My Daughter Durga, Monday, 1st November 2021: Episode 9-10


My Daughter Durga, Monday, 1st November 2021 Episode started with Yashpal saying I wanted money today. The man said don’t be sad, I will give you money, it’s a festive time. Yashpal said I did not work today.

The man said it’s fine, work tomorrow, man’s face and palms shows his hardwork, I know you will work harder tomorrow,don’t hesitate to ask money anytime, I am here. Yashpal thanked him and happily drove home.

Durga saw the kites in her maths book and tried to concentrate. Baby Maasi came and hugged Amrita. She talked about Amrita’s marriage and Amrita became shy. Baby hugged Annapurna and Annapurna cried. Baby asked what happened. Annapurna went to get tea.

Baby said just sit here and talk to me, what’s the matter, tell me. Annapurna cried and told her about Amrita’s attack, the groom’s family is coming, I was scared, if anything happens.

Baby said you are an innocent person, the Lord is looking, everything will get fine, don’t worry, I got this saree for Amma. Annapurna said thanks for coming.

Baby said if I could, I can solve all your problems. But Yashpal has his head high and self esteem, he doesn’t want to take my help, there are such people like him, you are lucky. She gave money to Annapurna.

Annapurna said no. Baby said don’t become Yashpal now, get snacks for the groom’s family, where is Durga.

Durga said I will not break my promise to dad and studied. Yashpal bought costly sweets. He saw Durga’s classmate buying a book and went to the book stall, asking which book did that girl buy. The man gave him the book and said it’s maths sample papers book, it helps in exams.

Yashpal thinks it will be useful for Durga and bought it. The sweetshop vendor called him out to take the sweets packet.

Yashpal said I just thought to take boondi instead barfi. The man taunted him and gave him the boondi and he left from the sweetshop.

Everyone celebrated Sankranti. Durga’s friends do not fly kite. Brij flew the kite and asked Bantu to hold the thread roll. He asked where is Durga. Baby greeted Dadi. Annapurna gave her the saree. Dadi blessed them.

She said Annapurna always does her duty even if her family is struggling. Sheela heard this and said I don’t get praised for all my hardwork, what fate do I have.

Shilpa got the pizza. Dadi asked her to share it with Durga and tell her that Baby Maasi has come. Sheela went to the backside room and talked to Dulaari. She said I have praised Rishi and Shilpa came there.

Sheela said now Yashpal will spend money on Rishi, Dulaari will make him spend a lot. Shilpa said wait, Durga is here. They saw Durga studying. Sheela asked Durga why is she studying here. Durga said sorry, I did not hear you. Sheela became relieved.

Shilpa said your Baby Maasi came, go. Durga run and met Baby. Baby asked Annapurna why did she cook less, Subhadra will be coming. Durga hugged Maasi and asked where is my gift. Baby gifted her a kite. Durga looked on.

Brij lost his kite and called out Durga to come fast. Durga run upstairs. A boy challenged Brij. Brij said if the boy gets this kite, I will lose respect. Durga said no one can dare to take your kite and she run. Brij said now we will get out kite, don’t miss the kite Durga.

The boys run to get Brij’s kite. Durga run over the terraces and tried to get Brij’s kite. Her friends saw and joined her. Durga run with them. They went towards the fields to get the kite. Durga got the kite and they all smiled.

Durga happily run and collided with Yashpal. She got the maths book and looked at Yashpal. Durga’s friend came to meet her and hid. Pandit gave the marriage date and Yashpal scolded Durga.


The Episode started with Durga running to give the kite to Brij. She run and collided with Yashpal on the way. The maths book fell down. She picked the kite and the book. He asked what are you doing, you promised you will study and not fly kites. She said I just came out.

He said it doesn’t matter, I value time, one who doesn’t value time, time doesn’t value a person, I have earned 2100rs by many nights hardwork, this money will easily be spent today, this burn marks is a stamp that I am an illiterate, educated man makes the uneducated man work like this.

