Durga’s Enemies To Get Exposed. My Daughter Durga Monday, 21 February 2022: Episode 167-168


The Episode started with Yashpal and Annapurna saying Durga is innocent but the people beat them up. Brij asked Bantu and Shilpa to take Durga and they took Durga away. Durga asked them not to beat her dad. The villagers disrespected Annapurna. The lady said Annapurna will always remember this insult after losing her hair and she cuts Annapurna’s hair. Everyone became shocked.

Sanjay became angry and threw things recalling Durga. Aarti asked what is she doing. He said no, Durga can’t do this. Aarti smiled and provoked him against Durga. Sanjay recalled Durga and saw her pic. He said she acted good and made my friendship fall low, I will never forgive her for this. He crushed and threw the pic and Aarti smiled.

Yashpal shouted no. Durga and everyone cried. Dadi asked what did you do and Annapurna became shock. A Lady said this cut hair will always remind the insult, the cheat she taught to her daughter, this is the punishment. People laughed and insulted them. They all walked over Durga’s poster and left. Durga cried looking at Annapurna.

Sanjay thinks of Durga. Aarti showed her medal. She thinks to do something as he is still thinking about Durga. She said the people who want to go ahead with shortcut, their reality comes out in front of everyone, Durga showed innocence and broke our friendship, she deserves that. She said I am so glad that I did not lose, I am the winner and she tried to cheer him. Shri came to them and she scolded Sanjay and said you have ran after her to get her friendship, when you got a chance now, you are doubting her. She asked Aarti not to talk in between.

Shri scolded Aarti. Sanjay said reports had it written. Shri said anyone can fake reports, you should trust Durga, do you think she can do this, she needs someone who trusts her, go to her, it’s time to keep your friendship, she is broken. Aarti became tensed and thinks to stop him.

Rajveer was also interrogated about Durga’s steroid taking. Rajveer said Durga never took any steroids, she was cheated, I will find out who did this. He looked at Aarti’s coach and said I will expose the person. The man said Durga is banned for 5 years, you got saved. Aarti made a drama to stop Sanjay and she acted good. Sanjay thinks I wanted to know Durga’s side of the story, but now he is not interested.

Aarti thinks their friendship is finished forever. The man said we can’t do anything now. Rajveer said before ruining her career, can’t there be proper investigation. Neelkant came and asked him to be happy for Aarti’s win, he should not support any cheater. Rajveer said Durga is not any cheater, she has eaten jalebi at the temple, she has visited Sanjay at the hospital too, we should go there and find some clue, there is a CCTV in hospital, that temple is close, if we know who kept the jalebis there, we will have the real culprit in front of us and Neelkant worried.

Rajveer asked Durga to recall who had given her the prasad and Durga recalled.


The Episode started with Rajveer saying we should investigate the matter, Durga is a runner, she will make our name shine, we should check once. Neelkantt scolded him. He said you gave the steroids to her during the training.

I understand your game, you chose this way to make her reach here, I have to get enquiry done against you, you will not give training to anyone, you are not deserving and Rajveer became shocked. Neelkant said I will end your career for defaming our school.

Durga and her family cried. Dadi said they all got mad, the Lord will not forgive Chandni for doing this and Sheela said calm down, what will happen if you cry now. Durga cried. Rajveer came there and was shocked seeing everyone’s state.

He saw Durga and said I know you are courageous and can face all problems, you don’t lose. He asked Yashpal why did he not say anything, they have to find out who has blamed Durga and ruined their family respect. He asked Durga to recall who has given her the jalebis, who was around her. Durga recalled the insult.

She said I am not in my senses, did you see my mum’s state. Rajveer said I know this happened wrong, you will lose and sit, then they will win, will you let them win, who blamed you and did this with your family. Durga said I know I am not made to run, I hate running and she run away.

They all called her out. She reached home and saw bad things written on the wall, she was called a stain on the village name. She cried recalling the insult. She saw Sanjay there and the family came home. The neighbors then laughed at them.

Yashpal became angry and scolded them, defending Durga. She said Durga needs you all, are you not ashamed to do this. The people called him mad and fraud. He asked them to listen. Amrita hugged Annapurna and cried. Durga said tell me Prince, you know me. Sanjay said you did not do anything, you deserve a special media, I got it for you. He got slippers garland and made her idol wear it.

He said this is your true identity and she cried. Sanjay asked her to see while he burnt the idol. He said now I can never trust anyone. Durga’s friends looked on. Sanjay said, never come in front of me again, I hate you, I will do anything if you come in front of me and he left.

Everyone saw the bad remarks written on the walls. Brij asked who did this and they all went inside the house. Dadi shuts door for Rajveer and Durga. Durga burnt the certificate and shoes. Rajveer asked her what is she doing. Durga cried and said I have finished, I will never run from today. Yashpal and Rajveer looked on.

Yashpal played dhol. Chandni asked what happened. Durga was seen as a grown up girl.

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