Durga Wins Bhagat’s Challenge. My Daughter Durga Monday, 16 May 2022: Episode 282-283



The Episode started with Yashpal asking Sanjay to leave. Annapurna said Sanjay will stay here, he is Durga’s husband and our son in-law. Durga saw the track. Bhagat said you have attitude, we have to see if you have talent, this is my favorite track, I don’t think you can do this, you will have four rounds, your legs’ weight will get on increasing. She thinks to do it and show him. He asked are you scared, it’s fine. She said wait, I am ready. He said what can I do if you like to lose, come.

Dadi said I am with Annapurna, Yashpal how can you do this, we have to think about Durga, let their bad deeds be with them, why shall we spoil our deeds. Annapurna said we should inform Durga immediately. Yashpal said don’t dare to inform Durga and he warned everyone.

Durga started running and Bhagat looked at the timer. She crossed the obstacles and walked over the wooden platform. She then lay down and crossed the metal wires, then swin through the passage and she proceeded to the tunnel. The girl said you can’t go any further.

Durga saw the metal wires lying on the ground and she prayed. She moved back and ran to jump over the wires. Bhagat checked the stopwatch and the man praised her. Bhagat said congrats, you completed this in one min, you had to do this in 35 secs, so you have lost. She said you thought I can’t do this, but I did it, I need your training.

He said I won’t train you untill you eat non veg. He left and everyone clapped for Durga. The Peon said you got saved now but be careful and she nodded. Durga was practicing and the Peon said you are still here. She said if I am made to be here, I will be here. He said right, some people came to meet you. She went and met Yashpal and Rajveer.

Rajveer asked her to rest. Durga said I don’t get any sleep. Yashpal asked her to swear and tell them, what’s the matter. She said, I don’t know why Bhagat Sir wants to make me out of here, he doesn’t like me, he never gets happy and she told everything. Rajveer said the coach should see an athlete’s weaknesses and strengths and train accordingly, I will deal with Bhagat. The Peon said, Bhagat has been the same for many years, he will always be same, have tea.

She said I think I should just face Bhagat’s challenges, get training and win the national championship. Rajveer asked till when will you get scared and live. The Peon said Chetan said Durga is like Jassi. Rajveer said comparison is a different thing. The Peon said Durga completed Jassi’s track, which no one could do, Jassi used to make five rounds and made record, Durga will also make a record. Rajveer said Durga doesn’t eat non veg, how will she run.

Peon said yes, Jassi had great health, she used to drink a jug of milk, eat raw paneer, she has bananas, she had a diet like a monkey. Durga stopped the peon and asked did Jassi never had non veg. Peon said no, just milk, paneer and bananas, she made the record, so the track was named after her. Durga said tell me more about her. He said she left suddenly, then just her stories are known here.

Rajveer said Jassi can show you a right path. Durga said yes, Jassi can help me. Yashpal said where will we get this Jassi. Durga was called by Bhagat. She said we will get Jassi, I will find her. She asked did SP trouble you again. Yashpal said no, don’t take tension. Bhagat came and taunted them, saying Durga is not performing well, she is not needed here, you can take her away if you want. They looked at him and Rajveer became angry but Durga stopped him.

Gayatri got angry and threw the food. Yashpal scolded her and made her pick the food from the ground. Sanjay said I will take revenge on Durga. Durga thinks Chetan can help her.


The Episode started with the doctor checking Sanjay. He said Sanjay is fine now, you can shift him if you want and Gayatri thanked him. She told Sanjay that they will soon go home. She became angry seeing the dry roti and refused to eat it and threw it away.

Yashpal came and scolded her seeing the food on the floor. He said, the Lord gave you money, but not manners and sense to respect food, I will not tolerate anyone insulting food in my house. He stopped Amrita and said Gayatri will pick the food and clean the floor and Gayatri became shocked.

Bhagat was training the students when a girl said I can’t do it, I want water. He asked her to get out and Durga looked on. She saw Chetan and thinks he can help me. She heard Chetan saying he is going out of the city for two days and she thought of an idea.

Gayatri asked what, I will clean it. Yashpal said yes, clean it well, else I will throw Sanjay out. Gayatri picked the food and Sanjay shouted enough, my mum is not your slave. Yashpal asked him to lie silently, they have to stay as he wants else they can live. Sanjay reminded him that Durga will come to his house. He promised to take revenge on her. Yashpal said you did good to show your poison, you will trouble my daughter. He got a stick and beats Sanjay. Amrita came in between and held the stick.

Bhagat saw Durga. She told him that she tied the weights as he told her and he sent her to practice. She went thinking to ask Chetan about Jassi. Chetan asked her to sit. She said, I need to talk to you about something, so I left training and came and he praised Bhagat. She said I want to know about Jassi ji. Bhagat came and said so you were acting to be sincere, why did you come here, can I know this, answer me. Chetan said cool down, I called Durga, what do you want to ask Durga.

Durga thinks how shall I ask about Jassi ji in front of Bhagat, but I can’t lose this chance. She asked him about Jassi, can I meet her. Bhagat asked why do you want to meet her. Durga said I heard about her. He thinks I know your drama, you want to meet Jassi as she was a vegetarian and still the best champion. Chetan said Jassi was a name for passion.

She asked why did she not get famous, no one knows about her. He said there is a reason behind this, her passion turned into madness, she lost the sense to know right and wrong, she made the record unofficially, the academy should have earned a name because of her but she sinked the academy’s name. Durga asked what did Jassi do. Bhagat said sorry Sir, I have to cut this topic, Durga has to focus on training than Jassi. Durga thinks Jassi can help me, she was a vegetarian person and still a champion.

Sanjay saw Gayatri and Neelkant sleeping on the chairs. He thinks this happened because of Durga and looked at Durga’s pic. He saw Durga and became angry. He got up from the cot and went to her and she smiled. He asked what did I do, I loved you a lot, I fought with my family for you, you treated me so badly, you claimed to love me, you just lied to me, do I deserve this.

What did I do, what did my family do, they did nothing, you ruined their respect, I couldn’t do anything for them, that SP was weak in your love, my hatred gave me strength, I can go to any extent to ruin you, untill you say the truth and prove my family is innocent, I won’t let you run in any race, it’s my promise.

Yashpal gave a brick as shagun. Sanjay said your daughter will get this neck and Yashpal threatened him. Durga saw Jassi’s pic…Read more

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