Durga Marries Sanjay To Save Her Family. My Daughter Durga Monday, 2 May 2022: Episode 262-263


The Episode started with Durga recalling Annapurna’s words. She made her wear pallu on her head again. She then hugged her and cried. Dadi asked the villagers not to be biased towards girls, even girls can give a life to a family.

Brij said yes, Durga has given us a life of respect and blessed her. He said I have a good news, sarpanch is happy with her bravery, he is ready to apologize to us, he wants to give us honor and they all smiled.

Yashpal got a water bucket to clean the bad comments on the wall. Durga asked him not to clean the stain, others have applied this and they will erase it when she wins the national champions without drugs, when I win this time, these villagers will clean this stain, I get courage seeing this wall and he agreed. He said we all should go the temple to the thank Lord. Dadi said yes and they all left.

Durga got a call from Sanjay. He said I want to meet you. She said sorry. He said it’s my family’s mistake, I hate them, how can they do this. She said I had to do this for my family, are you fine. He said I want to meet you right now. She said I am going to the temple. He said I will meet you there. She thinks Sanjay would have big shock knowing this. Everyone came to temple.

Sanjay pulled Durga and took her away. He then hugged her and cried. He said I am very ashamed, my family didn’t do right, I can’t believe Aarti can fall so low, sorry, punish me, I am also part of this family, but I won’t lie, I didn’t know anything, I trusted my family, my mum cheated me, I need you. She said sorry, I had to do this, I tried to call you.

He said I am glad the truth came out, you have opened my eyes, I am sorry for whatever happened with you. She said I have to go and he hugged her and they went to the temple. He asked where is everyone. Pandit said no one came here. Durga asked people about her family.

She saw Annapurna’s slipper and said it’s mum’s slipper, aarti plate is also here and she shouted. Everyone was kidnapped by Neelkant. Neelkant shouted Durga has ruined my world, now I will ruin her family and happiness and he slapped Brij. Sanjay said what shall we do now. Neelkant called her and she looked at Sanjay.

Neelkant threatened her and showed the entire family on the videocall. He said many accidents happen every day, you like to get praised by the media, think what you will read in the newspaper tomorrow. He asked her to see everyone and she cried. Sanjay became shocked.

Durga argued with the inspector. Goons stopped her. Sanjay fought with goons and said leave Durga, else I will cut my hand.


The Episode started with Durga crying and recalling Neelkant’s words. Sanjay held her and said I am with you. Neelkant tortured them. Durga said we should go to the police. Durga asked the inspector to arrest Neelkant and Gayatri. Sanjay asked him to do enquiry.

Inspector said file Fir first. Durga became angry and said they will harm my family, they called and threatened me. Inspector asked her to show anger somewhere else. He said we work our way here. Sanjay said I will file FIR, find her family. Inspector said fine and Durga left.

Sanjay went after her. She said they can do anything with my family. He said no, I promise you, I won’t let anything happen to them and he called Gayatri. She called back and asked why are you worried. He said you kidnapped Durga’s family, you won’t do anything. She said I can do anything.

He asked did you kidnap them, if you do anything to them, you will see wrong happening with me. She asked him to stay out of this. He asked Durga not to worry. Shilpa became free and made Sheela free. Durga asked the people about her family. The Goons got her. Gayatri caught Shilpa again. Gayatri asked Sanjay to go home, she will get Durga here.

Durga thinks the goons will know about the family. She asked the goons where is her family and they caught Durga. Sanjay got the knife and asked them to backoff, else he will cut his hand, what will they tell Gayatri then. The goons asked him not to do anything. He asked about Durga’s family and the man told him the address. Sanjay said we have to leave, till I am with you, mum will not do anything to your family and they run.

Gayatri said till Sanjay is with Durga, we can’t do anything to her family, be careful, nothing should happen to my son. Yashpal and everyone heard them. Durga reached the place but doesn’t find her family. Neelkant called her and threatened again.

Sanjay told Neelkant that he will hurt himself if he do anything to Durga’s family. He broke a bottle on his hand. Neelkant and Gayatri shouted seeing seeing his bleeding. Sanjay injured his other hand also and Durga became shocked.

Sanjay said leave them. Goons came there. Sanjay and Durga hid. Yashpal said my daughter will not get scared, she will not lose and Neelkant slapped him. Gayatri said we have to torture them, else Sanjay can do anything with himself.

Neelkant threatened them. Yashpal said open my hands if you are a man’s son. Durga and Sanjay reached temple. They hid from everyone while the Goons looked for them. Sanjay took Durga and she thanked him. He said till I am with you, I won’t let anything happen to you and your family.

Sanjay said till when will we run, we have to face them, there is just one option now, marriage.

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