My Daughter Durga Monday, 14 February 2022: Episode 158-159


The Episode started with Durga talking to Yashpal about kites. A man came and said a girl is born in my house, so I got her to get your blessings, Durga has made name shine, I wish Durga always does something like that and Yashpal became shocked. The man said I kept her name Durga so that all her qualities come in her, Yashpal blessed the girl and the baby smiled. The man then praised Durga.

Annapurna called Amrita and showed her a gold ring and said I made this for Madhav. She asked her to tell her about the ring fitting Madhav’s finger. Amrita went to Madhav and gave the ring to him. He said it’s a beautiful ring. He wore it and said the ring got stuck and Amrita helped him. He joked and said the ring is of right size, mum is never wrong. She collided with him and became angry.

He said if you don’t trust my love, I will not force you for marriage, I will wait for the day when you accept me. She asked is this your plan to get saved from marriage, if you try to trouble my family, I will not forgive you, I will accept you for my family sake. Rajveer trained the students. Shri said Durga took a leave, she will not come so soon. Sanjay said I met her, will her dad agree. Rajveer heard this and thinks to convince Durga.

Durga saw some runners. Yashpal thinks to divert her. He took her to the stall and bought her kulfi and she liked it. Madhav went to Annapurna. She asked what are you doing here. Dadi said he was looking for ways to see Amrita.

Madhav said no, I have to talk to Annapurna. Brij asked him to come and meet the guests and scolded Madhav. He said Amrita wants to marry you for the family’s happiness, I have to support her, don’t try to talk to anyone, Madhav became shocked when Brij threatened him.

Yashpal and Durga came to school and the Principal praised Durga. Everyone clapped for her and he told Yashpal that Durga took the village name high. Yashpal said that school is good, she is studying well. Principal said you did good to send her there and Durga went to play with her friends.

Principal said we want to honor Durga, she is an inspiration. Yashpal then saw everyone praising Durga. He thinks Durga has to forget about running. Amrita got mehendi applied and everyone danced. Brin starred at Madhav. Durga saw Madhav looking at Amrita and she asked him not to stare at Amrita. Madhav joked. Durga said I will forgive you, but you have to do what I say.

Yashpal said I have to make Durga’s mind diverted, you see with your own eye. Yashpal and Annapurna became shocked seeing….


The Episode started with Durga asking Madhav to do as she said. She applied him mehendi and smiled. Yashpal saw both his daughters smiling and prayed that they always stay happy, while then the Mehendi function ended.

Annapurna said I spoke to the pandit, I wish this marriage happens well. Yashpal asked her not to worry, the day went well, Durga was happy meeting everyone at school, she did not see the kids running in the race, I know she has a habit to run, I have to divert her mind, everything will be fine and she asked are you sure.

He said you think I don’t understand her emotions, come with me, she would be sleeping now, she will not care for her medal and shoes. He took her to go and show her Durga. They saw Durga sleeping with the shoes beside her.

She cried and thinks maybe Durga killed her heart wishes, see how she has kept the shoes under her head and sleeping and she left. Yashpal looked at Durga and recalled her running in the race. He then made her sleep well and thinks, is race so important for Durga. He asked the Lord to show him a way. Durga woke up and asked why is he worried.

He said nothing, you got up, tell me one thing, we had so much fun but you were not get happy, you just acted to be happy. She said no, I was happy as you were happy. He asked what do you mean, you did acting to me and he threw her shoes. He said I am not a selfish father, your bright future is everything for me, what wrong did I do to wish good for you, I worry for you, I don’t want you to struggle in life like me. She said no, you are doing right.

He asked why do you want to run, what will you get, money, name and fame. She said i don’t know, I just know one thing I will get, happiness and he became shocked. She said I got such happiness when that man gave you Lord status and took your blessings, when principal gave you respect, true happiness, which I get when I run at the race ground. He then shuts his ears and looked at her Durga sleeping.

It’s morning, Durga asked Rajveer why did you come here. Rajveer said I know what I am doing and she saw Yashpal. Durga’s friends waited for her at the school where she is was a chief guest. Manohar said she will come, I am sure. Sanjay also cames there. Principal said Yashpal will get Durga here, I spoke to him. Minister said Yashpal refused to make her run in the nationals. Rajveer called Nandini there. Yashpal greeted her and welcomed.

Nandini asked Yashpal to encourage Durga, her race will not be a hurdle in her journey to become an officer, it can help her, I did not study well, I won marks in sports quota and went ahead in studies. She then praised Durga. Durga said forgive me, I don’t want to run, leave from here. Yashpal asked her not to misbehave with guests. The Principal waited for Durga. Minister said I regret Durga missed such a golden chance. Manohar said I will go to Durga’s house and come. Manohar asked other friend to come along. Yashpal smiled and took Durga on his cycle.

Yashpal said my daughter Durga will run in the race and make her name shine. Neelkant asked a man to break Durga’s legs so that she can’t run for a month.

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