Durga Joins The Race. My Daughter Durga Monday, 17 January 2022: Episode 118-119


The Episode started with the announcement for the race beginning made. Durga run in a teddy costume. Sanjay tried to stop her. Everyone thinks who is the kid in the teddy costume. Durga removed the costume and run. Rajveer became shocked. The contestants got on the mark and Durga ran to reach the race mark while the man was about to shoot. Aarti got ready. Durga shouted wait, I am here and there Sanjay and Aarti became shocked.

Durga revealed herself by removing the teddy costume and Rajveer smiled. The man said we were waiting for you. Bantu saw her and thinks Durga will in the race. They all became shocked. Durga said please let me run, I have come now, it’s important for me. A Teacher asked Durga where were you, everyone was waiting, what were you doing in a teddy bear costume.

Durga said I did not get late on my own. The teacher said I agree with her, she came before the race begun, please talk to the authorities, I think she should participate and the referee allowed Durga and she went ahead. The coach then asked Aarti to come out, Durga will run and Aarti was shocked. Everyone cheered for Durga and the man shot in the air and the race began. Durga lead the race and a man said Durga has left everyone behind, it seems she will win the race easily. Durga was runing well.

A girl went ahead of Durga and Rajveer thinks who is this girl who went ahead of Durga. The girl won the race. Sanjay and Aarti smiled. Durga was second and Rajveer became shocked, Durga also became sad. The coach said you will represent our school in semi finals, good. The girl’s coach hugged her and congratulated her for winning.

He said we have to win this tournament, just focus, come. Durga thinks the coach is encouraging her, I wish Rajveer was my coach, sorry I came second. She saw Rajveer and he cheered her. He said Durga has run well, but someone has prepared much better. The girl and Durga got to the semi finals and Durga got the runner up’s price.

The coach said you are my tiger, always win. The teacher asked Durga not to worry, we will work hard and make her lose. Sanjay and Aarti became angry. Aarti said I can’trun instead of Durga now, I have no chance now. Sanjay said I have to touch her feet in front of everyone now. Rajveer saw the girl and said she has run so well, her coach has given her brilliant training, I should meet them. He went and congratulated the coach. He became surprised seeing his friend Satnaam.

He asked how did you come here. Satnaam said Kuljeet is my daughter, I am her dad and coach too, I had to come here. Rajveer said congrats. Satnaam said you are Durga’s coach, I was thinking it’s you, who made me lose in the race years ago, see the game of fate, my daughter made your student lose, my daughter will race to win, tell Durga to stop running, just Kuljeet will win this championship.

Rajveer got Chana for Durga. She said sorry, I will work hard. Rajveer said you have to work hard and increase your stamina, we have less time. Durga said but the girl was looking unhappy after she won. He asked her to think of herself, if she loses in the final, what will happen of
to the grace marks and dad’s dreams. She saw the jalebis and ate. He said I have to talk about your training, we have to increase the training sessions. She said it would be good if you were our pt teacher, you would be always with us. He asked her not to think what can’t happen, we should focus on the training and she smiled.

Bantu said I will tell Yashpal about you. Durga worried. Yashpal said I trust both my daughters. Madhav and Amrita met on a date and they became shocked seeing….


The Episode started with Bantu saying Durga is gone now, she wants to run in the race. She called him out and he became shocked. She said I have seen you in the changing room. He said I will tell Yashpal about you. She said I will also tell Brij then. He asked what’s proof and she called Shri. Shri came and laughed seeing Bantu. Bantu said I will not tell anyone. Durga got a pic clicked with Bantu and Shri. Bantu said I won’t tell anyone, you also don’t tell anyone.

Dadi coughed and said I think this cough and medicine won’t leave you. Madan came and congratulated. He gave sweets to everyone but Dadi did not eat it. He said you can have sweets, you have no TB. They all became shocked. Durga saw her friend crying. Saru apologized to her and told her what Sanjay said. Durga said it’s fine, see how I teach him a lesson.

Madan said the lab gave false report to Dadi. Brij asked what about the medicines. Madan said I gave you good medicines, Dadi has no TB, she can live anyway she wants. Dadi slapped him and scolded, asking him to get lost. Durga called someone and said you said I can call you whenever I need help. She complained about injustice happening in the school.

Annapurna said Amrita came over from the incident, we should find a guy for her, if there is something wrong. Yashpal said don’t think again, I am proud of both my daughters, they won’t go on the wrong path. Durga came home and Brij showed her samosas and jalebis. She thinks of Rajveer and smiled.

He asked what happened. She said torture is happening to me. He asked her to say it. She asked why did he come early today. He said Madhav asked for a phone battery urgently, so I came. Madhav came there and Brij gave him the battery. Madhav thanked him and he payed him. Durga made a face seeing Madhav and he went back.

Brij said Madhav gave me less money. Brij said I will take it from him always. Durga said he looks like a miser. Brij asked her to take the snacks and go and Durga left. Madhav came back and said sorry, 100rs were less, have this. He payed him and went. Brij said Madhav is honest and smiled.

Madhav decorated the terrace and waited for Amrita and she came there. They had an eyelock and he dreamt of her but Amrita really came. He was shocked seeing Durga. Amrita recalled getting ready to meet him. Durga saw her and asked why is she getting ready. Amrita said I just want to have some air, and asked her to sleep. Durga asked Madhav why did he decorate the terrace, he just pays rent for a room. He thanked her for reminding him.

He said I wanted to have some fresh air. Durga asked Madhav why is he having two cups of tea. Madhav said I don’t get sleep at night without tea, I will have it and Amrita smiled. Madhav said you both can have tea, I will make one for myself again. Durga called him a frog. Amrita asked her to call him Bhaiya. Durga said he wants to trap you, I know everything and He signalled Amrita. Amrita asked Durga what is she saying.

Durga said I know his plan, he wants to get less rent, Amrita is innocent, but I am clever. Madhav smiled and thinks she is mistaken. She took Amrita and left. It’s morning, Durga showed her feet to Sanjay but he run. She said you can’t get saved from me today and run after him, Sanjay hid in the class. She saw him and smiled.

The Minister came to the school and asked about Rajveer Rana. Amrita got shocked seeing Madhav blowing off fire with his hands. Yashpal asked Durga about the sports shoes…..Read more

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