My Daughter Durga Monday, 21 March 2022: Episode 205-206


The Episode started with Sanjay and Durga arguing and Durga got hurt. Sanjay then cared for her and they had an eyelock. Durga argued. Sanjay asked her to take help from Sam. A Teacher came and asked them to attend an astronomical camp.

Durga said Yashpal won’t allow me. Aarti came to Sanjay. Sanjay said don’t know why Durga does this. Aarti said leave her, I have loved you since childhood. He said I love you too and her dream ended. She thinks to confess her love.

Sheela argued with Annapurna and Durga. Annapurna said Durga really has to go as it’s a college trip. Brij asked Sheela to control herself. Durga thinks Yashpal is not liking it. Durga said I don’t want to go, leave it and Sheela made a face. Durga asked Annapurna to get food. Amrita told Yashpal to send Durga, not to become the target of the small mentality of this village. Annapurna asked Yashpal to come with her. Durga wished Yashpal agreed.

Gayatri signed on some documents. She got a call and didn’t see a file. She recalled Neelkant. She said three days are enough, he would have gotten senses. Annapurna said I know you are sure of Durga’s intentions, you trust her, have this chilli powder for her safety, she can get courage. Dadi gave the knife for Durga. She said Durga is Choudhary’s daughter, she is very bold. Yashpal said my heart is not agreeing and he then agreed. Sheela said daughters have to care for their respect on their own.

Sanjay, Durga and Aarti came to the camp and saw each other. Elder bahu entered Gayatri’s room and wore her jewelry. She heard Gayatri and hid. Gayatri told Neelkant that she will see Durga. Sanjay smiled seeing Durga. He praised her beauty, while his friends praised the stars.

Sanjay said I am seeing the moon Lord has sent just for me. He saw Durga by binoculars and thinks she is amazing, I didn’t know an athlete can be so beautiful. Sam joined Durga. Aarti asked Sanjay to come with her and he asked where.

Gayatri said you would have found a way to help me till now. Elder bahu Anjana got scared and Gayatri’s file fell down. Her son came to call her for a meeting. Gayatri picked the file and went for the meeting, she left Neelkant. Anjana’s husband scolded her for entering Gayatri’s room.

Durga asked where is Sanjay. Durga thinks where did he go. Aarti surprised Sanjay. He asked what’s all this. Aarti said friendship is necessary, this is for our friendship. Sanjay thinks of Durga and said you are right. She said many times, this friendship turns to a relation of love and he agreed.

Sam asked Durga if she was looking for him. Durga said no, I am looking SP, he is my best friend, he is true, so we are together. Aarti said such friendship should be tied in a strong relation. Sanjay said yes, you are right. He thinks to tie Durga in the relation of love.

Sanjay was singing and looked Durga.


The Episode started with Sanjay saying I can totally understand, thanks a lot Aarti, I would have not realized this love. He kissed her on the forehead and said I realized I am in love. He hugged her and left. Aarti said yes, I really love SP, I can’t believe this. Sheela stopped Shilpa and scolded her.

Shilpa said if Yashpal can send Durga out at night to camp, with young boys and girls for college trip, why can’t I go to the party. They both acted and made people hear. Sheela said whatever Yashpal does, I am a panchayat member, I said no means no. They heard people gossiping about Durga and smiled.

Everyone asked Sanjay to sing a song and insisted and Sanjay sang. Aarti came and danced with him. Sanjay got around Durga and imagined a dance with her. Everyone clapped. Sanjay took Durga along and Aarti looked on.

People angrily came inside the house and locked the door. Brij asked what are they doing. The man pushed Brij and asked him to talk to sarpanch and Sarpanch came. Brij and Dadi asking what’s happening here. Sarpanch said it’s happening by my permission. Brij asked why.

Sarpanch scolded them for sending Durga out at night. Brij said she went on a college trip. Sarpanch said studies don’t happen at night, why did you send a guy and girl to the jungle at night. Brij said I trust Durga, she is not such and Sheela smiled.

Sarpanch said Durga has taken drugs and ruined the village name, think of our respect and People scolded them. Brij argued. Dadi asked Brij to go and get Durga back. Brij said I will just go and get her and Annapurna stopped him. Neelkant thinks where did Rana go. His son asked about his foreign trip. Neelkant lied to him and they discussed about the party. Neelkant signed on some bill. He got shocked seeing Rajveer’s name and thinks Rana is in our hospital.

Durga asked where are you taking me. Sanjay surprised her and she looked around. He said I get peace seeing you, I get smiling thinking of you, why, I have expressed my feelings via that song, did you understand. She said you have sung well, I didn’t know your talent. He said you are not understanding me, wait I will explain, he showed I love you and she became shocked. He got on his knees and held her hand. He said I love you Durga and she looked at him.

Annapurna argued with Sarpanch and other people. Sarpanch asked her to talk well. Annapurna said sorry, you should control your son, everyone knows how he misbehaves with girls, how people respect you and didn’t tell this to you, you are raising finger at my upbringing, you see yourself.

if guys change, then girls won’t need to see day and night to go out, my girls won’t let us stay hungry. Sanjay said I love you a lot, I want to tie our friendship into a bond forever, I lost you once, I don’t want to lose you again at any cost and Durga became shocked.

Goons went to kill Rajveer in the hospital while Yashpal was sleeping. Brij came to take Durga….Read more

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