I don’t want your hands to burn, remember paper flies by fate, but kite flies by talent, talent always supports even if fate doesn’t, talent comes by studying, not flying kites.

He tore the kite and threw it away and Durga cried and he went home. She came running after him. He washed face and said Dulaari would be coming, you have no work there I don’t want to see your face now and she became sad.

Pandit checked the kundlis. Dulaari asked for pizza and samosas. Brij said have paneer samosas, pizza we will get next time. Baby told Amrita that Rishi looks good, but Dulaari is like spicy chilli. Amrita said it’s fine, I will lessen her mirchi with my love. Baby asked where is Durga.

Durga burnt her kites and cried. She recalled the memories with her kites. She said I dreamt to fly kite along Yashpal, but now this will never happen, I can see my dreams, my kites burning, but I can’t see tears in dad’s eyes, I am sorry, I am good girl, no I am a good girl, I will study very harder.

Pandit said great, the guy and girl’s kundli are matching, the shubh mahurat is 12th of next month. Brij said great. Baby asked so soon. Dulaari said I don’t have any objection. The Pandit said think well, another shibh mahurat is not till 1.5 years.

Dulaari asked Yashpal does he have any problem with the date? Yashpal said yes. Sheela said how to arrange money in one month. Yashpal said Durga has exam around that date, so …..

The fire caught Shilpa’s kurti. Shilpa came there and scolded Durga. Durga scolded her back angrily. Dulaari said Durga can do the exam later. Yashpal asked how later, there is not a problem about marriage, but Durga’s hardwork will go waste.

Sheela asked for whom are you saying. Yashpal said you don’t know anything about education, so keep your mouth shut.

Bantu said Durga burnt all the kites, is Durga mad, she could have given me all the kites. Bantu asked Shilpa to show her her kurti. He snatched and it torn it. He scolded Durga. Durga pushed him back and said I will beat you too. Dulaari said Rishi will get many proposals, we will see if we can wait or not.

Birj said no, we are also in a hurry. Dadi said yes. Subhadra came and hugged them. Sheela told Subhadra about the marriage date fixed next month, but Yashpal is thinking. Subhadra asked him to agree soon, as such proposal won’t come easily. Shilpa and Bantu came and complained about Durga. Yashpal asked Durga what’s this new thing.

Durga’s friends waited for her. They saw the smoke on her terrace and run to see. They saw Durga in trouble. Shilpa said Durga is mad, she was igniting fire on the terrace. Annapurna asked Durga what was she doing. Bantu said she was burning the kites.

Yashpal looked Durga and calmed down. Subhadra said sorry, but it’s Yashpal’s mistake also, I told you to send her with me to Bhiwani, you did not listen. Dadi said you were postponing Amrita’s marriage for her exam.

Dulaari said if you delay the marriage, you may forget marriage talks. Yashpal said no, don’t say this, if everyone want this, we will fix the marriage next month and they all smiled.

Shilpa asked who will fix my kurti, Durga burnt it. Brij said stop it now, it’s just Kurti, your cupboard is full. Rishi asked Shilpa not to cry, you can get a new kurti. He payed Shilpa.

Yashpal said no. Rishi said why, I have the right, I am the first son and then son in law, I have no sister, so let me give the money to Shilpa. He asked her to get a new kurti. She thanked him. Amrita smiled seeing Rishi.

Rishi said Durga is young, mistakes happen, don’t get annoyed with her. Yashpal said this should not happen again Durga, I don’t want to hear any excuse, if you fail this time, be ready to go to Bhiwani with your Bua, your aim should be one, studies, you will be away from Amrita’s marriage preparations.

Sheela said I know no one passes without studying. Durga’s friends looked on and talked. A boy said being together is a big support. They went downstairs and hid from everyone. Durga recalled Yashpal’s words and cried.

Durga’s friends hid in the storeroom. Amrita and Rishi stole a glance and smiled. Durga said maths devil will eat me. She became sad and run. Her friends asked her to stop, and saw a train coming, while she crossed the track.


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