My Daughter Durga Friday, 27 May 2022: Episode 299-300


The Episode started with Durga practicing. Gayatri made a ring with white powder and asked Durga to stand in the ring. She then tied ropes to her feet and said, resistance is very much necessary for the racing and shouted bikes…. Two bikers got the bikes and they tied the ropes to the bikes. Gayatri asked her to stand in the rin for two mins and the two bikers drove the bikes against Durga.

Durga tried to stay inside the ring and Gayatri checked the timer. She thinks this task will make your legs weak, you will never be able to run again. Durga prayed. She thinks of Hanuman and pulled the ropes towards her and Gayatri looked on.

Durga cried and bear the pain. She pulled her legs close and stood well. Gayatri saw 2 mins on the timer and asked the bikers to stop. Durga cried and looked at her. Gayatri said we will meet at home now and she left.

Yashpal and everyone came home. Sanjay asked what’s all this. Yashpal said we are not scared of anyone, we have come to stay here. Durga came home and welcomed her family. She said some people want to break our house, my family can’t stay on roads, it won’t look good, Gayatri has much respect, people will insult her on finding her relatives on the road, we will stay here now.

Yashpal asked everyone to find place for themselves. He asked Gayatri is she fine and asked Annapurna to cook. Sanjay asked them to stop. He asked Durga is this her answer for her trick, great. He said I didn’t think she will be such foolish, she can’t save her house this way.

She said I don’t want to save, you will do this work. Gayatri said you have come to risks your relatives, you have no shame. Yashpal said like your son has come with his helpless parents, he had food in our house and Neelkant asked him to stop it. He asked them to get lost. He hit on a box and got hurt and Yashpal taaunted them.

Sanjay warned Durga to stop this. Durga said if one house breaks, we will stay in another house and Sanjay became shocked. They all stood together. Sanjay said your filmi drama won’t work here, your ancestral house will be demolished. Durga asked Yashpal and everyone to stay for some time, Sanjay will cancel the order.

Sanjay and his family saw Dadi extracting buffalo milk. Durga troubled Sanjay and they both fell down, under the net.


The Episode started with Durga asking her family to rest, she will cook Sanjay’s favorite food and he angrily left. Yashpal asked her is she sure this will save their house. She said you taught you, not to give up, I have to face the problems, we have to make them realize the pain of house breaking, we will win, don’t worry.

Gayatri called the police and complained. Sanjay took the phone and asked the inspector not to come. Gayatri said you did all this, why do you always save Durga and her family and Neelkant agreed. Gayatri said we can throw them out of here. Sanjay asked her to have water but she threw the glass and refused.

He asked her to calm down, it’s just a matter of two days. He said I will behave so badly with them, that they won’t think of coming here again, they will lose their house. Gayatri said I can’t bear them for two hours. He asked her to bear them for his sake.

He said we have to hit their weakness and he left. She thinks I will not wait till morning, I will punish Durga at training tomorrow. Durga’s family settled and she smiled. Annapurna asked Yashpal to show her a place to keep the stove.

Shilpa asked Anjana not to worry. Neelkant came there and was shocked seeing the state of the house. He stepped on soapy water and fell down. They all became shocked and Yashpal joked and they all laughed. Yashpal asked him to walk carefully, their soap is desi.

Yashpal showed her the place to keep stove. He asked Brij to move the bar counter back. Sanjay and Gayatri came and became shocked. Brij moved the bar counter and the wine bottles fell. Sanjay asked Durga to stop all this, those are costly wine. She said the bar counter can be made again, no one is running a bulldozer on your house and Gayatri went to slap her. Sanjay stopped Gayatri and said no, they will be glad if we worry and he left.

Sanjay asked Gayatri not to worry, they will go to any hotel and stay there and she agreed. Dadi heard them and informed Yashpal. Durga asked Sanjay to adjust, her parents will come to her room to stay. He said do anything, I am going to stay in a hotel. She fixed a mosquito net to the bike handle but Sanjay stopped her and they fell down on the bed.

She said ruining someone’s house is not humanity. He tore the net and came out and Durga teased him. He said you are not my wife, untill you accept the truth, I will do bad with you, go out now. She said your eyes just have love.

She thinks SP will accept his love one day. Sanjay and everyone became shocked seeing buffaloes in the house. Dadi troubled them more. Sanjay thinks they are doing this to stop us, they are competing well.

Dadi extracted the milk from the buffalo. The milk poured on Neelkant and he became angry. Sanjay then taunted Durga and Yashpal argued with them. Sanjay said it’s better we sleep hungry, come. Durga said wait, no one will sleep hungry, no need to go anywhere, I have served the food on the table, please come. Sanjay took the food and served it to the buffalo and Durga became shocked.

Gayatri asked Durga to wear the ghungroos and do a bahu’s duty. Durga got hurt. Yashpal saw Gayatri’s car and he followed someone.

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