My Daughter Durga Friday, 25 February 2022: Episode 175-176


The Episode started with Sanjay blackmailing Durga to come with him to the freshers, else he will jump down. Durga thinks he is just doing a drama. Everyone requested Durga to agree else Sanjay can jump down and Durga finally agreed. The girls found her lucky to get a partner like Sanjay. Sanjay came downstairs, held Durga’s hands and said we both will remember this day, it going to be fun and Aarti looked on.

Yashpal waited for Durga. Durga thinks of Sanjay’s words and walked to the house sadly. Yashpal found her sad and crying and became worried.

Neelkant talked about his business project. Aarti came there to meet him. He said we will resume this meeting later, there is some emergency. He asked Aarti if she has something important to tell him. She said I thought to inform you, Durga is back. He smiled and asked so what’s the problem. Aarti said she is going to the freshers party with Sanjay, if she knows we were responsible for what happened with her five years ago, then….

He said Aarti, who is Durga, an ordinary girl, nothing else, she has no fire in her, she doesn’t want to run now, we kept that person safe, by whom we can face risk, and about Durga going to freshers with Sanjay, don’t worry, he just has poison in his heart for her, she will just get hatred, I know my son, he loves and hates with all his heart, did you keep that person safe. She said yes and left. He said Durga has come back  to the same college, why. He called someone and told some work. He smiled and said Durga invited problem by coming to Bhiwani.

Durga was at her veg stall selling vegs. Yashpal saw her and smiled. He said I just came here for some work. He asked her if she is lying about anything. He said I know everything. Until you leave this stain burden, it will be a problem, I take my challenge back, you spend your time in running, don’t refuse now. Durga said this can’t happen, I can face people, don’t worry.

Sheela told Dadi about a proposal for Bantu but Dadi didn’t hear well. Sheela said it again and Bantu became glad. Sheela said he will marry in a rich house. Dadi said happiness will come home after a long house, don’t worry now. Sheela said Yashpal will see things when he becomes free of Durga. Aarti argued with Sanjay and asked him why is he going with Durga to the party. She said you know how much I hate her. He stopped her and said you know me well, I hate that girl, the party will be fun, just wait and watch.


Amrita asked Durga what will she wear to the fresher’s party. Sanjay and Durga got ready for the party.


The Episode started with Bantu looking at the girl’s pic and smiling. Sheela asked him to show the pic to Dadi. Durga played with Amrita’s son and everyone smiled. Durga hugged Amrita and asked how was your day. Amrita said fine, how was your first day at college. Durga said it was fun. Amrita asked about the fresher’s party, what will you wear. Durga got a dress as gift from Amrita and said you won’t change, it’s beautiful, thanks.

Durga and Sanjay got ready for the party. Amrita said Durga looked lovely. Sanjay said Miss cheater, watch our for me. Everyone came in the party. Aarti met Sanjay and asked how can I looking and he complimented her. She asked where is Durga and there Durga came. Sanjay became mesmerized seeing her. Aarti said hello SP? Sanjay said I will make her fall today, watch me. He went to Durga and gave her his hand and asked her to learn manners. She held his hand, he then took her and gave her a drink.

Durga thinks what happened to him, I don’t understand. He said I don’t believe in cheating, have it or leave it, no one is forcing you. Everyone was called to the dance floor. Sanjay and Durga danced. He made her fall down and said sorry. He then gave her a dance and danced again. He made her fall for the second time and said sorry. Aarti smiled. Sanjay said this was your second punishment. 

Sanjay held her and took her away and zipped her dress’ back. Aarti danced with him. Durga used a blade and danced around Prince, cutting down his blazer. She asked Sanjay to smile and took him a pic. Sanjay became shocked.

Aarti said how dare you, what did you do. Durga asked what did I do, I did the same which he tried to do with me, his bad luck, sorry, this was my first war to give answer for misbehavior, friends are trusted, you don’t know how to keep a friendship, you were never deserving of my friendship. Sanjay said I will make you alone. She asked him to leave the college if he is so irritated by her. He said wow, so much courage, you will leave this college. She said I won’t go anywhere. He said you don’t know what I can do, before I defame you, go from here. She said I promised my dad that I will stay here, I can go to any extent to keep my promise.


Sanjay said I know girls like you, college will make you leave. Yashpal became hopeful of her pic getting printed among winners.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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