My Daughter Durga Monday, 10 January 2022: Episode 108-109


The Episode started with Durga asking someone to help her open the door. Someone scared her. Amrita met the officer. Officer said we will go and see idols. Amrita asked him to have some pakodas and insisted. The Officer ate pakodas and asked Madhav to eat. Madhav said sure. Amrita stopped him and said Madhav has Santoshi Maa’s fast and can’t have onion. Madhav said oh yes. She signalled him and smiled. The man said I heard girls keep that fast to get a good husband. Madhav said times changed.

The man asked Amrita to have it and Amrita ate. The man said it’s very spicy. Amrita said no, sorry, and asked him to have water. She said it’s a special dish of this village. Madhav asked Murli to go and clean the workshop. Officer said I am getting late, I will see the idols some other day and he left. Amrita dropped the pakodas plate and drank water. Madhav got her sweet water and asked her why did she eat chilli pakodas. She said I am fine, why are you so worried. Madhav looked at her.

She stumbled and he held her and they had an eyelock. He helped her in picking the pakodas and got a bracelet under the table. Durga screamed seeing Sanjay. He asked did you get scared, it’s just the starting, now Rajveer is not here to save you. She said no one will be scared this way, use your mind and they argued. She said she will win somehow. He thinks if she loses, she has to touch his feet in front of everyone. She thinks he doesn’t know Rajveer is training her. She asked him to touch her feet in front of everyone if she wins.

Shilpa told Sheela that the idol is stolen, I can’t bear Amrita and Madhav’s friendship, do something. Sheela said they work together, so they talk, think if you help him in finding the idol, he will be thankful and like you. Shilpa hugged her and wished she would get the idol. Dadi saw them. Sheela said I was teaching Shilpa how to run home and Dadi joked.

Dadi asked Bantu to get a junk box from her room. Bantu went and got the box. Yashpal came home and did not see the box. The man took the things and gave money to Bantu. Yashpal thinks to ask Dadi her health. He went to her room and was shocked to see the box missing. He said I have kept the box here.

Madhav asked who can do this. Amrita thinks. She said I know someone would have gotten this bracelet from a nearby shop. Madhav said we will know about the shop, then we can reach the idol. Amrita didn’t see the box which the junk buyer had when he got there to the tea stall.

Durga can’t study with noise. Sanjay and Aarti saw her. Madhav and Amrita found the address of the person who bought that bracelet and are were on the way. Amrita slipped and he held her. He asked her to hold his hand and walked.

Durga and Aarti met the principal. He asked about the new coach training them. Durga recalled Rajveer and said yes, very well, I will get the prize for the school, the new coach is good, but Rajveer was much better, he got punished because of me, he was really getting me to your office. He said just the trustee can get him back, take the entry form for the race, get parents’ sign and submit it tomorrow, you can’t take part in the race without this form, it’s important, reach there on time. Durga worried thinking how to get Yashpal’s sign.

Durga asked Yashpal to sign on the form. Madhav and Amrita had an eyelock. The goon hit Madhav and Amrita shouted Madhav ji.


The Episode started with Yashpal getting angry at Annapurna for giving the junk to the man. Dadi said I did not know if there is anything important in it, Bantu gave it, go and ask the junk man, he would be around. Yashpal hurried and looked for the junk man. He did not see Madhav and Amrita passing by. Madhav and Amrita reached the place and saw the lock. Madhav said we are trapped, just leave, there can be danger. Amrita said no, I won’t leave you alone. Madhav heard people and hid with Amrita. Billu and his men came to find them. Madhav and Amrita hid and saw the men outside.

Durga got thinking. Rajveer asked her to waste time in thinking, what’s the problem. She said it’s a big problem, how can I get dad’s sign on this form, my dad will know I am running in the race. Rajveer said I will leave a mad bull after you, then you will run. She asked him to suggest something. She said I lied once, I will not lie again. He said I know the Lord filled honesty in you, just think and do this. She said there is some way to get the form signed, if dad does not ask, I will not tell him, but if he asked, I can’t lie. He said we don’t have time to waste, come on time, now we will sit or practice, go and warm up and she run.

Madhav and Amrita had an eyelock. The goons looked for them. Madhav asked are you scared. She signalled no. He asked do you trust me. She said more than myself. Yashpal looked for the box. He asked the man about the box. The man said will you stay here, just go now. Yashpal said give me some time to find it. Yashpal was sad and went to pray.

Yashpal prayed and cried. Madhav and Amrita looked at each other. Yashpal found the box and stopped himself from checking it, thinking I just have to protect this. He thanked the lord and left. Madhav moved and a bottle fell. The goons heard the sound and came back. Durga prayed that Yashpal doesn’t not ask her and she doesn’t not need to lie to him. Billu and his men caught Madhav and Amrita. Madhav beats them up.

Billu caught Amrita. Madhav got hit on his head. Amrita shouted Madhav ji. He saw Billu catching Amrita. He asked Amrita to support him, no one can make her lose, just she can beat Billu, as she has saved Shilpa and him before. He asked Amrita to fight. Yashpal took the box with him and was on the way. Amrita screamed and pushed Billu. Yashpal stopped and said Amrita’s sound, no she will not come here and he left. Amrita beats Billu. Madhav beats up the men and they all run away. Madhav removed Billu’s mask and Billu run from there. Amrita held injured Madhav.

Durga came home. Yashpal hid the box in his room and asked how did you come early. She said the school asked for a sign on the form. Annapurna came and said the doctor has come. He asked Durga to keep the form, he will meet the doctor and come. Durga thinks to keep another paper over the form.

Durga wished Annapurna happy mothers day and gifted her. Shilpa heard Amrita talking about idol theft. Rajveer encouraged Durga and made her practice.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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