Sir Rana Remembers The Past. My Daughter Durga Monday, 14 March 2022: Episode 195-196


The Episode started with Durga getting angry. Sanjay apologized to her and smiled. She thinks what does he want. He showed the crackers lighting in the sky. She saw I am sorry Durga written, he held her ears. Yashpal and Annapurna woke up by the sound. Yashpal asked has Diwali come, who is lighting crackers at night.

Sanjay showed more crackers to Durga. Durga asked him to go but she signalled no, wait. She said if he really burns crackers, everyone will get awake and asked him to wait. He thinks I will convince you. She came to him and asked what is it. He asked have you forgiven me?” She said in your dreams.

He said I did all this, I need your forgiveness, I said sorry. He held her close when the crackers blast and they hugged and had an eyelock. Amrita called out Durga and looked for her. Durga said I have to go. Sanjay said okay, you go now, but I will take my forgiveness tomorrow, I promise and she left. Aarti looked on and thinks not done, SP and Durga are getting close and Rana Sir is missing.

In the morning, Rajveer recalled Durga and screamed. Doctor gave him injection. He said he lost his memory from his head injury, he just remembers some incidents, he has temporary memory loss, let him rest now. Durga and Yashpal worried for him.

Aarti met someone. The man said he has a busy schedule, but got time for you. She met someone and said I need your help, that girl came back, I want you to make that girl away from SP’s life, I know only you can help me. While then Durga was working out. She got a toy plane and thinks it’s SP. Umang came and said Amrita gave the plane and he left. She said I won’t waste time thinking of him.

Durga came to the college and saw a big medal. She read, Durga is a champion on it and asked SP what is all this. Sanjay came as Charlie Chaplin, he sang and tried to make her smile but she went to Sam. Sam held her and Durga signalled what and got away.

Sam signalled it’s not me and Sanjay came there. He danced around her, stepped on a pot and they both fell down and had an eyelock. She got up. He asked her to help him. His foot got stuck inside a pot and she smiled. He walked with the pot on. She asked someone to help him.

Teacher came and asked Sanjay how did this happen. Sanjay said it’s because of this Durga, the champion, I was going to gift her but she made me fall. Teacher said that’s so cute, Durga he is trying so much, this is not fair, come on help him.

Sanjay held Durga, while everyone tried to remove the pot from his foot and he fell over Durga and everyone laughed. Teacher asked everyone to leave, this is stuck badly, we have to cut this. She asked Durga to take Sanjay to the welder and ask him to cut the pot with any tool.

Sanjay thanked the teacher. Durga took Sanjay to the welder and said cut this pot. She asked Sanjay to end this soon. Sanjay became scared and held her hand. He asked the man to stop. The man asked him not to move. Sanjay said I have two legs, I can’t afford to lose a leg. Sanjay held Durga close and they had an eyelock.

Sanjay said you always break Matki, I challenge you. Durga asked him to stop breaking. Sanjay said you have to forgive me. Rajveer saw aarti diya and recalled something.


The Episode started with the welder cutting the pot. He called Sanjay naughty as Krishna. She said he is not Krishna, he is Kans. Sanjay asked what, I am Kans, you always break Matki, I challenge you, let’s see who breaks Matki this year.

She asked him to stop dreaming. He held her and said I will be so close that you have to forgive me. She said we will see and left. Amrita saw Rajveer and stopped Umang and he woke up. She said he is sleeping, go out and play. Rajveer said Durga….She made excuses and went to get water.

Aarti stopped Sanjay and asked him to listen but Sanjay refused to talk to her Nx she apologized to him. She then became angry and said Durga is acting to trap you. Sanjay scolded her. He said don’t compare yourself to Durga, there is a big difference, stop it and he left. Yashpal asked Rajveer to go out to get fresh air, he will like it. Rajveer said I am fine. Durga talked like Rajveer. Rajveer heard her and went out to see.

Sanjay asked Aarti what do you want, fine I have forgiven you, are you happy now, I don’t want to see you now and he left. Aarti said save Durga, but she has come inside their eyes, no one can save her now. He asked are you serious to tell him, what’s wrong with you, are you mad, fine I will talk to him, Durga is not going anywhere, stay out of it and he left.

Durga trained some girls like Rajveer used to do. Rajveer came there and looked on. He got flashes of the past and Yashpal signalled Durga to continue. Durga said Rajveer’s lines and Rajveer recalled Durga. He shouted enough, why are you shouting, they are little girls, they will understand even if you say it calmly and he left. Durga thinks Rana Sir didn’t recall anything.

It’s morning, everyone was doing preparations for Janmashtami puja. Durga thinks what to do to remind Rajveer his past. Yashpal said trust him, everything will be fine, come for aarti and Yashpal did the aarti and everyone prayed. Rajveer came there and recalled his past moments.

He saw the diya and said fire…. Durga lights the havan kund. Rajveer recalled the incident of Durga burning her shoes and medal and shouted no Durga. They all became shocked. She went to hold Rajveer but he signalled her to back off.

Sanjay said I came to show what will happen with you tomorrow. He showed his aim and shoots Matka. Durga practiced, some goons catch her and scolded her….Read more

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