My Daughter Durga Friday, 3 June 2021: Episode 311-312


The Episode started with Durga asking Yashpal the reason. He asked her to just listen to him but she refused. He went and took a knife and they all became shocked. He then threatened to cut his wrist. He asked Durga to think fast, will she do as he told her, else he will end this chapter and they all asked him to stop.

Durga said I want to know the matter, you are not caring for my dreams, tell me what it is. He cried and cuts his wrist and they all became shocked. Durga run and got the first aid box and did an aid to his hand. She agreed to lie to the media that her sting operation was just her plan and she cried.

Aarti was thinking of Durga and lost balance. Sanjay asked her has she not learn balancing till then. She said it doesn’t matter, you are there with me. He asked her to focus on practice and he left.

Rajveer asked Yashpal why is he forcing Durga to lie, she will be banned from all race tournaments, she won’t be able to run in any tournament. Durga said don’t say anything to dad, I think he is helpless, I can’t see his blood loss, I have ran for my happiness, but my motive was to get Yashpal’s lost respect back, but if dad wants me to prove myself a liar.

I will do it, no one can ban me, I will quit running on my own and they all became shocked. She applied tilak with Yashpal’s blood. She said I will never step on the grounds now and she left. Brij asked Yashpal to listen to him, Durga’s career will be ruined. Rajveer thinks what’s the matter.

Sanjay became surprised seeing the flowers. Durga then came clapping and congratulated him. She scolded him for falling so low to achieve his motives. He said like you have snatched everything from my family, it’s your turn now, I told you…. He yelled on her and smiled.

She said I used to pity you, that you are not able to see truth, now I hate you, you are doing a big sin being stupid, Neelkant trapped me so that Aarti wins, the day you know the truth, it will be very late, remember and she left. He thinks just accept your crimes. Gayatri asked how did Sanjay blackmail Durga.

Aarti said Sanjay was confident. Neelkant said great, we will be back in power. Aarti said yes, she will be out of his life. Sanjay came and said thinks this is my gift for you, she will clear all the blames herself. Yashpal thinks of Durga’s words and saw Durga coming. She forwarded her hand and he held her hand.

She took him and said your vow has tied your Durga. He worried seeing little Durga. She asked him to kill her, is the secret bigger than her life, happiness and dreams and he became shocked. He woke up and shouted Durga. The race announcement was being made while Sanjay waited for Durga. He thinks why didn’t she come and there she saw Durga coming.

Durga asked Yashpal about the secret, else she can’t run. Yashpal said if I don’t tell her, Sanjay will tell her. He shared the secret and cried hugging her.


The Episode started with Durga coming to the stadium. She thinks of Yashpal’s words and the media came to her. Sanjay and Gayatri looked on. The reporters asked Durga about her coach but she didn’t answer anyone.

Annapurna stopped Yashpal but he said we can’t do this to hide our truth, we can’t snatch her happiness, hope and dreams. She asked if Durga knows it. He said I don’t care, we have to tell her, I can’t push her into a valley of sorrow. She said she will break down knowing this and he made her swear on him.

He asked her not to fear that they will lose Durga. Sheela thinks what’s this secret. Yashpal said we have no right to snatch her happiness. He left with Rana and asked everyone to go to the stadium. Durga went on the dice to talk to the press. Yashpal, Annapurna and Rajveer run on the road. She also thinks of Yashpal’s words.

Durga said I want to say something. She coughed and drank water while Sanjay waited. Yashpal was on the way. The people think what does Durga want to say and Rajveer called Durga. She saw the call but didn’t answer. Durga said I want to tell you…. The Minister came and Durga moved aside. Sanjay said minister had to come at this time? Yashpal, Rajveer and Annapurna got there.

Yashpal fell and got hurt. He got to Durga and stopped her. Durga tried to speak, but mic went off. She saw Rajveer and Yashpal run to the stage. He signalled Rajveer. Yashpal then told everyone that Durga will tell the matter after the race. Sanjay and his parents became angry.

Yashpal took Durga aside and he hugged her. He said I can’t break your dreams, we didn’t wish to tell you as we love you a lot. She asked him to tell her the matter. He said you have race now, you can’t focus then, I will tell later. She made him swear and asked him to tell her the matter first, else she will not run.

Annapurna asked him not to tell her. Yashpal said if I don’t tell, SP will tell her, we have the right to tell her and everyone looked on. Brij and Rajveer signalled each other and asked the matter. Yashpal cried and hugged Durga. Yashpal said you are not our child.

Durga and everyone became shocked. Yashpal said you are not related to us. Durga cried and asked him what is he saying, it can’t be true. Brij asked Yashpal what is he saying, her race will begin now. Yashpal said Durga, Annapurna didn’t give birth to you. Durga said I have race in some time, is this the time to joke, tell me the matter, not this.

Annapurna said it’s not time to joke, just focus on your race. Yashpal said we have hidden this secret for many years. Durga asked how can this happen. Yashpal cried and hugged her. He said this is the truth, you are not our daughter. Durga asked whose daughter am I. Annapurna said nothing changed, trust us, we love you a lot, you are our Durga. She hugged them and cried.

Durga was running in the race. Sanjay then saw Durga going somewhere. Brij went to see her. He told Yashpal that Durga is nowhere and they all received a message.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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