Durga & Her Friends Fight Rishi. My Daughter Durga Friday, 19 November 2021: Episode 38-39



My Daughter Durga Friday, 19 November 2021 Episode started with Durga’s friends asking her to agree, they will stop Yashpal. She said no, last time he faced much problem by your mistake. Her friend asked her to trust them, the Lord will help as they want good for Amrita and she agreed. They all joined hands. Durga came home and thinks how will they engage Yashpal in money matters. Yashpal asked Amrita not to worry, he has saved money. Annapurna also gave her savings. Yashpal and Annapurna arranged money for Amrita’s bridal dress. Durga looked on and thinks Yashpal is so innocent, and doesn’t know Rishi is cheating us.

It’s morning, Durga and her friends workout the plan. Her friend went to the teacher and lied about his insult. He lied that Saraswati Sir of the coaching centre insulted him a lot. Teacher said I can teach better than Saraswati. The boy asked him to make a record of his work and prove it. Teacher said I will get all the records by making Yashpal stay at school, get the lists from my house. The boy said Yashpal can get the records soon. The teacher said yes, don’t cry, you are my favorite student, you have to come into the merit list. Durga and her friends laughed, they joined hands and boarded the bus.

They got to the the village and went to court to find Rishi. Rishi talked to Pooja and said I love you, not Amrita, you don’t think Amrita can make a place in my heart, come soon, where are you. Durga said whom is he talking to. Manohar said we will call Amrita and find out if her number is free or busy, we can know if he is cheating Amrita. They went and called Amrita’s number from pco. Rajbeer was on the way. Durga heard the ring. Amrita answered the call and asked who is it. Durga disconnected the call and said Rishi is cheating my sister, and talking to someone else. She went to scold Rishi but Rishi leaves. Rajbeer came there and parked his bike.

Rishi asked Pooja to come fast with the food. Pooja reached there and said I will take time, you reach fast. Durga followed Rishi. Sheela talked to Dulaari on the phone and said I will make Yashpal spend a lot in the marriage. Dulaari said I am happy as you are happy, I will make wishes and Yashpal will fulfill it, then I will break this marriage and then he will be in loan. Sheela said my soul will get much peace. She turned and saw Brij. She ended the call. Brij asked what will happen…. Sheela lied to him.

Durga went after Rishi. Her friends pulled her and stopped her. She asked why did you stop me. They made a plan to form a team and find out the person who disliked Rishi, and tell everything about Rishi to them. They joined hands and divided. Rishi pulled Pooja’s hand and took her aside. They had a talk and romanced. Durga and her friends went that side to see Rishi. A lawyer saw the kids going that way and shouted to stop them. Rishi hugged Pooja. The Lawyer asked Durga to come to him. He said playing hide and seek here is not allowed. Durga said no, we heard someone laughing and thought to see. Lawyer went to see.

Bansi asked someone about Rishi, who worked in the court. Durga did not find anyone. The Lawyer asked who is laughing here, tell me, people cry in court, you can’t lie in front of me. Durga thinks I heard Rishi laughing, how to bring his lie in front of Yashpal.

Rajbeer met the lawyer to know about Durga. The Lawyer told him about Durga and Yashpal. Pooja asked Rishi to have food. Durga said we have to keep an eye on Rishi.


The Episode started with the lawyer saying Durga lied to her. Durga thinks she heard Rishi laughing. He asked them to go away from there. Rishi took Pooja. He said the lawyer would have seen us. She called him smart and gave him the tiffin. He asked her to listen and went after her. Bansi thinks these men may tell me about Rishi. He fell in someone’s plate and got chutney on his face. He said sorry, do you know Rishi. The man asked why do you care. Bansi collided with Rishi and fell.

The Lawyer asked the kids to leave. Durga and her friends left. Rajbeer came to meet the lawyer. He saw the lawyer, but did not see Durga. He asked him about Durga’s name and address. Rajbeer went to sit at the table. The Lawyer asked Durga do they have to become lawyer. He asked them who was India’s first lawyer. He laughed at the kids. Durga said our relative works here, we feel he is lying to my dad and marrying my sister, so we came here while following him. She doesn’t let her friend mention names. She said we don’t want to say his name, as if we are wrong, his respect will be stained, I just want to save my sister’s life. He said you talk so good, don’t worry, the one who lies always gets caught. Durga thanked him. Bansi saw Rishi and fell. He cleaned the chutney off his face and run after Rishi.

The man said Rishi has good luck, the girl gets food for him every day. Rishi saw Pooja off. Bansi went after Rishi. Rishi managed some work. Rajbeer talked to the lawyer. The Lawyer said I got all the records copy, I got list of all the children born on that date, you said that girl gave wrong info, how do you know she gave right the birthdate. Rajbeer said yes, but I did not like to leave any chance, maybe she wrote one thing right. The Lawyer told him about one girl child born on that, her name is Durga. Rajbeer was shocked.

Rishi went for lunch break. Durga and her friends looked at him. He went to wash his hands. Durga took the tiffin and run. Rishi came back and didn’t see the tiffin. Bansi asked what will happen if we take the tiffin. Durga said the lawyer said culprit leaves a clue behind, we can know about the girl who made food for Rishi. Bansi said this is just a box, will that girl write her name on roti. Manohar said maybe she has written a love letter and placed in the box, Durga opened the box and looked.

Rajbeer said this detail is wrong. The Lawyer said many times, birth registration doesn’t happen, I will give you this Durga’s address, go and check, maybe it’s the same Durga. Rajbeer said I don’t know, anyway thanks. Durga checked the tiffin. She checked the rotis but didn’t get anything. She said it’s just food. Bansi said the food is smelling good. Her friend said shall we eat this and see, we can know by taste who made the food. Durga ate the food and said I don’t know. Manohar asked them them to eat the food and maybe they find the taste similar. They finished the food. Bansi said we did not know who made food. Manohar said we taught Rishi a lesson by eating the food. Durga packed the tiffin back. She said but we did not get any proof. The tiffin fell. She said we will return the box. She saw a name impression on the tiffin. She said who is this Kaushik. Bansi said I heard that girl gets tiffin for Rishi every day. They saw the shop sticker on it, and think to find out from the shop and they left.

Rajbeer thinks of where to find Durga. Durga and her friends run. Rajbeer saw Durga’s friends and think to ask them but they run away. Rajbeer didn’t see Durga and run after her friends. They damaged Rishi’s bike. Durga looked on and asked what are they doing. Bansi said Rishi is not doing right with Amrita, we will not leave him. She said no, if he is doing wrong, it doesn’t mean we also do wrong. She asked them to stop. Rajbeer came there and smiled seeing Durga. He asked Durga to stop. Durga asked her friends to run and Durga run away. Rajbeer stopped when a throw dumped soil towards his side. Rajbeer said I will find you Durga.

Sheela got a call and was shocked. A water pot broke. Sheela went to Durga and scolded her.


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