Durga Is Proven Innocent. My Daughter Durga Friday, 29 April 2022: Episode 260-261


The Episode started with Durga coming to meet Gayatri. Gayatri said I want to check you, the enemy shouldn’t be underestimated, you are wise and she checked Durga. Yashpal and Rajveer come there. Yashpal said we will go in if we find any problem. Durga made the spycam right. She recorded Neelkant and Gayatri.

Gayatri said you are brave to come. Neelkant asked Durga why did she wanted to meet them. Durga said I want to end all our differences here. She cried and apologizes. She said you were right, I was a fool, my family can’t fight with you, I should have understood your power when I learnt you hadded drugs in my jalebis and got me banned, I couldn’t do anything. Gayatri said we are glad you know our power now.

Durga said I understood it now, when Rajveer recalled he had hidden evidence in this house, before we could do anything, you have erased the evidence, Rajveer was captured by you, if you can do this with him, you can do anything with my family. Neelkant said right and Durga apologized. Gayatri said I can forgive you on one condition.

Rajveer said Durga hasn’t come till now. Yashpal said we will wait for some time. Durga asked the condition, I agree to all conditions and Gayatri smiled. She said fine, you will call a press conference, you will accept you took drugs 5 years ago, I was not involved in it, and now you will never run and Durga nodded.

Gayatri asked her to talk to journalist and say you want to call press conference. Durga thinks you are digging your grave by doing this and she happily left. Aarti saw Durga. Rajveer and Yashpal took Durga. Aarti thinks where did she disappear, thank God SP didn’t see him. Durga said I am fine, I took time to settle old scores.

Aarti and Sanjay came home and she went to Gayatri. Durga told them all what happened. Neelkant said we won’t forgive Durga. Aarti said I won’t let her reach SP. She went to Sanjay and asked him to try the engagement clothes. He said this is not needed. She insisted and sent him.

She saw his phone. Yashpal and Rajveer watched the video and praised Durga. She said I have to tell SP about this, it’s about his parents. Yashpal said fine, you decide this, you do what you think is right. Aarti then blocked Durga’s number.

Durga called SP but she failed to connect. Sanjay came and Aarti said this is suiting you, this is final then, see you tomorrow. She went thinking Durga can’t tell anything to SP now. Durga then messaged Sanjay.

It’s morning, Neelkant gave a drink to Gayatri. He said all tension will end, Durga’s name will end, we will sign a new deal with Aarti’s dad, he is coming, he is investing 50 crores. She said I feel scared, I just want her to do as we said, I think Aarti’s dad has come. They talked to Aarti’s dad. Durga attended the conference.

Gayatri played the news and asked Sanjay won’t he like to watch the news. Durga and Yashpal asked the reporters to sit. Rajveer prayed nothing wrong happens. Durga said I decided to bring out a big truth, your belief in sportsman spirit will end, this video has everything I want to say and everyone looked on.

Durga played the video. Neelkant and Gayatri was exposed. People beat them with slippers. Sanjay looked on shocked.


The Episode started with Durga saying Yashpal worked hard after my dream and I became a national champion, then I was framed in drugs case, my family has faced much insult, after that day, I decided I willl never run, my parents gave me courage, I begged I didn’t take drugs, but no one heard me, as I had no proof of my innocence.

She cried and said I decided to reveal a big truth today. Neelkant thinks what is she saying. She said everything is in this video.

She asked Yashpal to play the video. Yashpal asked media to watch well. They all saw Neelkant and Gayatri accepting their crimes and everyone became shocked. Rajveer smiled. Sanjay looked on shocked.

Durga said this is the truth, I was given drugs, that’s why I faced a lot, my family and connected people have faced much problems, you all would have been shocked if I could give proof of that. Rajveer thinks Durga is very strong, I am proud of you. The people saw the news. Reporter asked why did Gayatri and trustee do this, what’s their profit.

Durga said Aarti Singhania was my competitor, she was made the winner after I lost, Neelkant and Singhanias have business, Neelkant promised him that he will make Aarti a national champion, so I was framed and made out of the competition, Aarti never had talent to win over me, they have used my innocence.

Reporter said if you knew this, why did you wait. Durga said no, I got to know this some time back, if I said this without proof, you all would have made fun, so I gathered proof and I am here today. Aarti’s dad Purushottam Singhania stopped Gayatri and asked her to answer.

Gayatri said I don’t want to reply on any lie. He said Durga has video also, it’s a big proof, I didn’t expect this from you. Neelkant said I will explain. Singhania said no need to explain, it’s all over now, that girl failed you, you all should have shame, you lost to that ordinary girl, I have to end all relations with you now, my company and daughter’s name is raised in media, I won’t let this come on me, our deals cancel from today, I will not pay your loans, I want my money back in three months, else get ready to lose this haveli and they became shocked.

He said Gayatri’s name will be removed from the presidency. I can’t have Aarti’s relation with this family. Reporters asked Durga to send them to jail, file defamation case, does she want to stay silent. Yashpal said we are simple people, respect, honesty and truth are big things.

Durga is proved innocent, it’s enough for me, she is a real player, one who did wrong with her, she will answer them by winning, we trust the Lord, he will punish culprits and do justice with us. Durga said this is our decision. Yashpal thanked them for listening.

Neelkant said this will get fine, we will get ruined if the company sinks. Singhania said you should have thought before, everything ended. He tore papers and left with Aarti. Media stopped Aarti and asked about Durga. Her dad defended and lied. Media then questioned Gayatri.

Durga came home. Everyone clapped for her and Annapurna did her tilak. Everyone blessed her. The Villagers also praised her. Yashpal said she did a lot to return our pride.

A man removed his slipper and threw it at Gayatri. Sanjay caught it. He became angry and scolded them asking them to get out. Sanjay stopped Gayatri and asked what’s the truth, did you do all this with Durga, answer me and she cried.

Durga stopped Yashpal from cleaning the stain remark. Sanjay apologized to Durga.

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