’s saying. He said sure, they shook hands and smiled.

Sanjay came home with dhol players and danced happily and Gayatri went to see. Sanjay asked her to have sweets. She sanitized her hands and asked what’s the good news. He said I got Durga and her friendship back, where is dad. He danced with everyone and Gayatri got angry.

Yashpal came to Durga. He asked her to rest. She asked him to go and sleep, she has no problem, she is not weak, and promised training will start tomorrow and he left. She thinks of Sanjay and smiled and slept.

She woke up and said I don’t have to sleep and sat awake. She got ready for training and went. She found the door locked. She got a toolbox and tried to break the window. She found the window locked as well. She then cuts the window.

Yashpal because shocked and asked what are you doing. She said it’s Rana Sir’s task. She opened the window and run downstairs. Rajveer was skipping. Durga and Yashpal because shocked seeing the burning coals and everyone came. Yashpal said you are doing torture. Rajveer said I know this. Durga said I am ready. Rajveer asked can you cross this on time.

Durga saw Rajveer fallen on ground. Gayatri asked the men to find Rana.


The Episode started with Durga saying I promised someone. Yashpal said you can’t walk if you get hurt. Durga said I have to do this today. Rajveer gave her one min time and everyone stopped her. Durga got a carpet and covered herself. She lay down on the hot coal and rolling to the other side, without getting burnt and Rajveer looked on.

Gayatri saw Rajveer’s pic. The man informed her about Durga and Yashpal and showed Durga’s pic. She got a call and answered it. She asked the man to find Rana. Durga said I am on time today. Rajveer said run 25 rounds then we will do exercise. Durga smiled and runs.

Yashpal asked Rajveer what does he want to do, my trust is shaking now. Rajveer said I have to awaken her passion. Yashpal said she is just a 19 year old girl. Rajveer said talent doesn’t see age, just encourage her, then no one can stop her and he left. Gayatri said I want this man soon, find Rana.

Rajveer played with Umang. He became dizzy seeing the wine bottle. He held the bottle. Durga came to him and saw him on the ground and she called out Yashpal. Annapurna and Yashpal came and saw the empty wine bottle. Yashpal said maybe he has drunk a lot, we have to take him to the hospital.

Gayatri got a chief guest invitation from the hospital, where Durga and Yashpal took Rana. The Doctor checked Rajveer and said he drunk a lot of wine, if he drinks again, his life will be at risk, if there is any problem, call me. Durga worried. Yashpal said everything will be fine, go to college. She said fine, I will soon come after college gets over.

Sanjay is with Aarti at the canteen while waiting for Durga. Durga came to the college. Sam met her and said you came late. She said yes. She saw Sanjay coming and smiled. Sam saw her smiling and looking at Sanjay and they came to meet. Sam and Aarti looked on. Durga slipped back and Sanjay held her. Aarti got angry seeing them and thinks to join hands with Sam to control Durga.

She stopped Sam and I am also jealous, as you like Durga and I like SP, matter can go out of hand. He asked what’s going on in your mind. She said if you support me, we can make them away. Sam joined hands with Aarti. Sanjay offered to lift Durga. Durga said no, I will manage but Sanjay insisted and she agreed.

Aarti thinks to make Durga away from SP. Gayatri came to the hospital and saw the ward where Rajveer was admitted.

Sanjay waited for Durga and looked at the roses. Durga asked the doctor to attend to Rajveer and she met Gayatri…..Read more

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