My Daughter Durga Monday, 20 June 2022: Episode 331-332


The Episode started with Durga getting into the van and fighting with the goons to save Amrita. Amrita called Durga while Durga beats the goons. Yashpal stood in front of the van and broke the glass. The Van driver got injured and drove the van aside and they all fell down the van.

Durga asked Amrita is she fine and she hugged her. A goon showed the knife and Yashpal beats him and the goons run away. Yashpal hugged Durga and Amrita.

Sanjay saw Gayatri sleeping and tried to take the glass. Gayatri woke up and gave him the water and he asked about Durga. Gayatri said she went to get medicines, but she didn’t return, where can she go. Yashpal came home and shouted to Sheela and Shilpa. Annapurna asked what happened.

They became shocked seeing Amrita hurt. Sheela asked how did this happen. Yashpal scolded Sheela and Shilpa. Durga said let it be, Amrita is not fine,the big thing is Amrita came back home safely, don’t worry. She asked Amrita to take care and she left.

Gayatri said you will get discharged soon, take rest and Sanjay signalled to his brother. Amrita then apologized to Yashpal. She said I am responsible for this, I couldn’t understand you and Durga’s love, I filled poison in my heart, Durga is my sister.

Yashpal said you understood it today, if anything happened to you, how would I meet my eyes, I couldn’t clean your heart which made you blind, how would I stay alive with this burden of losing you. He asked her to realize it.

She apologized and said I don’t hate Durga, I love you and everyone and he consoled her. He taunted Sheela and Shilpa for being their evil wishers. Amrita apologized and hugged Annapurna. Sheela thinks we didn’t know that agent is such, we just wanted Amrita to leave.

Durga got medicines for Sanjay and Gayatri threw it in the bin. She said I am not dependant on you to save my son’s life, I got the medicines, no need to clarify, I know how much you care for my son, no need to disturb him now. The Doctor said we will tell you when Sanjay gets normal. Durga asked can I meet him. Gayatri asked the doctor to come with her for a talk. Durga looked at Sanjay from outside and cried.

Later, Durga came to Sanjay and she held him. She then slept by his side. Sanjay became restless while sleeping. She calmed him and said everything is fine and she took care of him. It’s morning, Sanjay tried to walk without support.

Durga decorated the house and said Sanjay will be coming home and she smiled. She asked Kaka to cool the halwa, Sanjay will come home anytime, he should be happy seeing this. Neelkant and Gayatri held Sanjay. Neelkant said I will meet the senior doctor before discharge. Durga dropped the balloons and smiled.

Sanjay danced with Durga and everyone looked on.


The Episode started with Sanjay being on the way with Gayatri, Neelkant and Gagan while still thinking of Gayatri’s words. Durga made everything perfect. She waited for Sanjay at the door. Anjana asked her to go and get ready, Sanjay will be here in ten mins and she left. Anjana got the aarti plate and smiled. Durga got ready and smiled thinking of Sanjay. She said it will be our new start today and she rushed to see him.

Sanjay asked what’s this state of the house. Durga became shocked seeing the ruined decorations. Gayatri said I asked the servants to decorate the house, but they have messed it and Durga cried. Gayatri did Sanjay’s aarti and asked him to come in. Durga looked at Sanjay while he went to the room.

Gayatri said you can act smart, but I will not let you snatch my son. Durga said I did the decorations with so much wishes, and you have…. Gayatri smiled. Durga thinks I will be there with SP. Gayatri didn’t let her go inside the room. Durga said I will sit here, but not go anywhere. She sat outside the door and cried. Gayatri left and she fell asleep.

She heard music and went out to see. She saw the decorations done. Everyone came out to see. Sanjay came there and smiled seeing Durga and he surprised her. Anjana asked Gayatri who did this. Gayatri signalled i don’t know. Sanjay then started dancing with Durga.

Durga also danced happily. They fell down and had an eyelock and everyone looked on. Durga said I will get water. Sanjay stopped her and lifted her in his arms.

Neelkant and Gayatri became shocked. Durga said everyone is looking at us. He said so what, I have raised my own wifey. He said the man who has his wife’s support, nothing can happen to him. He took Durga to their room and Gayatri worried.

She said Sanjay is taking Durga’s side, I will find out why. Neelkant said come to your senses, Durga can’t control him with any medicines, maybe she has controlled him with the truth, maybe she has made him believe that we had done wrong with Durga. She said I won’t let Sanjay know this, I won’t let Sanjay and Durga unite.

Yashpal came to meet Durga and said I have come to meet SP. She said you can come here anytime, come, SP is better now, don’t worry about me, he is there to take care of me, he has changed a lot, I wish everything stays fine.

He said I wish that too, are you fine. She said yes. Gayatri was looking for Sanjay and saw Yashpal. Durga said I don’t know about him. Sanjay did aarti, wearing a saint’s clothes and they all became shocked seeing him.

Sanjay then gave prasad to everyone and Durga stopped him. She asked what’s this getup, are you fine. Sanjay then shouted get away. She asked why are you speaking like this. He said you are a liar, you are a punishment for me, you have broken my trust, I don’t want to see your face. Gayatri said it’s true, but what’s this getup. Sanjay said I am wearing this clothes to walk on the path of solitary life, I know just my mum’s love is true.

Doctor told everyone that Sanjay is disturbed, they shouldn’t hurt him. Sanjay thanked Gagan and said I have proved myself mentally disturbed, I am doing this just to find the truth about Durga…Read more

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