Semi-Finals Begins My Daughter Durga Friday, 21 January 2022: Episode 126-127


My Daughter Durga Friday, 21 January 2022 Episode started with Amrita thinking about Madhav. Madhav came to her and helped her removing her bangles. He said Krishna can be of everyone, but Radha who is much beautiful is just of Krishna. Her dupatta got stucked in the chair, he freed it and she smiled. He then held her dupatta and stopped her.

He said I wanted to tell my feelings and did not get a chance ever, he got on his knees, gave her the ring and showed the tattoo on his hand. She saw I love you Amrita and was shocked. She then recalled Rishi. Madhav asked what happened, did I do some mistake, why are you crying but she just left from there.

At night, Durga went to get Yashpal’s uniform. Yashpal turned while sleeping and she hid. She got his uniform and silently left. Her friend said you have worked hard for the race. Durga said I just have to save dad’s job. She got dressed as the peon. Annapurna was shocked and asked what’s happening. Her friend said we will make everything fine.

Rajveer waited for Durga. He said it’s limit, she should have come on time today. Kuljit’s dad reminded Rajveer about the past. Kuljit said I completed the round. Her dad asked her to save her stamina. Rajveer wished her best of luck. Her dad asked Rajveer to be ready to lose. Rajveer looked at the time and Aarti smiled.

Durga reached the school in a peon’s clothes and her friends made the principal busy asking about holidays and Durga left. Principal thinks where did that peon go. A lady came and told Annapurna about Amrita playing Radha’s role well, Madhav was looking good as Krishna, they looked like real lovers, it was fun to watch them in Rasleela. Annapurna worried. The lady asked did Amrita not tell you anything. Annapurna recalled Amrita’s words. The lady said their jodi looked so good, don’t feel bad, Amrita is very simple, be careful about her.

Madhav thinks about Amrita’s reaction. He saw her coming on the terrace, he went to her but she avoided him. He asked her to say if he did any mistake, don’t be annoyed. She recalled Rishi and cried. He said I can’t see you crying. She said the dream you are seeing can never be fulfilled and he was shocked.

Durga said I have to save dad’s job in school, I have to go into the race too, principal sir needs tea, if he sees me and identifies then, what shall I do. She called her friend for help. She asked him to call the principal when she goes to give tea.

Annapurna gave the bag to Amrita. She said the neighbor lady told me that Madhav became Krishna with you in Rasleela, is this true, you said girls are playing all the roles. Amrita said yes, Madhav became Krishna, that girl Seema ran away in the last moment, so Madhav had to become Krishna, else our hardwork would have gotten waste, there is nothing else and she left. Durga gave tea to the principal. He stopped her and asked her name. Durga wished her friend calls soon while the Principal walked to her.

Rajveer said race will start, where is Durga. Durga said I am not going for the race. Principal saw her and asked who are you. He was shocked and said Durga you….


The Episode started with Durga’s friend calling the principal and Durga left. Rajveer said the race will begin soon, where is Durga. Sanjay flashed mirror on Rajveer. He said see how I punish Durga, I don’t see her anywhere and Kuljit came. Rajveer hoped no one did any mischief. Kuljit’s dad asked Rajveer did Durga know she is going to lose, or did you explain to her, so she hasn’t come till now but Rajveer just left. Durga said I am not going in the race, I won’t get grace marks, if I go, dad’s job will go, can’t I get a day for him. Principal came and asked who are you. He removed the cap and said Durga….

Rajveer waited for Durga. Durga apologized to the principal and said sorry, if I did not come, you would have removed dad from school, he has dengue, how can he come for work, he loves his job, please don’t fire him, I promise I will come to work till he gets fine. Principal said Yashpal is blessed to get a selfless daughter. He asked her not to worry, I will manage, you go and don’t spoil studies, no one will fire Yashpal from the job, I promise. She said thanks, you are very nice. He blessed her and he rang the bell. Durga thinks there is some time left, maybe I can run in the race.

Manohar asked Durga to run and she did. Manohar asked her to win and come. Durga reached the bus stop and waited for the bus. The man said the bus will leave after an hour. Durga said I can’t wait more, Rajveer will be worried, I have to do something. Rajveer said sorry, I have to go your house today to know why you did not come for the race till now and he left on his bike. She said I have to reach the race any way. She tried to get a lift. She said I have to reach before the race starts but she did not get lift. Rajveer saw her on the way and asked her to sit fast, she smiled and they left.

Madhav was looking at Amrita while they were working. She thinks of his proposal and apologized to him. She said it’s not my mistake, something happened to me and due to that I can’t trust anyone. He asked what happened to you. She recalled Rishi. She said my marriage happened before, but that relation broke on the marriage day, my family and I have gone through much embarrassment and he became shocked. She said no one can control heart, I have given it to you, even then I have fear in my heart, it’s tough for me to lessen this fear, forgive me and she cried. She told him everything, how Durga stopped her marriage with Rishi. Madhav saw Rishi and Amrita’s pic.

The race was about to begin,Kuljit was ready while Rajveer also brought Durga. He said sorry for coming late. Durga just came. The students cheered for Durga while she came for the race. Kuljit’s dad Satnaam and Rajveer wished each other all the best. Sanjay was ready to flash the mirror on Durga and the race began. Durga run and there,the sky became cloudy. Sanjay looked for sunlight whole Durga and Kuljit run. Amrita made a painting and she got a note. Madhav got a call and said yes I remember why I came here, I have not forgetten anything, very soon it will be done.

Yashpal looked for his uniform and the Principal called him. Yashpal said I am better now, I will come to work soon, don’t fire me. Principal said whatever Durga did today, your job has no risk, she came here as a peon and Yashpal was shocked. Principal said don’t worry, you should be proud of her, she came wearing your uniform to do your work, so that no one is given your job, you are lucky to get a daughter like her, she left studies and came here, I did not give your job to anyone, come back to work after getting fine. Yashpal said you did so much for me, you have grown up and cried and he blessed Durga.

Durga and Kuljit lead in the race. Durga recalled Rajveer’s words and stumbled and everyone was shocked. Durga picked it and run. Rajveer Cheered for her. Durga and Kuljit got close to the finishing line.

Madhav apologized to Amrita while Durga also run in the race. Rajveer said this is a not practice, it’s torture and Satnaam scolded him….Read more

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