My Daughter Durga Friday, 24 June 2022: Episode 339-340



The Episode started with Durga saying I was waiting for this day that you know the truth, this day has come, I can’t see you in pain, please handle yourself. He asked how can you love me so much, you got married in this house to show me the truth, I have seen it….

he cried and said I can’t forgive myself but she said I forgive you, don’t blame yourself and he rested on her lap. She said whatever mum does is for her children’s good and he held her hand.

Neelkant stopped Gayatri and asked why did you hide this from me. She said I have no answer, Sanjay has been snatched from me, my world is over, nothing else matters. Durga did aid to Sanjay’s hand wound. He cried and hugged her.

Umang saw Madhav’s pic and said it’s Param uncle’s pic. Yashpal said no, this is your dad. Umang said I have seen him, Param is my dad. Yashpal said what do you mean to say. Amrita said he is saying the truth. Sanjay read the things written on the wall and recalled the old time. He wrote truth and said Durga I learnt the truth, forgive me please. She said enough now and wiped his tears.

He recalled her words and filled sindoor in her maang. She cried and hugged him. She said like I have forgiven you, you also forgive Gayatri. Amrita asked Umang to go out. Yashpal asked what do you mean. She said Umang said this to Param, he called him dad. She recalled talking to Param/Madhav.

He asked where is Umang’s dad, he is missing him. She said his dad is no more. He said he misses his dad, don’t scold him if he calls me dad. She said okay. Yashpal said how will Umang hold emotions, don’t worry, Lord will not let him suffer and Madhav heard them.

Gayatri recalled Sanjay’s words and Durga came to her. Gayatri asked why did you do this, I can’t live with his hatred. Durga said Sanjay will forgive you. Sanjay came and said no…. and Gayatri placed the gun back. He said I can never forgive her and took Durga with him.

Gayatri said please forgive me, I am your mum. He said fine, I have forgiven you, there is no love and hatred for you, you are just a stranger to me, your cheat ended everything, you killed this relation, you did this to make me away from Durga, but Durga is asking me to forgive you.

He held Durga’s hand and said I am your blood, I will not forget or forgive, I am leaving this house forever. He took Durga…. and Gayatri stopped him. She said I admit my mistake, I can’t live without you, I love you, please don’t go. Sanjay asked Durga to come. Sanjay opened the door but Durga didn’t go ahead and she signalled Sanjay no.

Sanjay said you are so good, I will fill your life with happiness. Durga said no one can stop me from winning the nationals as long as you and my family are with me. He said I am with you, I have to apologize to your parents.


The Episode started with Durga saying I will not leave this house. Sanjay said you want to stay here with them, who ruined your life. She asked him to see his parents, they raised him, they did everything to protect their future, they were helpless.

Aarti and her dad are the real players. Gagan said yes, we know mum loves us, she always took care of us, she made us reach this place, where no one can harm us, she is not bad, mum is good.

Sanjay said it’s all nonsense, it’s wrong to hurt someone for your own greed, my wife’s life got ruined. Durga said we should forget this and move on, I won’t let you do this mistake to leave them, you have a duty towards them.

He said I became a very bad husband, I couldn’t trust you. She said but you trust me now, leave this stubborness, I have forgiven Gayatri, you also forgive her, I didn’t come here to break this house, I won’t let anyone else break it.

Sanjay said fine, I won’t leave you alone between them, I will stay just for you, they have to face him before doing wrong with Durga. He left and Gayatri looked at Durga. Durga went to Sanjay and hugged him.

She thanked him for thinking so much for her. He said I gave you much wounds. She said you want to see me happy, stay happy first, you can calm this anger, no one else, try for my sake, forgive your mum and he cried. She said hatred just burns relations, nothing else.

She wiped his tears and said parents’ relation is most important. He said you are so good, I promise I will fill your life with happiness, I will always be with you. She said yes, I need your love and support, the nationals are coming, no one can stop me from winning it, when you and my family are with me.

He said I have to apologize to your parents. She said I will come along. He gave her a gift. She smiled seeing the shoes. He said go and prove to everyone that you are the real national champion. She said yes and hugged him.

She thinks I have to tell Gayatri that Sanjay doesn’t know her bad past. It’s morning, Sanjay surprised Durga with good diet and Gayatri looked on. Durga said my focus is on you, I am happy that you are doing your duty.

but I am a bahu and have some duty towards the family, see your mum, she is sitting alone, she should have breakfast. Gayatri asked are you not tired of this acting, I will never forgive you. Sanjay said you are trying to melt a stone Durga, she is selfish, she can’t see anyone’s goodness, don’t ruin your energy on her and she left.

Durga took Gayatri’s blessing and left. She run on the road and told Sanjay to come home in some time, she will reach home. Aarti’s dad asked Durga to sit in his car, he will drop her. She said no thanks, my dad taught me to go ahead with hardwork. He said I am not your enemy, come, we can have a talk and she sat in the car.

He said I know you are better than Aarti, I can’t see Aarti losing, her happiness is most important, it’s in your defeat. She said I will win the nationals. He stopped the car and she got down the car to go. He stopped her and showed her the house model.

He started threatening her about the family if she runs in the nationals and Durga worried. He said you won nationals in your childhood and lost everything. She said I will win the nationals and save my family name.

He asked how will you save your in-laws then, they have mortgaged everything to me, entire property, even then I can give you everything as a gift, you have to give me something in return, you won’t run in the nationals, if you become adamant then….your in-laws will burn to ashes and burnt the model. She said you can’t threaten me.

He said I have no time to threaten, trust me, I can do this and I will do this, I can get them on the road, Gayatri will give her life for it, Neelkant will do some small job to earn it, Sanjay can’t do anything to join his family, I will create troubles for you, my daughter’s defeat will be your life’s last defeat, think well, save your in-laws or clean your Maayka’s image, I give you time till tomorrow evening and he left.

Sanjay asked Gayatri to train Durga, if she wants to repent. Durga thinks of Aarti’s dad and she got a call…Read more