My Daughter Durga Friday, 5 November 2021: Episode 17-18


My Daughter Durga Friday, 5 November 2021 Episode started with Rishi asking Amrita is there any problem. Amrita cried. He asked are you fine, what happened to you. Yashpal said this man said just 550rs. Saraswati said it’s entrance exam fees, did you come to buy frock. Yashpal said principal gave a recommendation letter, lower the fees. The man said the fee is 12000rs, I asked for 10000rs. Yashpal said I don’t have money, if you said before, I would have not paid 550rs and the man insulted Yashpal.

Yashpal said you mean one who doesn’t have money can’t educate kids. Durga said my dad doesn’t have money, but he bought sample papers any way for me. The sky is at the same level for you and us. Are you differentiating, dad wants to educate me, you sit here and eat samosas, I will study and show you. The man asked her to get out. Yashpal said we will go, give me my 550rs back, you cheated me. The man said what a fraud. Yashpal said you did not say anything about the fees. The man scolded them and asked them to leave. Yashpal said you lied to me.

Amrita drank water. Shilpa found them and teased Amrita for being with Rishi. She asked shall I leave. Amrita said no. Shilpa asked Rishi a treat for hiding this. Rishi said we did not hide anything, come. The men threw out Yashpal. Yashpal called them liars. Yashpal and Durga became sad. The people starred at them. Yashpal asked Durga to come but Peon stopped them. He asked Yashpal to learn worldly things. He said I can help you, calm down.

He gave tea to Yashpal and did not ask for money. Yashpal complained about Saraswati. Peon said they are fraud and just want money. Yashpal said I would have never gone there, atleast I would have not lost 550rs. Peon said come with me, I will not let your money get waste, there is a way, meet me after coaching class tomorrow, now you go. Yashpal asked why are you helping me when you work for them. Peon said we both are peons, so we are brothers, I know the value of 550rs in a poor man’s life, they won’t understand this, so I want to help you and he left. Yashpal and Durga also left.

Rishi, Amrita and Shilpa had chaat pani puris. Amrita saw Rishi and he helped her. He payed the man and asked them to come. He asked Amrita to make him hear her sweet voice sometimes. Amrita smiled. A guy came and asked Rishi about Amrita. Rishi said she is your Bhabhi. He sent Amrita and Shilpa in a rickshaw and smiled.

Durga and her friends have a talk. Durga told them everything about what Saraswati Sir did. They thought of what to do. Durga said a peon is helping us, I can study for free. Yashpal told everything to Annapurna. She was worried and asked what about the 550rs. Yashpal said good thing is Durga studied well, she can get good marks in her exam, our fate doesn’t go hand in hand. She asked him not to worry. He recalled the peon’s words and said maybe he can help me. He told Annapurna about the peon helping him.

He saw Amrita hearing them and asked her to come. He asked Amrita to make Durga ready in the morning.

It’s morning, Yashpal and Durga left for the coaching centre. Shilpa asked Amrita to talk to Rishi. Amrita gave her Rishi’s number. Shilpa pulled her leg. She asked Amrita to talk to Rishi. Rishi and Amrita had a talk and smiled. Yashpal and Durga waited for the peon. Durga said maybe the peon won’t come. Yashpal said I also feel so. The Peon met them and asked them to come after him. Peon showed them the wall and said Durga can study from here by looking inside the wall opening. Yashpal said no, this is wrong, how can I make her walk on the right path by teaching her wrong. Durga heard and said Sir’s voice is coming and Yashpal thinks.

Yashpal made Durga stand over his shoulders and looked into the class. Annapurna asked Durga did she sit in the class and study today. Yashpal was worried. Amrita talked to Rishi. He asked her to give him something.


The Episode started with Yashpal agreeing to the peon. He said I will just get Durga for 15 days. Peon said fine, you paid for it. He asked Durga to study well and left. Dadi said once Amrita gets married, Yashpal will get peace. Sheela asked what about my son, Bantu will come back home, there is no food, what will he eat. Annapurna went to cook food. Dadi asked Sheela to make food and she argued. She said who will eat homemade sweets these days, you know Dulaari is always asking for outside snacks, it’s not good to upset Dulaari, you all decide, she left and Annapurna became worried.

Yashpal tried to jump. He made Durga move back. He saw Saraswati teaching the kids. He asked Durga to stand over the cycle and watch the class going on. Durga said I can’t see anything. Yashpal said fine, get back. He moved the cycle and got Durga over his back. She said I can’t see. He checked the wall height. He asked her to stand on his shoulder. She said your shoulders will ache. He said you are my daughter, your weight is not a burden, when you study, I will be proud and happy.

Durga stood on Yashpal’s shoulder and looked inside the class from the wall space and she wrote down down. Coach asked where are the boys. The boys greeted him. The man said they will not become good runners. The Coach sent the kids to make more rounds. The Coach told the men that when there are more participants, girls will be encouraged and become winners. The man said whatever girls do, they have to end up cooking at homes, what’s the problem. The Coach became angry and left.

He got sweets and added to the savouries. He asked the man to eat now. The man asked what’s this. The Coach said balance got spoiled, this bad thinking will end by balance of boys and girls, girls should also get chance like boys, who said girls don’t have any talent, they work hard. The man asked him to calm down and sit.

Yashpal was tired and dreamt of Durga becoming a govt officer and coming home in a red light car. Durga saw Yashpal feeling hurt. She asked is it hurting, shall I get down. He said no, I am fine, don’t worry, focus on studies. Durga wrote down. He said you will make me proud tomorrow and she said yes.

Yashpal and Durga left. He got a backache. She said I told you will get an ache. He said you are light weight, I am practicing, how was the studies. She said I am trying, but you are getting ache on your shoulders and back. He asked her not to worry, I will not tell anyone, you also don’t tell anyone. She said if mum asks about the shoulder ache, she can catch the lie. He said we will see.

They got home. Yashpal said peon helped a lot, Durga studied today. Annapurna asked did you sit in the class and study. Durga said yes, the seat was very good, I studied well. Yashpal and Durga lied. He said Durga will learn everything in 15 days. Dulaari scolded Rishi for meeting Amrita before marriage. Amrita called him. Dulaari asked him to talk. Rishi answered the call. She asked are you busy, shall I call later. He said no, I don’t have any important work.

She asked about getting homemade sweets. He said you will make sweets, then add less sugar. She asked will Dulaari have a problem with this. He said she will not be annoyed, I will manage everything, you have to give me something. She asked what can I give you. He said selfie, I want to see you, send me your pic. She asked how, Yashpal’s phone has no camera. He asked her to send it through Shilpa’s phone, I will wait. She smiled and ended the call. She thought of taking Shilpa’s phone.

Durga went to Yashpal and saw him sitting with aching shoulders. She went to massage his shoulders. Yashpal smiled and said these hands are not to massage my shoulders, you will study well and become a big officer, so that you make my head high. She hugged Durga and she wished to end his pain.

It’s morning, Shilpa took chocolate from Bantu and ate. He said I got chocolate from Annapurna’s money, when she asked me to get milk. Amrita and Durga heard them and felt sad. Shilpa and Bantu said our dad is taking care of Yashpal’s expenses. Amrita cried and said now I can’t ask for Shilpa’s phone and she left. Durga said I have to teach them a lesson, if Shilpa said she will give not her phone, I will get it for Amrita.

Sheela worried for Bantu. Durga studied at the coaching class. She then solved maths problem in the class.


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