My Daughter Durga Monday, 15 November 2021: Episode 30-31


My Daughter Durga Monday, 15 November 2021 Episode 30 started with everyone scolding Durga for asking Rishi such a foolish question. Brij said we all loved you, what did you do. Yashpal said Durga is troubling me, I am arranging money to educate her and she is making me fall in everyone’s eyes, I have forgiven her many times for her mischief, but I will not tolerate any misbehavior. He did not allow Durga to say anything. Annapurna said I have spoiled Durga by supporting her always, if we slapped her, we would have not have gotten beaten up today. Sheela said make her sit on the head. Amrita cried and left.

Subhadra asked what enmity do you have with Amrita, did you get peace doing this. Sheela got a call. Durga asked Yashpal to listen but he scolded her. Sheela talked to Dulaari and said everyone is angry, I will talk later. Yashpal said you told a lot, remember one thing, untill you change, no one will talk to you. Everyone was disappointed and left. Durga was alone and cried.

She said if Yashpal heard me once, he would have understood that the four guys were talking about Amrita. Sheela looked on and said Durga did that and now she is shedding tears. Dulaari asked what lie does Durga know. Sheela said I don’t know. Dulaari asked did she hear us. Sheela said no, else she would have mentioned our names, now no one is agreeing to her, I stopped her. Dulaari said look, Yashpal will fall into problem and he will apologize. Sheela said yes, now Durga will cut Yashpal’s pocket.

Durga went to the washroom and saw her face in the mirror. She talked to herself innocently. She said no one will come to me to ask what happened, Rishi will play his games, I won’t let anything wrong happen to Amrita, I will end Rishi’s game, I will go to his village and clear the matter, I will convince Yashpal, but if anything happens to Amrita, I can’t bear it. She took the phone from Amrita and checked Amrita’s apology messages to Rishi. She said sorry, you had to say sorry, but what should I do, I love you a lot, if I am thinking right, they will tell you sorry and she wiped her tears. She called her friend Bansi. She told Bansi to listen carefully and do as she says. She told her something. He said fine, but why are we doing this. She said I will tell you tomorrow and ended the call.

It’s morning, Annapurna asked for Durga. Amrita said she left for school. Yashpal asked did you talk to her. Amrita signalled no. Annapurna said what is Durga saying. Amrita said it’s fine, I spoke to Rishi and Durga was hearing us that day, someone had hiccups and we thought there was someone, when we asked Rishi, he said there is no one, so maybe Durga thought Rishi is lying, she asked him with childishness. Yashpal said we did not misbehave with anyone in our childhood, Subhadra is right, I have to be strict with her, now you both have to be strict towards her, let her just focus on exam.

He told them that he is going to meet Dulaari. Sheela heard them and smiled. Durga told her friends to board the bus fast. Her friend reminded her about the Maths test. She said we will come back soon and there were on their way. The boy said maybe Durga wants us to meet Rishi. She bought the tickets. The boy asked her not to worry about the maths exam and study on the way. He gave her the book and Durga worried. Bansi and Manohar talked and praise Rishi. Durga prayed everything happens fine today. She opened the bus door and it hit Yashpal’s cycle and she shut the door back again.

Yashpal scolded the person for hitting him and left. Durga and her friends got off the bus. Durga was scared that it was Yashpal. Manohar said you are scared and scaring us too. They went to Rishi’s house. Durga run on the road. Yashpal was also on the way. Durga did not see him. Durga’s friend called her out askimg her to stop. Yashpal heard that and thinks did anyone call Durga. He turned to see but didn’t see Durga, as she stopped for her friends and Yashpal left. Her friends said it’s tough to run with heavy bags. She said the house is close, I have knee pain and I am running, you guys come.

Yashpal got to the Dulaari’s house. Durga said it will be bad if Rishi is not at home. Rishi got ready to leave. Yashpal rang the bell. Rishi opened the door and saw him. He asked him to come. Durga and her friends also got there. Her friend asked her to hurry up. Durga said you people were slow. They asked is this the house, we will ring bell. She said no, wait. They asked Durga to call Rishi. She thinks of Yashpal’s words and went ahead. Manohar joked. Rishi called Dulaari and Yashpal greeted Dulaari.

Durga said help me to expose Rishi. Yashpal apologized to Dulaari. She said tilak rasam will happen from your house. Durga’s friends encouraged her to pass in the maths exam. She thinks if I pass, Yashpal will hear about Rishi.


