My Daughter Durga Monday, 18 April 2022: Episode 242-243


The Episode started with Durga thanking the lady but the Secretary argues with her. He asked her to give him money to do the work. He demanded two lakhs and Durga became shocked. She asked him to do the work he got. He said I will do the work after 10 days. She said I will file your complaint, she is still in the city. He said sorry, don’t tell her. He went and placed the letter in dirty water and she became shocked.

He asked her to run to madam and then get a new letter. She then donated some coins to him. She said you like begging, take this bribe and he scolded her. She thinks this is my belief on my talent, one day the world will know it and she left.

Yashpal was on the way. A thief followed him. He snatched his bag and run. The thief then collided with Durga. Yashpal and everyone shouted for help. Durga run after the thief and Yashpal followed. The men recognized her and say she is running too fast. Durga then caught the thief. She kicked him and scolded him for the theft. The man said give him to the police. The men praised Durga’s bravery. Yashpal came and said the thief snatched my bag. Durga became shocked seeing him.

Durga gave him his bag and he turned to go. The men asked him to thank the girl for saving his bag. Yashpal gave money to her and left. Durga thinks I know this is your blessing. She said I have to think how to get his respect back. Sanjay recalled Aarti’s words. Gayatri said sorry I am not able to help you, Aarti’s dad is not wrong, he won’t listen to me. He said I have to help Durga, if I have to do this to fulfill her dream, I will do this. He called Aarti and said I have to meet your dad tomorrow and Gayatri smiled.

Durga walked on the road. She heard a lecture on Bhagat Singh, who stood against injustice and everyone clapped. Durga recalled the words and got an idea. She said Bhagat Singh is still a big inspiration for me, thanks for showing me the right path. Durga then came home and disclosed her plan. Amrita said you know everything, why are you taking this risk. Durga said there is no other way, I have no time to wait for the minister. Amrita said I know this race and dreams are important, but it’s not more important than your life. Durga said life would be important when I was living, seeing dad’s insult, I am dying every moment, I have heard big things.

Durga and Amrita met a lawyer and asked him to make an affidavit for not blaming anyone for her death. Amrita asked him to think once, it’s not right to risk life. Durga said I will be glad to do this to awaken the system and she signed on the papers.

Some people checked Gayatri’s house. Anjana asked what is she doing. Gayatri welcomed Aarti’s dad. He said Aarti likes you and your son a lot, so I came here to meet him, where is he. Gayatri asked Sanjay to come and meet Aarti’s dad. Sanjay came. Aarti’s dad said he didn’t greet me till now, he doesn’t like my coming. She said no, it’s nothing like that and Sanjay greeted him.

Aarti’s dad said everyone knows my time is valuable, Aarti told me you want to get Durga’s entry in the race. Sanjay said yes, she is my childhood friend, I promised to get her entry. Aarti’s dad asked what about the promise which your family made to Aarti to make her bahu. Aarti asked her dad will you help SP. Her dad said never, I won’t do anything that hurts Aarti, I will help Durga, but we have a condition and Sanjay looked on.

Durga argued with Manohar. Yashpal read about Durga’s risky race. Sanjay also became shocked reading the same


The Episode started with Aarti’s dad asking Sanjay to get engaged to Aarti and promise him that he will marry her. Sanjay became shocked and took Aarti aside. Aarti asked won’t you do this for Durga, we should think for her dreams. Sanjay said even if I agree, what’s guarantee that you will help Durga. Aarti’s dad said we decide by words, I will keep my promise and he threatened Sanjay.

Shilpa showed her earnings and gave a note to Bantu. Shilpa told Dadi how she sold the jewelry by her intelligence. She saw Yashpal and said I am his boss in shop, he jumps on my sign. She taunted Durga and Yashpal. Durga said house got divided, but relations didn’t break, you should think before saying. Shilpa reminded she can say anything and they shouldn’t care. Durga hits the money and Shilpa scolded her. Durga said it’s my house and ball, I can do anything.

Shilpa said you are responsible for all this. Durga said when time changes, everyone hears it. The manager said Sir signed these papers. Sanjay agreed to get engaged. Gayatri congratulated Aarti. Durga argued with Manohar. He said you like to die, fine come with me. Gayatri and Aarti came to buy jewelry. Shilpa saw Gayatri and thinks to impress her. Gayatri said Sanjay will marry you soon, Durga was never suitable for him. Shilpa heard them.

She attended to them and showed then the jewelry. She then made Yashpal help her. Shilpa said I think I saw you. Aarti said I am the national running champion, Aarti. Shilpa told her about Yashpal’s daughter Durga. She asked Gayatri is she SP’s mum. Yashpal thinks to leave, else it will be an argument. Shilpa thinks to tell Durga about her boyfriend’s engagement. Manohar made Durga stand on the road and said you want to die in front of a truck, you stand her, you will know everything.

Durga thinks it’s not easy. Manohar said you didn’t understand, if you are late, truck will get over you. She saw a speeding car and stood in the middle of the road. Manohar stopped her and asked has she gone mad. She said I will not change my decision. He said fine. She said we will go to the newspaper office, we will tell our plan to everyone. He asked her to think once and she became determined.

Sanjay called Durga. Sanjay thinks to see her once for the last time and they cried. Durga said I can’t come to you and can’t let you come to me, I have to forget you. It’s morning, yashpal got a newspaper. He read about Durga. Sanjay read the same news and became shocked.

Yashpal said Durga won’t let us live. Durga looked on. She said I will not lie and not fail your trust. Sanjay promised Durga that he will get her back to the race but she refused to take his help.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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