Gayatri Starts Training Durga To Win The Race. My Daughter Durga Friday, 20 May 2022: Episode 289-290


The Episode started with Durga dressing as a bride and coming to Sanjay and he looked at her. She said I am ready to do my duties, you also get ready to fulfill a husband’s duty, take this sindoor and fill in my maang, what happened, you were going to celebrate the wedding night with your wife, Dharm can’t be one sided, I am ready, maybe you are not ready.

He angrily threw the box and the Sindoor fell in her maang and she looked at the sindoor. He said I will not get trapped this time, remember. She said my maang will always be filled by you.

Gayatri saw her medals and cried and she recalled her past. Flashback showed Jassi running and setting records. Angad told her that she can’t take part in the race. She said please I want to win, you will also be famous. He asked her not to argue. She asked why, you can help me. He said you will not run in this race. She held his hand and said I am ready to do anything you say, I have to win this race.

Angad and Jassi went close and the academy people come there and they became shocked. The seniors scolded them and expelled them from the academy. Jassi packed her bags and left and her parents got her married. Gayatri recalled Durga’s words and said no one should know my past.

In the morning, Durga waited for Gayatri and thinks will she go against her word but the Gayatri came and Durga thanked her. She asked for blessings. Gayatri said I don’t believe you. She showed her Yashpal’s pic and said swear on his pic, you won’t tell this secret to anyone. Durga promised for her satisfaction and she took her blessings. Gayatri said you are my student from now on, you have to do what I say and they left. Anjana looked on and said Durga is going to run again, I will tell SP.

Yashpal came to Rajveer and woke him up for Durga’s training. Rajveer thinks to go out of the house to show Yashpal and he thinks if Durga has convinced Gayatri. Gayatri came to the ground and thinks of her past. She asked Durga to do as she tells her, she will never question her. Durga thinks I will do anything to make you a good human. She said I agree, I will do anything, this is my promise. Gayatri asked her to think well, it’s not easy.

Durga said I am ready for every difficulty. Gayatri asked her to sit and Durga sat down. Gayatri asked what’s this. Durga said soil. Gayatri said it’s not soil, it’s chandan, apply it to your face and Durga agreed. Gayatri asked her to call her Mam, instead of mummy ji. Durga said sure Mam and she applied the soil to her face.

Gayatri thinks you have given yourself to me by making me coach, you will regret. Durga thinks I know you want me to regret, but I will awaken your humanity. Sanjay came and asked what are you two doing here, so Durga came here without your permission, I have explained to Durga our house rules, did Durga forget she is married.

Sanjay gave divorce papers to Durga and asked her to leave and Durga became shocked.


The Episode started with Rajveer shouting SP. Sanjay said Durga is my wife, it’s our personal matter. Durga said I know I am a bahu, I will do my duties, but I will not quit running, no one can stop me. Sanjay asked Gayatri to come and they left. Durga thinks training didn’t happen today, just nine days left now and Rajveer came home.

Yashpal said I don’t know how will Durga get training, I had many dreams that she will make our name shine. Annapurna asked him not to worry. Yashpal asked Rajveer did training start. Rajveer thinks I can’t make them worried and he said training went well. Shilpa and Dadi collided. Shilpa dropped the jewelry by mistake and picked it and everyone rushed to help Dadi.

Sanjay asked Durga to sign the divorce papers and leave. She said you made fun of our marriage before, I won’t leave now, I will stay here, I am your wife, it’s not any joke and she cried. Dadi and Shilpa argued and Annapurna saw the ring. She said I have seen this ring somewhere before and Shilpa took the ring. She said my husband gave this to me on my birthday. Brij asked her to show it and saw the big ring. Sanjay scolded Durga for lying.

She said I didn’t lie, that sting operation was true, time will change, you will see the truth, you will regret a lot. He angrily pushed her and said fine, I will give you one month time, bring the truth out or get lost by signing the divorce papers.

She said I will also give you one month time. He asked will you give time to me. She said you will know my truth and tear these divorce papers, you will fill sindoor in my maang and Gayatri looked on. Amrita said it’s Gayatri’s ring and they all became shocked.

Sanjay laughed and asked what, your truth…. is this any joke. She said your love will get awakened again. He said Durga I love you, please forgive me, I am really very sorry. He asked did you want this, this love ended when your truth came out.

She said truth didn’t reach you, I will not lose. Sanjay scolded Durga and said I will make you admit your truth, I will break your pride, I promise you and threw a vase at the mirror. Durga got hurt by a glass piece and her hand started bleeding and Sanjay looked at her.

Amrita said I remember well, this is Gayatri’s ring, Shilpa say the the truth but Shilpa lied. Rajveer said Amrita is not lying and Shilpa hid her purse. Brij got Gayatri’s bangles. Annapurna asked how did Shilpa get these. Durga saw Sports written by Sanjay on the wall and she wrote Spirit by her blood.

Brij scolded Shilpa and asked her to answer. Yashpal got the papers and said I know everything, the legal documents got stolen, Shilpa did this, she sold Durga’s happiness for this jewelry, she did much wrong and asked Brij to come.

Durga told Sanjay about the sportsman spirit, it’s in her veins, he can never break it. He said we will see, you will either sign these papers or accept your lie, else I will shatter your sportsman spirit. She said you filled sindoor in my maang and proved you still love me, you will tear these papers yourself and Gayatri looked on.

Yashpal and Brij came to scold Gayatri. Gayatri and Sanjay insulted them. Yashpal said it’s a battle ground for Durga. Sanjay made Durga wear heels. She fell back and he held her.

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