The Episode started with Rishi getting a call and leaving the house. Durga and her friends waited outside. They hid seeing Durga. They asked why are we here. Durga said I can’t say. Rishi talked to his friend on the phone. He said your voice is not coming well, I will message you and went back inside. Durga said I did not get you all here to make you meet Rishi, I got you here to spy on Rishi, to find out whether he is cheating Amrita. Dulaari said Durga has beaten us with shoe, you want me to forgive this by one apology, Durga is wrong, it’s my mistake to join relations with your house. He said no, Amrita is like a cow, she got values from Annapurna, she will not give you a chance to complain, don’t punish her, we did not know what Durga was going to say, forgive her.

Durga’s friends said, it was Durga’s mistake. She said I want to save Amrita’s life. Bansi said why will Brij get such bad proposal for Amrita. Durga said maybe Brij doesn’t know the complete truth. Manohar said how can you think like that. They said Durga can’t be right, leave all this, did those men mention Rishi’s name when talking. Yashpal apologized to Dulaari. Rishi asked Dulaari to forgive Yashpal. Dulaari forgave Yashpal and asked what about my relatives, they can’t forgive Durga. Durga said no. Manohar asked her to think if she is right or wrong and they left. Durga went after them. Dulaari asked Yashpal how do I answer to my relatives. Durga stopped her friends and asked them to understand, I know they did not mention Rishi’s name, but my heart is saying, they were talking about my Amrita Didi, follow Rishi with me. They refused to waste time and skip studies.

Dulaari asked Yashpal to do the tilak rasam from his house, and give good quality clothes to my relatives to convince them, they will forgive you, if you give a wound, you will apply ointment. He folded his hands. Durga said you will know what sister means. Manohar said if you fail, you will go to Bhiwani and our friendship will end. She said yes, I don’t care. Bansi said what did you say, we did a lot for you. She said you both did not do everything, I helped you all, Amrita’s life can spoil, I will give throw you a party, come with me and they argued. Yashpal was on the way and talked on the phone, saying Dulaari has forgiven us, but have to explain to her relatives. They told Durga about Yashpal. She prayed and held their hands. Yashpal also left.

Durga argued with them again. Manohar said it’s being too much now, we are here and explaining to you. She said no need, I wanted help, not Gyaan. Bansi said we will leave if she is not trying to understand. Yashpal’s cycle chain got down.

Yashpal said I will be late to get to the school. I will drop the cycle at Dulaari’s house. Durga’s friends asked her to come for the maths test. She refused and argued with them. They returned her bag and were about to leave, but they stopped and looked at Durga. Durga cried and sat there. They left. Yashpal tried to repair the cycle. Coach Rajbeer passed by and asked shall I help. Yashpal said Sir ji, it’s greasy, your hands will soiled with grease. Rajbeer offered help. Yashpal said I am going to my village, I am school peon, the Principal will be angry if I get late, I came to this village for a family purpose. Rajbeer asked him to sit on his bike and Yashpal thanked him.

Durga’s friends waited for her in the bus. She boarded the bus and was hurt in her knee. They all became worried for her. She stayed away. Rajbeer and Yashpal talked about sports. Rajbeer said I am a sports teacher in Bhiwani, I am looking for a girl who took part in the race, and failed all the boys. Yashpal said yes, but she fell, I could not see her. Rajbeer said she is young, but has much courage, her left knee got hurt, she run fast, pray that I get her, the day I get her, I will make her a champion. Yashpal asked him to look for in schools. Rajbeer said she did not write her school name and contact number, I just know her name, Durga. Yashpal said it’s coincidence, my daughter’s name is also Durga. Rajbeer stopped the bike.

Durga bought tickets for herself and her friends. Bansi said I will return the money soon. Rajbeer asked is she your daughter. Yashpal said no, my Durga is different, she doesn’t get time from studies, she doesn’t waste time in sports. Rajbeer said the body and mind stay healthy through sports, it doesn’t get waste. Yashpal said right, but Durga is studying for her maths exam. Rajbeer said she is a champion. Yashpal said she has to make the village name shine. Rajbeer said your thinking is great, I wish every parent encourages children like you. He dropped Yashpal to school.

Yashpal asked for Durga. The boy said Durga did not come. Yashpal said she left early in the morning, give her tiffin. Durga studied in class. A boy took hiccups. She thinks of Rishi. She recalled Yashpal’s words. She thinks of controlling her mind. She said I will pass the maths exam first and then think of saving Amrita. She saw Yashpal.

Durga wrote the answer on the board. Durga told Yashpal to promise her that he won’t get angry. Durga told her friends that she will fight with both her problems alone.


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